BTS’s Jin’s Girlfriend, Dating Rumors, Ideal Type, Etc.

BTS Seokjin

Who Is BTS’ Jin’s Girlfriend?

Kim Seok-jin or Jin is a vocalist and visual of BTS. He was born on December 4, 1992, making him the oldest member of the group. Jin made his debut with BTS on June 13, 2013. Later on, he’s known to be the Worldwide Handsome following the huge popularity of BTS.

Being a handsome guy with such fame, do you think that BTS’ Jin has a girlfriend?

Well, as far as the public knows, BTS’ Jin is single. From his debut to now, he has never been confirmed to be dating anyone. But, just like other idols, there are some dating rumors that revolve around him, even though the rumors turned out to be false.

So, let’s take a closer look at BTS’ Jin’s love life starting from his rumored girlfriend, ideal type, and more!

Jin Doesn’t Have a Girlfriend Yet

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Jin is publicly single because there is no one that is confirmed to be his girlfriend. As a K-pop idol, the agency and Jin himself have to release an official statement if he is dating anyone.

But, up to this day, Jin has never confirmed any dating rumors that linked to him. From his debut until now, there is no dating news of him that turned to be true either.

Even though he is single, Jin has an ideal type of woman that he likes. If you want to be his girlfriend, you’d better find out what kind of girl that he likes. Check out the session below to find out!

BTS’ Jin’s Ideal Type

BTS Seokjin

Jin’s ideal type is someone who is cute and will laugh at his jokes. A lot of ARMYs know that Jin likes dad jokes, so he will be happy if his girlfriend will laugh at his dad jokes. He also wants a girlfriend who can cook, just like him who is good at cooking.

For the ideal age, Jin doesn’t care about his girlfriend’s age, it can be younger or older, but he prefers the younger girlfriend. While the ideal height is about 160 – 166 cm.

So, are you matched with Jin’s ideal type?

Jin’s Dating Rumors

BTS Seokjin

Just like any other idol, BTS Jin has always been rumored to have a girlfriend. However, none of the dating rumors are true. Let’s take a look at BTS’ Jin’s dating rumors!

BTS’ Jin’s Dating Rumors with Comedian Lee Guk-joo

BTS Seokjin

In 2015, Jin was rumored to be dating comedian Lee Guk-joo. The issue began with comedian Jo Se-ho’s statement that Lee Guk-joo was dating a handsome idol. Then, fans immediately suspected it was Jin because both were very close and good friends. Moreover, Jin previously said that his ideal type of woman is the one who has chubby cheeks and that leads to Lee Guk-joo.

However, the rumor ended after Lee Guk-joo gave a statement on Radio Star program. He says that Jin is not his boyfriend. Instead, saying that the ideal type of Jin is one who loves cooking and have a good heart.

BTS’ Jin’s Dating Rumors with LABOUM’s Solbin

BTS Seokjin

Jin is also rumored to be dating a girl-group member of LABOUM, Sol-bin. Initially, this news appeared this June, which was one of the music shows. On the show, Jin was a special MC while Sol-bin had long been an MC at the music shows.

However, on that night Solbin was the last MC who was on. When the event was wrapping up, Solbin gave her impressions and final message during her section at the event, and she started to cry, so she couldn’t speak, and another MC took over Solbin’s part.

BTS Seokjin

At the same time, Solbin did the Live in VLIVE App, and suddenly Jin came to push it. However, she replied to Jin’s name by saying that Jin was her senior.

BTS Seokjin

Many people became increasingly suspicious after seeing photos of LABOUM members and Bangtan Boys or BTS backstage at the ‘M! Countdown’, uploaded on August 30th. In the photos, Solbin and Jin seem to take the same pose, lifting their thumbs and index fingers under the chin.

BTS Seokjin

BTS’ Jin’s Dating Rumors with Blackpink’s Jisoo

BTS Seokjin

BTS’ Jin also has been rumored to have a relationship with Blackpink’s Jisoo. However, the rumors were baseless and people only set themselves up for speculation. Because they are the oldest members and also the visuals in their groups, and many fans match their own.

BTS’ Jin and Blackpink’s Jisoo also have similar faces and personalities. Even though they are the oldest, the two of them have dork personalities which made fans laugh.

Besides that speculations, there is no evidence that saying Jin and Jisoo are or were in a relationship. So, we can say that the rumors are false.

That’s all the information about BTS’ Jin’s love life and dating rumors. So, as of now, he is not confirmed to be dating anyone, which means that he is probably single. Let’s just wish the best for Jin and BTS members! If you like this article, please share this with your mutuals on your social media so more people know about Jin’s rumored girlfriends, ideal type, and more. Check out other articles about BTS or other K-pop artists on Channel Korea. Cheers!