Busters’ Jisoo: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Personality, And More

Busters’ Jisoo’s Focus Fancam


On May 2nd, 2020, Busters were busy with the promotion of their new single “Paeonia”. Busters attended the Yongsan Daewon Contents Live performing their latest single and looking stunning.

In this focus fancam, you can see Busters’ Jisoo who looks beautiful in the same costume as the members, which is a black and green tartan outfit. Even though the outfit worn looks simple and casual, it doesn’t reduce Busters’ Jisoo charm while performing on the stage.

On November 28th, 2019, Busters attended a concert for students and brought “Pinky Promise” to the performance in this focus fancam. You can clearly see the charisma of Busters’ leader, Jeong Ji-soo, who was also present at the performance wearing a short dress and looking charming in just a simple dress and hair put together in an updo. She also smiled cheerfully when she performed at this event.

On August 18th, 2019, Busters held a fan signing event and also performed one of their singles titled “Starlight”. The members looked very playful and enjoyed their performance at the fan signing event, including Busters’ Jisoo who looked like a fairy in the costume she was wearing. She also wore a crown and several other accessories such as earrings and a bracelet made of ribbon which made her appearance look very beautiful.

On October 19th, 2019, Busters attended the Jeongdong Cultural Festival and delivered “Starlight” in their performance at that time. The members looked very cute with the creme dress and also the ankle boots they were wearing as outfits for the performance at that time. Busters’ Jisoo also looks like she’s in a good mood because she is smiling from ear to ear while performing in this focus fancam.

On June 14th, 2020, Busters held a fan signing event located in Yongsan. In the focus of the fancam, Busters’ Jisoo was also caught talking with male fans and really enjoyed the chat. She also occasionally smiles and giggles while talking with her fans. Busters’ Jisoo is famous for her friendly and down-to-earth personality, she was definitely a mature leader figure in the girl group that debuted in 2017.

What do you think about Busters’ Jisoo’s focus fancams?

Busters’ Jisoo’s Latest News

busters jisoo profile

The agency of Korean girl group Busters has again received scathing criticism from netizens. JTG Entertainment some time ago had drawn controversy after one of the Busters members, Chaeyeon, became a victim of verbal violence and sexual harassment by two comedians in the tv program Tok! Tok! Boni Hani.

busters jisoo profile

The criticism this time was because netters found one of the Busters members, Jisoo, to be a model in an online advertisement for a plastic surgery clinic. This is a controversy because Jisoo in 2020 was only 16 years old, which is still considered a minor.

The ad featuring Jisoo was allegedly neatly edited to make it appear that Jisoo had undergone the promoted procedure. As is known, it is very rare for a member of a K-Pop idol girl group to become a model for a plastic surgery service.

busters jisoo profile

This made netizens angry, especially since Jisoo was still a minor. Plus, according to Busters fans, Jisoo hasn’t done any plastic surgeries. This made netizens find that the promoted procedure was very unreasonable.

Busters fans themselves discovered that Jisoo had actually been a model since 2018 when she was in high school. K-Pop fans are furious at Busters’ agency as this is not the first time they have faced criticism for making a controversial decision involving this underage member.

busters jisoo profile

Unfortunately, the agency has not responded to this fan criticism. Ads featuring minors continue to be used on the plastic surgery center’s website. K-Pop fans remain very concerned about the members, as they often find themselves in controversy.

Busters’ agency previously provoked the anger of fans because the underage members held a live broadcast on V Live with several male YouTubers. The members also wore skimpy costumes which made them uncomfortable.

After several months of reaping a lot of controversy over what was experienced by its members, Busters’ management released a statement regarding the future plans of this girl group which was released on August 6th, 2020. The agency stated that there would be a reorganization of the members and also a hiatus for some time to come.

The following below is a statement released by Marbling, Busters’ management:

Hello, this is Marbling.

As we are deeply grateful to the fans who have sent Busters a lot of love, we would like to apologize for having to deliver this disappointing news.

Our announcements kept getting pushed back as we discussed in depth the direction of the Busters promotion. We also apologize for causing inconvenience due to news from some members.

So far, both Busters and Marbling have shared the motto: ‘We must enjoy ourselves so that those who watch us enjoy themselves too,’ and have worked towards promotions that bring joy to the artist and their fans.

However, during recent activities, we encountered an unfortunate incident due to extreme fans. Since this is a difficult situation for our young artists to handle, some members have complained about receiving a lot of pressure.

Furthermore, after finishing promotions for their album ‘Paeonia’, even though they received sufficient rest time, they were unable to recover and began to lose joy, and questioned their career as singers.

As a result, members Jisoo and Yeseo have lost their will to promote as singers and Chaeyeon also previously revealed that promoting as a singer is no longer fun.

After much thought, out of respect for the individual needs of our artists, we have come to the following conclusions:

  1. On July 31st, 2020, Jisoo, Yeseo, and Chaeyeon will conclude their promotions as singers and plan to focus on acting and other broadcasts in the future.
  2. We will call the Busters promotions so far as Bustersβ (Busters Beta) and will conclude their promotions.
  3. Minji, Jieun, and Takara will be joining new foreign members to continue promotions as Power Busters. Power Busters will be reorganized as our main project and global content in the future.

We feel that our protection of our artists is lacking and highly reflective. To our artists who have been and will be with us, we promise to make their protection a top priority. We will take all necessary legal action for incidents that have occurred and will do our best to prevent such incidents in the future.

Once again, thank you to the fans who have sent so much love over the years.

As you appreciate the twinkle of Bustersβ, we ask that you give the same love and care to Power Busters, who will expand their stride with shows around the world. Also, we ask that you send lots of warm support in the future to Jisoo, Yeseo, and Chaeyeon, who have helped create precious memories as members of Bustersβ.

We apologize for having to deliver such regretful news. We will work hard to put on music and performances that give back the love received from fans.

Thank you.

Busters made their debut on November 27th, 2017, with Hyungseo, Minji, Minjung, Chaeyeon, and Jisoo as members of the original lineup. However, as time went on several members decided to leave the group and the agency immediately added new members to the group for the next Busters comeback.

busters jisoo profile

Currently, Bustes’ Jisoo who has officially become a former member since July 31st, 2020, is continuing her studies as a student of the Lila Art High School Dept. of Video Music Contents and goes through her daily activities as a non-celebrity. Nevertheless, let’s continue to support Jeong Ji-soo, hopefully, what she’s doing now can still make her happy!

Well, that was all the information about Busters’ former leader, Jisoo, who turns out to be one of the members who has her own charms and looks naturally beautiful, right? Let’s keep giving Jeong Ji-soo love and hope that one day she can resume her career as a K-Pop idol and connect with her fans. If you like this article, please don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media and stay tuned for more interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!