Busters’ Jeon Minji’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Personality, and More

jeon minji busters profile

Everything You Should Know About Busters’ Jeon Min-ji

Busters is a K-pop girl group that debuted under Marbbling E&M Inc. on November 27, 2017. By having several former members since their debut, Busters is now re-debuting in 2020 by adding new members who are very young. The average members of Busters are born after 2000 and looked very enthusiastic about their promotions together in delivering their latest single, “Paeonia.” So, who one of the new members of Busters?

In this article, we will look at more detailed information about one of the new Busters members, Jeon Min-ji. Having a name that is almost the same as one of the former members, Kim Min-ji, it turns out that Jeon Min-ji has a twin sister who also joined Busters. Let’s find out about Busters’ Jeon Min-ji in this article shared by Channel-Korea!

Jeon Minji’s Full Profile

busters jeon min ji profile

Real Name: Jeon Min-ji (Hangul: 전민지)

Stage Name: Min-ji (Hangul: 민지)

Birth: Yojin, Gyeonggi-do, September 26th, 2006

Star Sign: Libra

Height: 162 cm

Family Members: Parents and twin sister (Jeon Ji-eun)

Education: Songjeon Elementary School

Nationality: Korean

Position in the Group: Vocalist, Rapper, Lead Dancer, Maknae

Official Sites:

Jeon Minji’s Fun Facts

jeon minji busters profile
  1. Busters’ Min-ji’s color representative of the group is yellow
  2. Busters’ Min-ji used to be a member of Y.E.S along with her twin sister, Ji-eun
  3. Busters’ Min-ji was revealed as a new member of Busters on March 16, 2020, and promoted with their comeback single, “Paeonia”
  4. Busters’ Min-ji would like to go to the U.S.A.
  5. Busters’ Min-ji was a former child actress
  6. Busters’ Min-ji won a grand prize at a children’s dance competition
  7. Busters’ Min-ji likes to make TikTok videos
  8. Busters’ Min-ji has a mature and deep voice
  9. Busters’ Min-ji used to be in the project units Pink Fantasy and My Doll Girls
  10. Busters’ Min-ji likes to capture many selcas and post them on her Instagram account

Busters’ Jeon Minji’s Visual

jeon minji busters profile

Busters’ Min-ji has a very small face and looks like a doll when closely watched. Different from her twin sister Ji-eun, Busters’ Min-ji has the aura of a K-pop idol which is still very cute and innocent from the visuals. Her round eyes, small nose, thin pink lips, and round face make Busters’ Min-ji look like a baby, right?

jeon minji busters profile

The member who was born in 2006 is, of course, still younger than the K-pop idols who debuted first. At such a young age, Busters’ Min-ji seems to be able to show that she is very talented even though she only debuted as an idol in 2020. With the performances she shows on stage, she also looks like a professional idol. Busters’ Min-ji wore a white dress that was perfect for her small and slim body. The make-up worn is also very natural and does not take away from Busters’ Min-ji’s natural beauty.

jeon minji busters profile

Besides that, Busters’ Min-ji also looks very beautiful with the outfits and costumes that have been prepared by the stylist. In different performances, she also gets the opportunity to wear different outfits. As can be seen in the picture above, Busters’ Min-ji looks really cute wearing a big bow over her head that matches perfectly with the light blue fluffy skirt she wears. Without reducing the innocent image she has, Busters’ Min-ji looks beautiful with an outward concept that suits her age.

jeon minji busters profile

Busters’ Min-ji also looks very pretty like a goddess with her fair skin and small face. At first glance, the member who has the position of maknae of the group looks similar to Oh My Girl’s Yoo-A because her face really reflects the K-pop idol aura that is natural, innocent, and pure.

jeon minji busters profile

This member who has a very pure and beautiful face seems to have no flaws when seen visually. She has excellent visuals when it comes to the standard of beauty that a K-pop idol should have. If she has many opportunities to keep a career in the entertainment industry, Busters’ Min-ji will probably get a lot of individual fans because of her already very beautiful visuals at the age of 16 this year.

