Busters’ Takara: Full Profile, Fun Facts, YouTube Channel

Busters’ Takara’s Vlog on YouTube

Takara was added to the girl group in March 2020. She is the only foreigner from Japan. At the first meeting with Chaeyeon, it was really awkward at first but they now get along together great.

Let’s take a look at Takara’s first meet with the members, here!

Fans’ reactions:

  • that was the single most awkward yet startlingly adorable encounter I believe I’ve ever witnessed
  • The language barrier makes it even more awkward hahaha…
  • Takara looks so beautiful !!, I love that she and our baby Chaeyeon get along !!! Beoutchu will give you all our love Takara !! Luck!!!!

It turned out the video was scripted based on the video description. It stated, “The video above is scripted. The real first meeting video is more interesting, but it can’t be uploaded because of a file error. So we filmed it in a similar way.”

The members seem to be getting along well with Takara. Yeseo said that she speaks with Takara in four languages: Korean, Japanese, English, and body language. Jieun added facial expressions as how they communicate with Takara. Jisoo said that Takara can communicate well even though she doesn’t understand.

Check out the video, here:

Another video from the playlist is about Takara putting make-up on Jieun with Takara’s style. Fans reacted by leaving comments: “I use Takara style, this type of makeup is really nice because you feeling is like a bad girl and cute girl,” “I love Takara’s style,” “They’re so adorable,” and many other cute words.

Watch the video, here:

The recent Vlog about Takara follows her trip back to Korea from Japan after some time and having to self-isolate for two weeks. Minji and Jieun pick her up at the airport. Check out the video below!


Focus Fan-cam


Check out some of the focus fan-cams of Takara dancing to “Paeonia”, here!

Takara is a good dancer. She joined a dance academy before her debut. Her facial expressions are really great but she still needs to work on them some more. Fans reacted with, “Takara😭❤️👌👌 she’s so nice, cute and talented❤️ I love and live for her,” “I could feel the Japanese vibe from the Manga style. Her name is Takara, right? She’s Japanese, isn’t she?” “She’s cute. Wow. Busters’ agency boss said he brought a kid like that. She’s like Kanna Hashimoto.”



Takara just made an Instagram account a while ago. Seems like the members just made their personal Instagram accounts. Takara’s first post was her selfie with a caption in Japanese.

After her first post, she then continued to upload other selfies with Korean captions. One of them read: “I opened an Instagram account. Let’s leave posts every day for a week from today.
See you every day #安田聖良 #TAKARA #타카라 #busters #버스터즈 #darkkawaii”



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