Everything You Need To Know About Bursters’ Profile, Discography, Appearance on ‘Super Star K6,’ and Latest News

BURSTERS’ Stage Performance


Music Show

Bursters performed the hit single “Colors” for one of their live stages on M! COUNTDOWN with passion and charisma! The lyrics of “Colors” are beautifully written in English which makes it sound more interesting. Since his first appearance on stage, Daegun’s powerful voice has been giving goosebumps to listeners.

Aside from that, the mixture of the sound of the guitar and the drum beats was definitely a perfect match! Just like the song title, Bursters’ members appeared with different styles of colors on their outfits, and the perfect flashy lighting on the stage completed their performance!

Tour Performance

Some of the most memorable performances from an idol occur at their concerts, including Bursters’ performance of “Lost Child” live during the group’s World Tour: K-ROCK Revelation in Seoul, South Korea! The upbeat music, powerful drum rhythms, and hazy background lights made such a perfect atmosphere during the “Lost Child” performance.

Daegun’s vocals during every live performance are something that you can’t ignore since he has always performed with a strong and stable voice! Every Bursters member has their own charms during the performances, and they seem to be really passionate and excited during every second that they spend on tour!

Interview With BURSTERS


During Bursters’ special documentary interview, the band members talked about a lot of things. It started with their thoughts about their UK tour at the time. Since it was their first UK tour, the members felt excited and happy at the same time. They were able to go on the same stage as other artists who influenced them, but it also left them with such a comfortable feeling. They also wanted to meet other overseas fans as well!

The conversation also led to other topics including their tour preparations in order to give a good performance. It also revealed that they took care of their stamina as well as stayed in shape before their performances. Speaking of their concerts, Bursters explained that their concerts in foreign countries were quite different from their concerts in Korea, but they felt that their performances in the UK were freeing in their own way as well.

BURSTERS’ YouTube Channel


Let’s take a look at Bursters’ latest YouTube content here:

Bursters’ Documentary Highlight

During Bursters’ UK Tour, the band made a documentary video containing their career journey, performances in the UK, concert preparation, and other details. On their official YouTube channel, there are several highlighted clips from the documentary.

From one clip, Junyong, Hwanhee, and Gyejin explain the group as a band pursuing rock music. Even though there was a moment when people were judgmental about their music genre, they didn’t mind and continued chasing their dream!

In another clip, Bursters’ members expressed their excitement and gratitude towards the people who have been loving their music, including their foreign fans. Although their languages and cultures are different and their music comes from the opposite side of the globe, the foreign fans welcomed Bursters wholeheartedly!

Bursters’ UK Tour Documentary Commentary

Through the segment, Bursters’ members shared their thoughts about the UK tour documentary! All of them sat together to watch Bursters K-Rock Revelation Documentary, and then they expressed their reactions toward certain scenes. The first thing that they noticed was that Daegun was wearing the same clothes during the UK Tour, which made them joke about how he hasn’t changed his clothes since then.

Bursters also talked about a female fan from France named Laurana. During their UK tour, Laurana seemed to always attend their tour destinations, and Bursters’ members were fascinated by her sincerity as a fan. Junyong also said that he gave her his necklace as a gift.

Then, they reminisced about certain details from their UK tour experience such as walking around Abbey Road, their concert preparations, and even pigeons in the UK which they said are different from Korean pigeons. Such a funny memory, right? Through the segment, we can see Bursters’ members mostly laughing and reminiscing about their UK tour!

About BURSTERS’ Hiatus Announcement


After making the documentary video Bursters K-Rock Revelation: UK Tour in September 2020, the group still continued their musical activities. However, it was later announced that the group would be taking a tentative hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

They announced it through Bursters’ official Instagram account as well. Initially, Bursters’ members were planning for their upcoming album promotions and concert, but this was delayed due to the unpredictable circumstances of the pandemic. After a long discussion between the members and the agency, they decided to take a hiatus for a while. Well, as sincere fans, we have to support all of their decisions, right?

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