Busters’ Yeseo’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Personality, and More

Busters’ Yeseo’s Focus Fancams

K-pop fans will be familiar with the term focus fancam. It is a video recorded by the fanbase or by a music program broadcast on television to show individual members when they are performing on the stage. In this session, let’s see more performances from Busters’ Yeseo through her focus fancams!

On August 18, 2019, Busters held a fan signing event located at Noryangjin. In this focus fancam, Busters’ Yeseo looks very beautiful and cute when showing some poses to the fan base who went to the event. She looks very playful and friendly when interacting with the photographer who shoots every pose when she changes her expression.

Besides that, of course, every fan who went to this fan signing gained entertainment from Busters’ Yeseo who is not shy when being photographed and looks very beautiful with her purple hair at this event.

On March 17, 2019, Busters held a performance at the White Fansigning Event and performed one of their singles entitled “Grapes.” In this performance, the focus of this fancam shows Busters’ Yeseo wearing the same outfit as the other members with a black top and red skirt with a large ribbon accent on the front. She looks cute and shines in this focus fancam and is always smiling while performing the “Grapes” choreography.

On December 20, 2019, Busters appeared as one of the guest stars at the Seoul Light Winter Concert and presented “Grapes” as one of their performances there. In this focus fancam, Busters’ Yeseo looks beautiful while wearing a white outfit and that was in harmony with the winter season at that time. She seems to shine with her own charm and can also be a “scene stealer” in this performance because of her own beauty. Even though the night weather looked cold, Busters’ Yeseo still performed optimally.

On July 31, 2019, Busters held a Pinky Promise Release Showcase as their schedule when releasing a new single. Unlike the previous concept, if Busters is always seen using a cute and full of aegyo concept, in this comeback, we can see each member starting to try to look sexy with the choreography.

In this performance, Busters’ Yeseo wore a crop top t-shirt and also a white jean skirt that perfectly matched her small body shape. Busters’ Yeseo nailed it in the “Lucky Lucky” choreography in this focus fancam.

On October 27, 2019, Busters held a Halloween fan signing event where each member wore a costume according to a Halloween character and gave a performance in front of the fans who went to the event. To entertain and have fun with the fans, Busters did a performance of one of their singles, “Starlight.” In this focus fancam, you can also see Busters’ Yeseo wearing a cute female vampire costume with a red robe.

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Busters’ Yeseo’s Latest News

yeseo busters profile

Girls Planet 999 is a new variety survival program held by Mnet and broadcasted in 2021. The goal of this survival event was to form a girl group consisting of 9 members.

yeseo busters profile

Girls Planet 999 was hosted by the famous actor Yeo Jin-goo and the judges included two popular idols, Sunmi and Tiffany Hwang. Yeo Jin-goo became a wise show host while Tiffany and Sunmi were judges who were idolized by many trainees.

yeseo busters profile

There are several Girls Planet 999 trainees who have debuted and become idols. They are again honing their talents, including CLC‘s Choi Yujin, Fanatics’ Kim Doah, Kim Bora, Cherry Bullet’s May and Jiwon, and Huening Bahiyyih, TXT’s Huening Kai‘s little sister.

yeseo busters profile

Of all the well-known trainees, it certainly makes their fans watch this survival event. Even though they have debuted, they are re-honing their talents with the aim of being able to debut again with a promising career.

yeseo busters profile

Former member of Busters Kang Yeseo also got her highlight during this survival show. She got her first rank in the K13 position and made a cell with Huang Xingqiao and Sakamoto Mashiro for the first round. Besides that, she also showed her charm with some words, “Lovely YE SEO twinkling like a jewel.”

Kang Yeseo also performed “Crazy” by 4Minute with Guinn Myah, Kim Chaeyun, and Kim Sein, which led her to be a candidate in the top 9. After that, she performed “Fiesta” by IZ*ONE (Team 1) for the Connect Mission, and her team won this round.

Before deciding to join Girls Planet 999, Busters Beta had announced that they are officially disbanded. Kang Yeseo immediately joined 143 Entertainment Incorporation followed by the announcement that she left Busters as of July 31, 2020, and plans to pursue other fields.

Well, that is all of the information about Busters’ Yeseo who is now officially a former member of the group and is currently undergoing her activities as a contestant on Girls Planet 999. Let’s give a lot of love and support so that Kang Yeseo can be more successful and get a brighter career in the future.

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