Find Out the Zodiac Signs of BTS’ Members: Which Member Are You Compatible With?

BTS zodiac compatibility

Let’s Take a Peek at BTS Members’ Zodiac Signs and Compatibility!

Not everyone trusts in astrological zodiacs, but if we have a crush on a K-pop idol, we definitely want to have a match in something with them. So, many ARMY are searching for all BTS members’ zodiac elements and more.

To help ARMY find about BTS members’ zodiac signs, through this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with everything about BTS members’ zodiac signs, elements, and compatibility with other zodiac signs. So, keep on reading!

BTS Members’ Zodiac Signs and Elements!

The zodiac has two types, namely the Chinese zodiac and the Western zodiac. Both of them have 12 animals symbols. In the Chinese zodiac, they have 5 elements (wood, fire, water, metal, and earth). For the Western zodiac, they just have 4 elements (fire, earth, water, air).

The water element consists of Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo are included in the earth element. Then, Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries are included in the fire element. Meanwhile, the air element consists of Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini.

For those of you who are curious about all BTS members’ zodiac elements, check it out below!

Members Zodiac Elements
RM Earth
Suga Water
J-Hope Air
Jin Fire


BTS’ RM’s Zodiac Sign and Compatibility: Virgo

RM was born on September 12, 1994. His zodiac sign is Virgo with the earth element. According to the Virgo characteristics, people with this sign are perfectionists, very thorough, have good analytical thinking, and have a work ethic to reach their dreams. Virgo members are also full of creativity, intelligence, and are good listeners. It certainly matches with RM. Referring to creativity, RM has proven it by creating and producing over 100 songs.

As a leader, he has to be a good listener for the members. RM also has high intelligence, especially his English skills. Despite being a good listener and analytical thinker, sometimes, Virgos can be stubborn and overthink.

Therefore, there are 4 zodiac signs that are compatible with RM, namely Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn, and Taurus. The zodiac signs that are mentioned before can make RM as a Virgo think more calmly.

BTS’ RM’s Rising & Moon Sign: Scorpio & Sagittarius

Before talking about RM’s rising and moon signs, let’s get to know what is a rising and moon sign. A moon sign is more about inner thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Meanwhile, a rising sign is someone’s personality that is aimed at other people.

BTS’ RM claims to be Scorpio for the rising sign. It means RM can be described as ambitious, charismatic, mysterious, and soulful. Meanwhile, his moon sign is Sagittarius. RM has a vision and mission, and it can’t be held with anything.

BTS’ Jin’s Zodiac Sign and Compatibility: Sagittarius

Jin is the only member who has the fire element. He was born on December 4, 1992, and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. This zodiac has the strongest traits, namely honesty and a high adventurous spirit. As a Sagittarius, he likes freedom, optimism, and has high self-love. It can be proven by Jin’s solo “Epiphany.” Jin is also known as a member who likes to break the rules, for example, he cut his hair by himself.

Sagittarius is compatible with Aquarius, Aries, Leo, and Libra. These zodiac signs are very compatible with Sagittarius because they share the same sense of humor and adventurous spirit.

BTS’ Jin’s Rising and Moon Sign: Scorpio & Pisces

Jin’s moon sign is Pisces. A Pisces is a very romantic and loving person, and it’s in him. He really cares about and loves the members like his own brothers. Meanwhile, Jin has a Scorpio soul for the rising sign.

BTS’ Suga’s Zodiac Sign and Compatibility: Pisces

This rapper of BTS was born on March 9, 1993. According to his birthdate, Suga is a Pisces! Someone with this zodiac sign is open-minded, creative, loving, and generous. Suga is such a generous person. For example, in celebration of his 26th birthday, he donated $88,000 to the Korea Cancer Foundation.

Some zodiac signs that match with Suga are Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer, and Scorpio.

BTS’ Suga’s Rising and Moon Sign: Cancer & Virgo

BTS’ Suga has Virgo as his moon sign where Virgo is known for perfectionism. It describes how much of a perfectionist Suga is when he is writing lyrics or composing songs. Meanwhile, his rising sign is Cancer.

BTS’ J-Hope’s Zodiac Sign and Compatibility: Aquarius

J-Hope is known for his dance choreography, and he was born on February 18, 1994. He is an Aquarius. Someone who has this zodiac sign is known for their assertiveness, smarts, and sociability, and all of the traits refer to J-Hope. They have a high sense of humanity, and this is reflected in J-Hope. He donated a million dollars and spoke up on social media regarding Black Lives Matter protests.

The most compatible zodiac signs with Aquarius are Sagittarius, Gemini, and Libra!

BTS’ J-Hope’s Rising and Moon Sign: Pisces & Taurus

J-Hope is a Taurus as his moon sign. Taurus is known for their stubbornness and persistence in their stance. However, his rising sign is Pisces, and they are known as loving and romantic people.

BTS’ Jimin’s Zodiac Sign and Compatibility: Libra

BTS’ Jimin was born on October 13, 1995, and he is a Libra. This zodiac sign is known for its justice. This sign also doesn’t like conflict and wants to live peacefully. Libras are known to be charming and easy-going, similar to Jimin. Meanwhile, Libras are compatible with Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and also Leo.

BTS’ Jimin’s Rising and Moon Sign: Libra & Gemini

Someone with Gemini as their moon sign has good adaptability, is outgoing, and has a bubbly personality, and it refers to Jimin. Meanwhile, his rising sign is similar to his main zodiac, Libra.

BTS’ V’s Zodiac Sign and Compatibility: Capricorn

The most handsome of faces was born on December 30, 1995. V is a Capricorn, and as a Capricorn, he is practical and very determined to voice his opinion. Capricorns are dedicated to their loved ones and are sensitive. Some zodiac signs that are compatible with Capricorns are Scorpio, Taurus, Pisces, and Virgo.

BTS’ V’s Rising and Moon Sign: Sagittarius & Aries

V’s moon sign is Aries. They like things that move really fast and have vivid imaginations. Meanwhile, his rising sign is Sagittarius which is an extrovert, unique, and optimistic.

BTS’ Jungkook’s Zodiac and Compatibility: Virgo

Jungkook was born on September 1, 1997. His zodiac sign is similar to the leader, RM. As a Virgo, Jungkook is very creative and is a hard worker. He pursues many abilities that he develops. Jungkook is supportive and kind as a friend.

BTS’ Jungkook’s Rising and Moon Sign: Libra & Leo

As a Libra rising sign, Jungkook has a charming point in his smile, is easy-going, has a gentle approach to others, and is talkative. Also, his moon sign is Leo which is known for extroverts and passionate beings.

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