Busters’ Jieun: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Personality, And a Lot More

Busters’ Jieun’s Focus Fancam

Busters’ Ji-eun attended one of the schedules held at the Daewon Contents Live Fan Signing Event and performed for the event with one of Busters’ newest singles, which is “Paeonia”. In the performance, the members looked very beautiful including Busters’ Ji-eun who wore a white dress and started doing choreography from start to finish with great enthusiasm. She was also seen always smiling very beautifully when she performed with her sister Min-ji, who was also seen in the performance.

On January 15th, 2021, Busters made a performance at the My Bling Untact Concert with one of the songs that have been popularized by S.E.S, “I’m Your Girl”. With a moderate tempo and very girly choreography, Busters’ Ji-eun looks very cheerful with a very fresh appearance. She is also very beautiful with a very fashionable outfit in a red tartan skirt, black crop top, black boots, and also a black belt with a heart-shaped buckle in front.

On May 31st, 2020, Busters were back to promoting “Paeonia” as their newest song at a fan signing event. She looks very energetic in promoting the medium tempo song with a very cheerful expression. Every costume she wears is different; this time, Busters’ Ji-eun is seen wearing an outfit that really displays her style like girlfriend material. A navy tennis skirt and blouse with lace on the sides so that the sleeves match the white sneakers she was wearing.

On May 17th, 2020, Busters performed at the Daewon Contents Live Fan Signing Event promoting their new single, “Paeonia”. At the event, the members of Busters looked very cheerful when doing the choreography of the song. Busters’ Ji-eun and also the other members look very synchronized while performing very cheerfully. The members were also seen wearing a new outfit with a purple theme that was deliberately made like a school uniform. Costumes like this are certainly very suitable for them to wear because their average age is still very young.

On May 24th, 2020, Busters were busy promoting “Paeonia” again holding a fan signing event to attract the attention of the public and gather as many fans as possible. At this event, Busters’ Ji-eun still looks beautiful with the new costumes that have been prepared by the stylists. Different from the previous outfit concept, Busters’ Ji-eun wore a kind of blazer that had a belt and was a nice color combination, namely the basic black color with green, blue, and red stripes on the sides.

On June 7th, 2020, Busters’ Ji-eun was also present at the fan signing event that was held to promote “Paeonia” with the group. Busters’ Ji-eun who is the leader of the girl group looks very cute wearing eyeglass accessories while performing the new song. Because “Paeonia” was the first song that Ji-eun sang when she debuted with Busters, she looked very excited and cheerful when bringing the performance.

Busters’ Jieun’s Dramas

Busters’ Ji-eun has debuted as a child actress and recently completed an appearance project in a new drama broadcast on JEI TV from September to November 2019. The title of the drama is One-dimensional Him (Hangul: 일차원 적 그 녀석). One of the episodes starring Jeon Ji-eun is a special episode with a very unique story with some teenager stories.

As of the pre-airing standard, it was receiving many fans’ expectations. The drama itself was a high-quality drama, but the short drama, a sequel to one guy who ended a little unfortunately, was released in surprise and was cheered by fans who wanted a sequel to the story behind him. There are also many fans who highly praised him for being the lead role of the couple Bang Han-kyung and Goo Su-jin (played by Jeon Ji-eun).

As viewers, who were not expected to reappear at all, appeared there, they were also being cheered by Season 2 fans. However, on the other hand, there are concerns that the settings that were established in Season 2 won’t be met, or whether the loveline would be twisted like in Season 1. In addition, the preview video suggested that this drama should be watched until the end, and fans’ expectations that the characters of the previous season will be able to reappear increased as it hinted at additional characters that have not yet been released.

busters jieun profile

The overall reaction of the fans seems better than it is. Although it is unfortunate that it is a short drama, there are many reactions that the storyline is naturally developed in a short amount, and the quality is improved due to the good probability of well-positioning conflicts and gags. In addition, even though the drama laced a two-season year, there are a few reactions that are fortunate because there is almost no one season that didn’t come out well and this work is also well received that the actors are growing and their acting skills are improving.

Overall, it feels that the atmosphere has become more mature than the previous works, and the main topic of conflict in this work received more sympathy from the grown-up viewers, including high school education/education in the Korean middle class.

Some fans were worried that the scale of the conflict was too large and serious, although it was an ultra-interesting drama that children and elementary school students also watch, but with the fierce competition of prestigious Seoul schools with more realistic and immersive descriptions, and the joint venture complex. Responses that describe problems that may arise in some schools seem to be dominant.

busters jieun profile

However, when the strengths increase, there are reactions that the story is more disappointing than expected in terms of the end of the story and the quality of the work. In addition to this, prestigious schools are in the background, but from the middle of the work, intensive studies/high school or intense studies are not highlighted.

There are also reactions that it is unfortunate that it does not match the original atmosphere of this work. Because of this, even though it was not as intense or dark as popular the K-Drama SKY Castle, it was regrettable to fans who expected to deal with issues such as private education, high school and school punishment and school violence in middle school.

Well, that was all the information about Busters’ Ji-eun: starting from her full profile, fun facts, career journey with Busters, and her appearances in dramas. Ji-eun is an idol who has just started her career in 2019 as a member of Busters and is trying many things including working hard to become a leader as well as a better K-Pop idol. Let’s give support to Busters’ Ji-eun so that her career can shine even brighter.

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