Full Profile of Buzz’s Yejun: Fun Facts, Visual, Marriage

Buzz's Yejun profile

Get To Know More About BUZZ’s Drummer Kim Ye-jun!

When talking about the South Korean entertainment industry, it’s not only K-pop that is famous with many fans. Several South Korean bands also have a pretty good reputation, and some of them also have a long career journey after they debuted in the early 2000s. BUZZ (Hangul: 버즈) debuted in 2003 and started with 5 members in the band, one of them being Min Kyung-hoon.

BUZZ is a South Korean band in the emotional rock ballad genre which is famous for several singles such as “A Poor Love,” “My Heart Is Crying,” “Forever Love,” “Still With You,” “Missing You,” and their latest single that was released in 2021 titled “Analogue.” In this article, there is detailed information about BUZZ’s leader, which is Kim Ye-jun, that you should know, starting from his full profile, fun facts, to his latest news. Let’s check out more in this article below!

BUZZ’s Yejun’s Full Profile

Buzz's Yejun profile

Real Name: Kim Yejun (Hangul: 김예준)

Birth: Seocho District, Seoul, South Korea, August 17, 1981

Star Sign: Leo

Height: 178 cm (5’10″)

Weight: 71 kg

Blood Type: B

Position in the Group: Drummer

Family Member: Parents and a Younger Brother

Marital Status: Married (2016) and has a Daughter (born 2017)


  • Sangmun High School (Graduated)
  • Dong-A University of Media and Arts ( Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting / Professional Bachelor)

Religion: Buddhism

Official Site:

BUZZ’s Yejun’s Fun Facts

Buzz's Yejun profile
  1. BUZZ’s Yejun is in charge of being BUZZ’s leader and drummer
  2. BUZZ’s Yejun’s favorite color is black
  3. BUZZ’s Yejun wanted to go overseas to study music and said he probably would’ve gone to England
  4. BUZZ’s Yejun’s favorite number is 9667
  5. BUZZ’s Yejun’s favorite flower is the lily
  6. BUZZ’s Yejun’s favorite season is winter
  7. BUZZ’s Yejun is also a member of BUZZ that has a good vocal skill and can sing
  8. BUZZ’s Yejun was a member that was hard to approach for fans because he has expression-less facial expressions, but he’s actually a warm person
  9. BUZZ’s Yejun used to play the drums with a spoon, and his video on YouTube became viral
  10. BUZZ’s Yejun has white skin and a manly personality, so his nickname among fans is Tofu
  11. BUZZ’s Yejun is currently focusing on his career after establishing a music mastering company called YEAH MASTERING
  12. BUZZ’s Yejun’s younger brother is named Kim Nakjun

Buzz’s Yejun’s Visual

Buzz's Yejun profile

South Korean entertainment is famous for its artists who have good-looking visuals when it comes to idols, actresses, and actors. However, bands like BUZZ don’t seem to care much about visuals because they prioritize their effort maximally on the music they make.

Besides knowing BUZZ’s songs, let’s get to know Kim Yejun’s visual in this session below!

Buzz's Yejun profile

There is no term for who is the most handsome in a band because band members usually prioritize their skills of making music and performing well on stage. When it comes to performing, BUZZ’s Yejun also does a great job while having his position as the drummer. You can see his firm expression when he is on stage and in front of the drum set. He even wore a vest that was the same color as the drums to make it match.

Buzz's Yejun profile

Who says band members can’t be cute? BUZZ’s Yejun is seen showing his aegyo in front of his fans in these compilation pictures. Without being overly impressed and overbearing, he smiled faintly as he rested his chin on his palms. He looks cute with this pose, and surely some of the fans who went to the event were laughing and clapping loudly when they saw BUZZ’s Yejun’s aegyo face like this, right?

Buzz's Yejun profile

The nickname that he got from his fans, Tofu, seems to suit him the most because you can also see that BUZZ’s Yejun looks fairly white and healthy. Let’s not talk about his height because he looks just right in this picture, especially with the outfit he is wearing that looks trendy and not old fashioned. He knows how to pamper fans who have supported BUZZ’s journey since time immemorial by paying attention to his appearance and outfit so as not to be outdated.

Buzz's Yejun profile

As you can see from the picture above, BUZZ’s Yejun has that kind of stylish man image combined with his taste of choosing an outfit that matches his character. He also has a neat haircut that matches his vibes through this photoshoot. With a blue sweater as the outerwear of his t-shirt, it’s like giving a warm touch during the winter season which is suitable as an inspiration for a man’s outfit.

Buzz's Yejun profile

BUZZ’s Yejun is one of the members with a good fashion style and can look casual but also formal at the same time. When talking about his visual, it can’t be denied anymore that he is actually handsome as you can see from this angled picture above which shows his side face. Maybe because he is a band member, so few pay attention to his visuals even though BUZZ’s Yejun could be a handsome band member.

What do you think about BUZZ’s Yejun’s visual?

BUZZ’s Yejun’s Marriage

Buzz's Yejun profile

Kim Ye-jun, a member of the band BUZZ, became married on November 11, 2016. Kim Ye-jun held his marriage at a church located in Seoul. According to the wishes of the bride, they wanted to hold the wedding quietly. The wedding was held in the form of a small wedding in the presence of family, close friends, and close acquaintances. BUZZ’s Yejun’s wife is known as a beautiful-looking ordinary person, and they have been in love with each other for over a year.

There are no pictures or evidence about BUZZ’s Yejun’s wedding and family because he likes to keep his personal life private.


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