Check Out HaHa’s Wife’s Appearance in ‘Running Man’ that Had Him Shook!

Byul and Haha, The Famous Married Couple

Singer Byul married rapper and entertainer, Haha, in 2012. The couple became one of the famous entertainer couples in Korea and have even been compared with the Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They’ve been married for 6 years and have two children together, named Dream and Soul. In 2019, Byul made a surprise appearance on Running Man and got Haha shook. What happened during her surprise event? Let’s find out!


Byul Surprising Her Husband, Haha, in Running Man

On the episode of Running Man that aired on Dec 17, 2018,  Haha was surprised by his wife’s appearance on the show. The group for that episode was divided into two teams; Song Ji-hyo’s team and Lee Si-young’s team. The mission for Song Ji-hyo’s team was making 100 servings of potato dough. Byul guested and helped the team make potato dough. To be a guest on her husband’s show, Byul has to hide her schedule so her husband wouldn’t know about her appearance, especially since both Haha and Byul are under the same agency, Quan Entertainment.

After making the dough, both teams met for an additional mission. That was when Haha first saw his wife and was very surprised. Lee Kwang-soo, who was on the same team as Haha, was also shocked to see Byul. Looking at her husband’s reaction, Byul jokingly said, “I am a celebrity too, so I can be guest on the show!“.

On the January 13 Running Man episode, the cast held a press conference following Lee Kwang-soo’s dating news with actress Lee Sun-bin. Then, the cast congratulated Haha on Byul’s pregnancy with their third child. On the show, Haha shows his gratitude about the unexpected gift, but also felt bad for Byul.


Haha and Byul Expecting Third Child

After getting married in 2012, Byul gave birth to a son named Dream in 2013. In 2017, the couple had their second son, named Soul. In 2018, Byul was reported to be pregnant right before her comeback. Because their other children are sons, the couple hopes to have a daughter to complete their little family. The baby’s nickname is Song, with literal meaning from the English word. Seems like the couple like to have unique names for their children!

On the show Omniscient Interfering Views that aired on MBC, Byul showed her working routines and preparation for her concert while expecting their third child. The manager, who was the subject on the show, shows his worry toward Byul more than her own husband, Haha. Even though Haha seems cool about it, he actually feels sorry for Byul because when she about to shine again as a singer, she got pregnant again. Then, Byul explained that Haha feels bad about it because Byul’s fans are blaming him for the pregnancy. The news about Byul’s pregnancy was announced on her personal Instagram.

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In the caption, Byul shared the happy news and apologized to the fans who have been anticipating her comeback. She promised that she’ll complete the schedules for her comeback and stay healthy for her and her baby. For Haha, he shared his thoughts in an interview with outlet News1.

I actually didn’t expect to have the third child. But when I heard the news, I feel very happy about it. I will try my best to become the great father and husband for my family.” said Haha.

Congratulation for the couple!


Instagram Feeds

On March 4, Byul shared photos of her family playing in the snow. In the photo, Byul shows Dream and Soul happily playing at the park with Haha. The dad and sons have the same style, wearing the same yellow beanies and army jackets. They look so cute!

As a mother, Byul also often shares her daily life with her sons. In this post, Byul shows Soul’s funny little hair.

Recently, Byul also shares her working activities. In this post, she’s looking happy and healthy while telling her fans about her live show. Keep healthy, Byul! We’ll be waiting for your other projects!