Everything You Need To Know About Bursters’ Profile, Discography, Appearance on ‘Super Star K6,’ and Latest News


Bursters: An Extraordinary K-Rock Band

The phenomenal K-rock band Bursters entered the spotlight since their music and group concept is different from the stereotype of the K-pop music industry. Let’s get to know more about one of the rock K-pop groups in South Korea, Bursters, with Channel Korea. Here we go!

Group’s Profile


Bursters is famously known as a rock-metal band, and they are based in South Korea. Previously, the group’s name was Burstered and was renamed to Bursters. Actually, the group has been active since 2012 and the members were scouted under Evermore Music. But, the group made its official debut in February 2015 through the mini-album Independent.

Bursters consisted of Junyong (leader, guitarist, maknae), Gyejin (guitarist), Taehee (drummer), Daegun (vocalist), Hwanhee (bassist), and Sangyun (drummer, maknae). Unfortunately, Sangyun left the group in 2018 to focus on his studies and to complete his military service. The group’s official fandom is The Dreamers (usually shortened to Dreamers).

The name Bursters comes from the word explode. It also refers to the members’ purpose to make music that explodes in sound as well as for listeners. You can check out Bursters’ official websites here:

Website: evermoremusic.co

Facebook: BurstersOfficial

YouTube: BURSTERS 버스터즈


Instagram: bursters_official

Naver Cafe: burstered.cafe

Appearance on Super Star K6


Before Bursters was recognized by people, they joined the audition program Super Star K6 in 2014! Basically, it was known as one of the biggest audition programs and talent shows. The band joined the sixth season of Super Star K6 and successfully entered the top 6. In addition, they were also the first rock-metal band to enter the top 6 in Super Star K history.

Although Bursters wasn’t the top winner, the members’ achievement on Super Star K6 increased their popularity. One of their performances from the show also successfully made left of the judges surprised yet amazed!



“Whenever You Call Me” was the lead single from the group’s debut mini-album, Independent.

BURSTERS’ Music Video


The music video for “Whenever You Call Me” starts beautifully with a scene of Bursters’ members with the sunrise in the background! Then, there is a mysterious girl who seems to be running and looking for something. While the chorus of the song starts, the scene is filled with more tension and passionate expressions from Bursters’ members, especially Daegu! One of the most splendid scenes also happens while the members are performing at dawn!

BURSTERS’ Song Meaning


“Whenever You Call Me” has such a deep meaning. It illustrates how someone can be someone else’s light whenever they call their name. The lyrics also embrace people who have been through a low stage. Moreover, “Whenever You Call Me” can be a reminder for us to stay strong and believe that after the darkness, the light will eventually arrive!

BURSTERS’ Debut Stage


For its debut stage, Bursters appeared on M! COUNTDOWN on February 19, 2015, and the members performed the hit single “Whenever You Call Me.” However, we can’t find any clips from their debut stage, but we inserted some of the image footage from their other live stages here: