Busters’ Jieun: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Personality, And a Lot More

busters jieun profile

Find Out More About Busters’ Leader Jeon Ji-eun

Busters is one of the girl groups that debuted in 2017 and has undergone so many member changes throughout time, that the girl group now has four new members who are trying really hard to maintain their careers in entertainment together. Busters is also a unique girl group because each member was born over 2001 and they are among the youngest idols who are active in groups today. Even so, Busters have their own charm because the members of this group have very beautiful visuals and talents that are no less than the quality of other girl groups.

In this article, we are going to explore in detail all the information about a member of the Busters who has the position of leader of the group. Busters’ Ji-eun, whose name is less well known, is now working hard to get recognition as a K-Pop idol and also an actress who debuted in a drama broadcast in 2019. In the same year, she tried her luck elsewhere by joining her twins in the same group.

So, how are Busters’ Ji-eun’s career and profile? Without further ado, let’s find out more about Busters’ Ji-eun in this article below!

Busters’ Jieun’s Full Profile

busters jieun profile

Real Name: Jeon Ji-eun (Hangul: 전지은)

Stage Name: Ji-eun (Hangul: 지은)

Place and Date of Birth: Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, March 5th, 2005

Star Sign: Pisces

Blood Type: O

Height: 160 cm (5’2.9″)

Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs)

Nationality: Korean

Position: Leader, Vocalist

Family Members: Parents, Jeon Min-ji (younger sister), and a younger brother

Education: Lira Art High School (Department of Visual Music Contents/Enrolled)

Official Sites:

Busters’ Jieun’s Fun Facts

busters jieun profile
  1. Busters’ Ji-eun is actually the twin sister who was born first of Jeon Min-ji who used to be a member of Busters
  2. Busters’ Ji-eun is also a child actress and has made several appearances in dramas and commercials
  3. Busters’ Ji-eun can stretch her hands all the way to the other side of her waist to her stomach
  4. Busters’ Ji-eun likes to eat fried chicken
  5. Busters’ Ji-eun would like to visit Brazil because she heard that it would be a memorable experience for them to perform there
  6. Busters’ Ji-eun is one of the members who joined the group during the “Paeonia” comeback and she was announced as a replacement of her sister, Min-ji, on December 10th, 2019
  7. Busters’ Ji-eun used to be in a project unit with Pink Fantasy and My Doll Girls
  8. Busters’ Ji-eun’s representative color in the group is Red
  9. Busters’ Ji-eun used to be a trainee under Kids Planet since she was 4 years old and prepared for the kids models activities
  10. Busters’ Ji-eun played the role of Koo Su-jin in JEI Talent TV’s One-dimensional He’s Special Edition

Busters’ Ji-eun’s Visual

busters jieun profile

One of the members of a girl group who is quite young is a challenge for Busters’ Ji-eun to keep her career and face every challenge with maturity and professionally as an idol. Despite her young age, Busters’ Ji-eun is very talented and has made a good debut and is ready to get a lot of appreciation from the public. She also has a very beautiful and cute face. In fact, you could say she has aegyo that is very natural and pure from her face.

busters jieun profile

Not infrequently she shows aegyo to fans when she is on stage. Busters’ Ji-eun liked to puff out her cheeks to tease the fans who watched their performance at that time. Looking beautiful with every expression, Busters’ Ji-eun looks like a goddess and innocent with looks that are never exaggerated but always natural.

busters jieun profile

The member who has a position as a leader and vocalist looks very young and has talent that is ready to rock the entertainment industry. With a beauty that can make other people captivated by the visual and also the position as a leader also has a huge influence on the group itself. So, it is not only beauty she has, but a strong charisma as a leader of the group, and also good talent as an idol. Busters’ Ji-eun is seen as a multi-talented idol and a full package, right?

busters jieun profile

She also has a small body with a visual like a doll face. Busters’ beauty Ji-eun doesn’t seem to have any flaws when seen from head to toe. Busters’ Ji-eun, who debuted to replace the position of her twin sister in the group, looks like she can exude her visuals very well and never looks ugly and remains professional when she appears in public.

busters jieun profile

Busters’ Ji-eun also has her own outfit concept when she’s outside the schedule. With her teenage age, Busters’ Ji-eun has the right clothes for kids her age. Not focusing on heavy and excessive make-up, Busters’ Ji-eun tried her best to choose clothes that were comfortable, casual and still showed her innocent side by wearing a simple jacket, t-shirt, and sling bag.

busters jieun profile

Busters’ Ji-eun also looks very confident when she shares her selcas on Instagram. When she takes a selca, she gets a really good angle to share with the fans. No different from her appearance when on stage, she still looks flawless in her daily activities and is naturally still very beautiful. If you look at the selcas she has shared, Busters’ Ji-eun looks almost the same as Bae Suzy at first glance, right?