Bursters’ Taehee: Profile, Fun Facts, Youtube Channel


Let’s Find Out More About Bursters’ Macho Drummer—Taehee

Evermore Music formed Korean rock metal band Bursters in 2015. Bursters became an overnight sensation after finishing sixth in Super Star K6. They were the only rock band that was able to reach the finals and finished at the number six position. In 2015, Bursters collaborated with senior rapper Wutan and released the EP album Independent. Due to their popularity Bursters’ album caught the attention of popular rock magazines Kerrang! and Burrn. 

Bursters consisted of five members: singer Daegun, drummer Taehee, guitarists Gyejin and Junyong, and bassist Hwanhee. Taehee drew attention with his macho appearance, energetic performances, and explosive drum skills. He is responsible for the rhythm and became the heartbeat of Bursters.

In this article, Channel-Korea will talk all about Bursters’ drummer Taehee. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile


Name: Jo Taehee

Date of Birth: March 13th, 1989

Position: Drum

Zodiac: Pisces

Instagram: @t.h_jo

Facebook: @thjzang

YouTube: DrummerJoTV


Label: Evermore Music

Fun Facts

  • Taehee was born in Seoul but he currently lives in Guri, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
  • He wasn’t a member of the original Bursters line-up. He replaced Sangyung and joined Bursters in March 2018
  • He collaborated with label mate Aivan in Aivan’s latest song
  • Taehee loves playing soccer, cycling, snowboarding, and cooking
  • His favorite food is Korean cold noodles
  • He loves watching Marvel’s Avenger series
  • Taehee wanted to become famous like drummers Travis Barker of Blink-182, John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, and Mike Mangini of Dream Theater



2020.03 Album [Once and for All]

2020.02 Single [Colors]

2019.11 Single [Savage]

2019.05 Single [Barriers]

2018.04 Single [If Today Is The Last Day]

2017.04 Album [LIVE IN HOPE]

2015.09 Single [Lost Child]

2015.02 EP [Independent]

2015.02 Single [Scandal]

Busters’ Taehee’s Visual


Taehee and Gyejin are the most good looking members of Bursters. Their faces are calm and their clothing styles are simple and casual, unlike any members of a rock band. However, on the stage, they can be a different person and could get any rock fans to shout and scream according to their music.


Taehee is the main person responsible for the beat and rhythm of Bursters’ music. Apparently, he maintains good physical condition. He has a muscular upper arm and a stout upper body. His hairstyle is simple. Judging from his look, he could fit into any male idol group. Aside from his good physics, he is also an excellent communicator. He is a talkative person. During interviews, he usually adds his own views and opinions about Bursters performances.


YouTube Channel

Bursters posted Taehee’s drum solo on Bursters’ official YouTube channel. He performed live and played “Savage.” His solo drum version was slightly different from the original version. In the intro section, he added a more intense rhythm. His drumbeat could ignite the mood of any rock fan.

Taehee has his own YouTube channel: DrummerJoTV. He made the channel and has posted videos since April 2013. On his YouTube channel, he posts exclusive videos of him playing drums during the Bursters UK Tour concerts. He has also posted clips of him giving drum lessons to a subscriber. Most of his videos are drum covers of popular songs like Katy Perry’s “Firework,” and BTS’ “Euphoria.”

Bursters posted clips of their live stage performance during their recent UK tour. Even though they performed their original songs, songs that were completely new to UK fans, the audience could be seen jumping on their feet and raising their hands. It would seem that music is a global language.

UK Tour

Bursters posted a special interview about their UK tour. Taehee and other members performed in five cities in the UK: Norwich, Birmingham, Brighton, London, and Manchester. They aimed to introduce Korean rock and show foreign fans that Korea is more than just K-Pop.

Daegun felt relaxed when performing on stages because his rock star idols used to perform on the same stage. He said that it was his first time traveling to a foreign country. About their performance, he insisted that each member should concentrate and pay attention more to their stamina. Since they perform every day or every other day, they should maintain good stamina in order to be able to perform well on the stage.

Gyejin said that he wanted to learn English more and experience other music fields. Other members made fun of him and said that Gyejin can speak English well if he is drunk. Daegun added that after each performance, staff and Bursters members went to dinner and enjoyed the evening. However, they had trouble communicating with fans and local staff. After several days, even though they couldn’t speak English, they could at least slightly understand and could communicate through body language. In the future, they hope to speak English better.

Hwanhee felt that he has to improve his stamina more. He got an indigestion problem right before their second performance and his face became extremely pale. He felt slightly disappointed for not being able to visit and watch a soccer game. At the time, the season had just finished. He would love to visit the UK and watch a soccer game.

In the end, they looked forward to making better music and to hold music concerts. All members wished fans to maintain and take care of each other’s health during the pandemic.

That was all the information about Bursters’ drummer Taehee. Find out more information about other Bursters members in the collection of Channel-Korea articles.