Full Profile of Buzz’s Former Member Nayul: Fun Facts and Re-Debut in HISTORY

Buzz's Nayul profile

Get To Know More About BUZZ’s Former Main Vocalist, Na Do-kyun a.k.a Nayul!

Buzz (Hangul: 버즈) is a South Korean rock band that debuted in the early 2000s and still has loyal fans until now. The members can also be said to be solid even though they have been disbanded, but the band members still have a good relationship with one another. It’s just that there is one former member, Nayul, who was a temporary main vocalist and debuted in 2007 with this band.

A few years later, Buzz’s Nayul re-debuted as an idol in a boy group. How is the career journey of Buzz’s Nayul? Let’s find out about Buzz’s Nayul starting from his full profile, fun facts, to his career in Buzz and HISTORY in this article below!

BUZZ’s Nayul’s Profile

Buzz's Nayul profile

Real Name: Na Do-kyun (Hangul: 나도균)

Stage Name: Nayul (Hangul: 나율)

Birth: Daejeon, South Korea, February 11, 1991

Star Sign: Aquarius

Weight: 65 kg

Height: 184 cm

Blood Type: O

Position in the Group: Main Vocalist

Nationality: Korean

Family Member: Parents

Official Site:

BUZZ’s Nayul’s Fun Facts

Buzz's Nayul profile
  1. Buzz’s Nayul’s charming point is his big eyes
  2. Buzz’s Nayul’s complex is his chubby cheeks
  3. Buzz’s Nayul’s role model is actor Lee Seung-gi
  4. Buzz’s Nayul’s favorite colors are black and yellow
  5. Buzz’s Nayul’s favorite sports are soccer, bowling, and basketball
  6. Buzz’s Nayul’s favorite place to date is somewhere with lots of trees such as Damyang, South Korea
  7. Buzz’s Nayul re-debuted as a member of the boy group HISTORY in 2013
  8. Buzz’s Nayul’s favorite food is meat
  9. Buzz’s Nayul doesn’t like to be shirtless
  10. Buzz’s Nayul’s ideal type is an innocent and cute girl

BUZZ’s Nayul’s Discography

Buzz's Nayul profile

Buzz’s Nayul was added to the group to replace Min Kyung-hoon temporarily when he was enlisted in military service. Buzz’s Nayul used his stage name while promoting as Buzz’s main vocalist since November 16, 2010. So far, none of Buzz’s singles have been released with Buzz’s Nayul because he was only a temporary main vocalist before Min Kyung-hoon returned to the band.

There was one stage performance performed by Buzz’s Nayul when he performed the single titled “I Hate Women (Feat. Venny)” that was performed on MBC’s Music Core on November 20, 2010.

Let’s watch his performance below!

BUZZ’s Nayul’s Re-Debut as a HISTORY Member

Buzz's Nayul profile

LOEN Entertainment did something unique before HISTORY’s debut. To introduce the group to the public, the management took the five HISTORY members around Seoul. If usually the management of other K-pop groups will make special buses with pictures of the artists, this is not the case with LOEN. They actually made Dokyun and other members go onto the street and introduce themselves to the public.

Carrying a giant sign that read “Do We Know Each Other?,” the singer of “Dreamer” stood in crowded spots for the attention of the public. Not only them but the staff also helped with this promotion by doing the same. In addition, the five members of HISTORY who are Kyung-il, Yi-jeong, Si-hyoung, Jae-ho, and Do-kyun also went to places frequented by students and college students. They asked everyone who passed by, “Do we know each other?” which confused pedestrians.

Buzz's Nayul profile

These photos of HISTORY’s pre-debut promotional documentation were captured by LOEN Entertainment on a Facebook account. Many fans from around the world have also done the same thing to welcome HISTORY’s debut in April 2013 which was shared by the official LOEN Entertainment account. Besides that, “Do we know each other?” later became one of the verse narrations in HISTORY’s debut song titled “Dreamer.” The narration was read by IU who participated in her junior debut single at LOEN Entertainment.

HISTORY started to dive into the K-pop competition with the release of their debut song, “Dreamer,” and made their first stage debut on MBC’s music program Music Core on April 26, 2013. When they performed, fans who had been waiting for their debut for a long time couldn’t hold back their hysteria. With a perfect performance, HISTORY managed to amaze the audience at their debut stage.

“Dreamer” was composed by Lee Min-soo, and the lyrics were written by Kim Yi-na. This Britpop nuanced song tells the story of a boy’s efforts to win the heart of the one he loves. In this song, IU contributes her voice by reading the narration, and their rap lyrics were written by Sunny Hill’s Misung.

“HISTORY debuted today. Please anticipate their performance that will conquer the hearts of music lovers,” said a spokesperson for LOEN Entertainment.

Buzz's Nayul profile

After their 4-year career as members of HISTORY, this group finally decided to be disbanded on May 12, 2017, followed by several members who started enlisting for military service. HISTORY’s Dokyun enlisted on November 20, 2017, and is currently enjoying his life as an entrepreneur based on the information from his official Instagram account.

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