The Collaboration Between Blackpink and BTS

What is Going on Between BTS and Blackpink ?!

Diving into K-pop fandoms is quite interesting. Why? Because these types of K-pop fans always made up fictional stories about their idol dating another idol, especially if it’s a boy group and girl group. They ship them in every way, and sometimes their stories are kind of cute. Just like what the Army (BTS Fans) and Blink (Blackpink Fans) did. Not only did they make up a story but a video as well!! Pretty aggressive, huh ? Well, let’s check it out below!

BTS and Blackpink: A Fan-Fiction

Bts Blackpink

Not everyone who is a part of Army and Blink like this kind of thing, they think it is too annoying to imagine that it’s true. Perhaps, the fans (especially Army) are getting jealous over the photos or fiction stories? The power of photo editing can be just way too much sometimes, just like the picture above of Jung-kook and Lisa holding hands. But, it’s not more intense than this photo below!

BTS Blackpink

Calm-down Army, it’s just photoshopped, don’t get carried away. Sometimes in fanfictions, the author ships Kook and Lisa as a couple and it’s called ‘LisKook’. They made up stories that could be true. Here we have given you several links to fanfiction stories:

  1. Just One Day [Lisa and Jungkook]
  2. The Gray Brothers
  3. Desire [Lisa and Jungkook]
  4. Perfect [Taehyung and Rose]
  5. You Are My Everything [Taehyung and Jennie]
  6. My Perfect Partner [Rose and Jimin]
  7. Illusion [Suga and Jennie]
  8. Boundless [Jin and Jisoo]
  9. To-Get-Her [J-Hope and Jisoo]
  10. Passion [Jin and Jisoo]
Jin Jisoo

It’s ot only Lisa and Jungkook who people think are a couple, but also JinSoo (Jin and Jisoo)!. Don’t they look cute together?

Suga Jennie
Suga Jennie

And the cold couple goes to Yoonie (Suga and Jennie)! Fans are crazy to edit this photo and make it look so real! As we said before, they don’t only create stories or photos, they make videos too. Like the video below:

The video shows us Suga make a video call with Jennie. But of course it isn’t real! And then, other fans made a video of Blackpink reacting to BTS’s music video too!