Full Profile of Buzz’s Shin Junki: Fun Facts, Visual, Marriage

Buzz's Shin Junki

Everything You Should Know About Buzz’s Bassist, Shin Jun-ki!

Shin Junki debuted with Buzz in 2003 and was loved for his hit songs such as “Coward,” “Thorn,” “Travel to Me,” and “You Don’t Know Men.” Buzz effectively disbanded in 2007 when the members enlisted and dispersed to go their separate ways. Afterward, Shin Jun-ki formed a rock band named 4th Floor with Buzz’s Son Seong-hee (guitarist) in 2011 and released a single. He continued his music activities by participating in sessions on several albums.

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In this article, there is more detailed information about Buzz’s bassist, Shin Junki, starting from his full profile, fun facts, to his latest news that you should know! Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more in this article below!

BUZZ’s Shin Junki’s Full Profile

Buzz's Shin Junki

Real Name: Shin Jun-ki (Hangul: 신준기)

Birth: Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea, March 9, 1982

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: 175 cm (5’9″)

Weight: 53 kg

Blood Type: O

Position in the Group: Bassist


  • Cheongdam High School (Graduated)
  • Kyonggi University (Electronic Digital Music / Bachelor)

Official Site:

BUZZ’s Shin Junki’s Fun Facts

Buzz's Shin Junki
  1. Buzz’s Shin Junki has an older sister
  2. Buzz’s Shin Junki’s favorite colors are pink, purple, and red
  3. Buzz’s Shin Junki’s favorite number is 13
  4. Buzz’s Shin Junki’s favorite season is winter
  5. Buzz’s Shin Junki’s nickname is Social Media King
  6. Buzz’s Shin Junki looks like the youngest among the Buzz members because he has a short height
  7. Buzz’s Shin Junki is the first member to get married
  8. Buzz’s Shin Junki was known as a member who was very good at fan service
  9. Buzz’s Shin Junki wrote the lyrics for Norazo’s “Gaia” and played the bass at Norazo and Lee Hyuk’s solo event
  10. Buzz’s Shin Junki’s religion is Catholicism
  11. Buzz’s Shin Junki got married in 2014

BUZZ’s Shin Junki’s Visual

Buzz's Shin Junki

It is no longer a secret that the Korean entertainment industry has many things that make other people interested in following this trend including the music genre, performance, and many more. Korean entertainment is also known for having visually handsome musicians, such as some of the members from Buzz.

In this session, let’s get to know Buzz’s Shin Junki even more by getting to know his visual!

Buzz's Shin Junki

The bassist in a band, of course, is a member who also appears in the front line after the vocalist. Usually, fans will pay attention to the guitarist or bassist in a band as well as Buzz’s Shin Junki who has his own charms when he is on stage playing his bass. In the picture above, you can see Buzz’s Shin Junki’s charms while performing on stage while enjoying his own performance.

Buzz's Shin Junki

Buzz’s Shin Junki is often mistaken for the youngest member because he has a short height, but it’s also unexpected that he has a visual that turns out to be cute! Buzz’s Shin Junki has a baby face and also beautiful eyes for a boy. You can also see from the picture above that Buzz’s Shin Junki has tattoos on his arms that make his appearance look cooler than any other guy. He also has that medium hair that suits his image as a band member who plays the bass.

Buzz's Shin Junki

One of the band members who got married for the first time also looks very cute if we look at his personality. Buzz’s Shin Junki can be a funny guy just like the picture above when he poses cutely just like a rabbit using his hands. As you can see, he is already wearing a wedding ring on his finger, showing that he’s really a married guy in this picture.

Buzz's Shin Junki

If K-pop idols have appearances that always look good-looking with good body proportions, that doesn’t apply to band members who start their careers in South Korea. Physical appearances don’t matter to the band because they prioritize performance and songs that will be released in the future. Likewise, Buzz’s Shin Junki who did the best in his career journey and with his visuals is known to be one of the popular bassists with cool talents in the Korean entertainment industry.

What do you think about Buzz’s Shin Junki’s visual?

BUZZ’s Shin Junki’s Marriage

Buzz's Shin Junki

Bassist Shin Junki from the band Buzz got married to his long-time girlfriend. According to Shin Jun-ki’s aide on April 1, 2014, the two of them celebrated the wedding with family, friends, and Buzz’s members at the W Convention at the Children’s Center in Neung-dong, Gwangjin-gu, on April 6, 2014.

A close aide said, “The bride is an ordinary office worker,” and “My girlfriend encouraged Junki to pursue music and has been with him for many years.” A close aide added, “The Buzz members will attend Junki’s wedding,” adding, “Like last year’s vocalist Min Kyung-hoon’s discharge ceremony, the members were there to congratulate each other.”

Where is BUZZ’s Shin Junki Now?

Buzz's Shin Junki

Buzz’s Shin Junki is currently busy making music for his group as well as working behind the scenes as a producer. Previously, Buzz had released their new song and there was a comeback on April 13, 2014. You can follow him on his official social media on Instagram to get to know more about his daily activities, future plans, and current work.

Let’s give support and love to Buzz and Shin Junki so that what he does can bring happiness and he can make a comeback soon. Don’t forget to post positive comments for Buzz’s Shin Junki on his social media!

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