Busters’ Soyeon’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Personality And Many More

Busters' Soyeon profile

Everything You Should Know About Busters’ Main Dancer Park So-yeon!

Busters (Hangul: 버스터즈) is a South Korean girl group that made its debut on November 27, 2017. Busters underwent several changes to the member lineup over time as some members decided to terminate their contracts to pursue another field.

In 2017, one of Busters’ pre-debut members decided to leave the group because she had to continue her schooling. Her position was later replaced by Busters’ Minjung who continued the group’s career. Even though she didn’t debut as a member of Busters, let’s find out more about Busters’ Soyeon from her full profile, fun facts, to her latest news in this article below!

Busters’ Soyeon’s Full Profile


Real Name: Park So-yeon (Hangul: 박소연)

Stage Name: So-yeon (Hangul: 소연)

Birth: January 13, 2003

Star Sign: Capricorn

Nationality: Korean

Official Site: Instagram ( @so_yeon_0113 )

Busters’ Soyeon’s Fun Facts

  1. Busters’ Soyeon’s representative color in the group was blue
  2. Busters’ Soyeon’s nickname was Dancing Queen
  3. Busters’ Soyeon charm is her dimples
  4. Busters’ Soyeon was a member of Busters before Minjung was added to the group
  5. Busters’ Soyeon graduated from SOPA or Seoul School of Performing Arts
  6. Busters’ Soyeon left the group in October 2017

Busters’ Soyeon’s Visual


Visuals are one of the most important aspects and must be considered so that trainees can immediately debut as idols. With that, there are many people who pay attention to rookie groups because they look beautiful and have good talent when it comes to performing on stage. Busters is also known as one of the girl groups known for its members who are still young and also have above-average beauty.

To get to know Busters’ Soyeon more closely, let’s find out more about Busters’ Soyeon’s visual in this article below!


Even though she didn’t debut as a member of Busters, Park So-yeon already had the qualities of an idol because her visual seems perfect. You can see from the picture above when Busters’ Soyeon looks very beautiful with soft makeup. Although the picture above is not promoting her as an idol, Busters’ Soyeon looks beautiful with a simple and calm outfit so her own natural charm shines brightly in this picture.


As in the fun facts, Busters’ Soyeon continued her schooling after deciding to leave the group in 2017. You can see Busters’ Soyeon who looks beautiful in her school uniform in the picture above. Her long black hair looks natural, and she also wears a little makeup to make it look more natural. It’s not uncommon for students in South Korea to wear makeup, but Busters’ Soyeon looks absolutely gorgeous in the picture in her school uniform, right?


If Busters’ Soyeon usually looks like she has long straight hair, then the picture above will give a slightly different vibe than usual. In it, she has hair that has just been styled in waves that make her image look even more mature than before. Busters’ Soyeon’s visual looks very beautiful in this selca that she took herself.

If you look closely, Busters’ Soyeon has a high and sharp nose. She also has both dimples that look good on her face. Her smile is also very pretty, and her monolid eyes fascinate many people who see them.


Since Busters’ Soyeon was still in school, you can see her Instagram pictures that are filled with many memories from when she attended school at SOPA, a high school famous for having students who debut as K-pop idols. From the picture above, we can see Busters’ Soyeon’s body proportions that look perfect. She has a fairly tall height, slim body, long wavy hair, and visual beauty that can’t be doubted when she wears a school uniform like this.


Busters’ Soyeon who is now 18 years old now looks much more mature than Busters’ Soyeon’s images from before. She knows how to put on makeup that matches her visuals. One of the pre-debut Busters members also knows how to mix and match outfits that match her image, so even without having to debut as an idol, she already looks radiant and beautiful!

What do you think about Busters’ Soyeon’s visual?

Where is Busters’ Soyeon Now?


Until now, there has been no latest news from Busters’ Soyeon regarding her current work in the entertainment industry or about whether she will continue her career as an idol or not. However, on her Instagram account, she has graduated from SOPA and continues her studies as a student at Chung-Ang Department of Theatre. So, it can be concluded that Busters’ Soyeon or Park So-yeon currently has no plans to continue her career as an idol in the near future, but she will continue her education first until she graduates from university.

For those of you who want to know more about Park So-yeon’s updates and latest news, make sure you follow Park So-yeon’s official Instagram account to keep up with her daily activities! Also, please leave positive comments on her social media so that she will be happy to do her current activities, and let’s wait patiently until she returns to the entertainment industry as soon as possible.

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