jeon minji busters profile

With her beauty, Busters’ Min-ji also looks happy to take and uploaded selcas. If you visit Busters’ Min-ji’s Instagram account, then you will find many different selcas that she managed to catch while attending certain events or when she was hanging out at several places while off schedule. Still, nothing has changed from her appearance because she always looks very beautiful even on different occasions, right?

jeon minji busters profile

Because she joined the same girl group as her twin sister, Busters’ Min-ji was purposely given a slightly different appearance from her twin, Ji-eun. If the member who just debuted in 2020 has wavier hair than Ji-eun, then fans can easily recognize Ji-eun and Min-ji’s faces when Busters are performing on stage.

jeon minji busters profile

Besides that, fans may have also noticed the visual differences between Busters’ Ji-eun and Min-ji because, like the picture above, Min-ji looks more expressive than Ji-eun because she often smiles or makes weird expressions when taking selcas. Therefore, Min-ji also looks more active and energetic when on stage because of her free personality.

Busters’ Jeon Minji’s Focus Fancams

On May 16, 2020, Busters’ Min-ji had a performance at a fansign and is currently promoting her latest single, “Paeonia.” In this performance, Busters’ Min-ji looks very energetic and beautiful. She always smiled from the beginning to the end of the performance. The costumes are also very beautiful and suitable for Busters’ Min-ji. She was seen wearing the same outfit as the other members with a denim theme, a dark blue tennis skirt, and a white shirt with bustier jeans as the outer garment.

On March 24, 2021, Busters’ Min-ji was back in one of the performances at the fansign by bringing “Paeonia” as their newest single at that time. In this performance, Busters’ Min-ji looks very energetic and also comfortable with the costume she wears. The same as the other members who wore one-theme costumes, Busters’ Min-ji this time wore a gray long dress and matched it with a white shirt. Do not forget the white sneakers she wore that looked very casual when performing on stage.

Busters’ Jeon Minji’s Young Age Controversy

jeon minji busters profile

Girl group Busters announced the joining of a new member. On March 16, 2020, the agency Marbling E&M said, “A new member has joined Busters. The newly joined members are Japanese members Takara Yasuda and Jeon Min-ji.”

Takara Yasuda, born in 2005, is from Osaka, Japan, and has been training for many years at GP STUDIO with Hirai Hana, TWICE’s Momo’s sister and also a dance trainer. She joined Busters through an audition in 2019. Jeon Min-ji, born in 2006, has won the grand prize at a children’s dance competition and is a member with a history of acting as a child actress.

Even though Jeon Min-ji has joined as a member of Busters, of course, there are many concerns that occur when fans already know her real age which can be said to be very young. Jeon Min-ji made her debut in Busters in 2020 when she was 15 years old. You could say, it’s still far from the legal age for idols working in the entertainment industry.

She replaced Kim Min-ji who decided to leave in November 2019. However, a post on the Theqoo website discussed whether Min-ji was considered too young to debut. Min-minjiji was born in 2006. Looking at her birth year, the youngest member of Busters is now 14 years old (international age) or 15 years old (Korean age). Many say that Min-ji looks like a baby being fed by other Busters members.

Although some K-pop idols have debuted at the age of 15, netizens think Minji is considered too young to debut even though she is 15 based on Korean age calculations because of her appearance that looks like a child.

“Not only KARA‘s former member Jiyoung and IZ*ONE Jang Won-young but the youngest member of Rocket Punch is also born in 2005 and debuted at the age of 15. But the difference is that they all have tall stature and look a bit mature while Minji looks much younger than her age,” said a netter.

“She looks younger than her age,” continued another netter.

“She is a junior high school student, but looks like an elementary school student,” said another netter.

“I admit that there are many 15 year old children debuting, but this girl looks too young,” another netter exclaimed.

“15 years? I thought she was an elementary school student. Jeon Somi and Jang Won-young looked fine when they debuted because they have a tall physique compared to other kids their age so they are ‘liked’. But this girl looks too much young,” said another.

“Age is not the problem, but her face, she looks too childish,” concluded the others.

Well, that is all of the information about Busters’ Min-ji who has been able to prove that at a very young age, she was able to debut as a K-pop idol and perform with her group energetically and cheerfully. Let’s give Busters’ Min-ji support so she can be happy with her career now and in the future! If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!