Everything About C-Clown: Profile, Facts, Discography, Disbandment, etc.

C-Clown’s Filmography

  • [2012]┬áChannel C-CLOWN

  • [2012]┬áMTV Diary

  • [2014] CTC (Clown The Crown) Series

C-Clown’s Awards and Nominations

  • SBS PopAsia Award 2014: Best Male Group

Gone on Hiatus, C-Clown Decided To Disband!


This time, K-Pop lovers, especially a group of fans called Crown, are feeling sad because one of their idol groups raised by Yedang Entertainment, has been reported to disband.

If reviewed, the C-Clown group, which consists of Rome as the leader, Siwoo, Ray, Kang Jun, T.K, and Maru, began their career by releasing a single song titled “Solo,” which was the first project to officially launch their 2012 debut.

Until 2014, C-Clown succeeded in releasing four mini-albums containing beautiful works. Although it must be admitted, that the band’s career was indeed not as high as other bands that also debuted at the same time, such as EXO, B.A.P or BTOB.

If it was previously known that they are on hiatus, on October 5th, 2015, the unpleasant news came through the official social media outlet from the agency, Yedang Entertainment, which stated that their band, C-Clown, decided to split up.

“C-Clown, that debuted on July 19th, 2012, with the song titled “Solo,” has officially disbanded today, October 5th, 2015. We would like to thank the six members and all of Crown who have loved the music from C-Clown,” he explained.

Reportedly, even though the group has officially disbanded, the six members of C-Clown are still under Yedang Entertainment’s care, where some of them will work as producers and others will return by forming a new band.

Regarding this too, Rome as the leader of the C-Clown group has also spoken through his Twitter account by saying that he is grateful to the Crown who always support and feel sad because he cannot continue the C-Clown dream.