How Many Times BTS Won Daesang? Find The Details, Here!

Melon Music Award 2018 – 2

On the 10th annual MMA (December 1, 2018), BTS won two daesangs for Artist of the Year (beating EXO, Wanna One, iKON, & TWICE) and Album of the Year (Love Yourself: Tear, beating Wanna One, iKON, BLACKPINK, & Bobbalgan4). They also won Top 10 Artist, Netizen Popularity Award, Kakao Hot Star Award, Global Artist, and Best Rap/Hip Hop (Fake Love). Their song Fake Love was nominated for Song of the Year. With a total of seven awards, BTS broke a new record for most awards won by any artist at MMA (surpassing SNSD, who won a total of six awards in 2009). Combined with the previous year’s win, now the group has held all three daesang categories!

Mnet Asian Music Awards 2018 – 3

On 20th annual MAMA (December 10-14), BTS finally won another daesang and broke another 5-consecutive-year record held by EXO for Album of the Year, with their album Love Yourself: Tear. They were against Wanna One, TWICE, Red Velvet, and Seventeen for the category. They also won another daesang for Artist of the Year, making them the winner for three consecutive years! Not only that, they won the newly-added daesang, Worldwide Icon of the Year, becoming the first winner of the new daesang category. They also won other awards like Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10, Favorite Dance Artist – Male, and Best Asian Style. Their song Idol won TikTok Best Music Video and Favorite Music Video, meanwhile Fake Love won Mwave Global Fans’ Choice and was nominated for Best Dance Performance – Male Group and Song of the Year. From this one event, BTS brought home a total of nine awards!

In addition, the people working behind BTS also won some special awards. They are Pdogg (Best Producer of the Year), Son Sung-deuk (Best Choreographer of the Year), MU:E (Best Art Director of the Year), and Bang Si-hyuk (Best Executive Producer of the Year).

Korea Popular Music Awards 2018 – 1

Korea Popular Music Awards (KPMA) is organized by Korea Singers Association, Korea Entertainment Producer’s Association, Recording Industry Association of Korea, Federation of Korean Music Performers, and Korea Music Copyright Association. KPMA has three daesangs for Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, and Song of the Year. In 2018, the event took place at Ilsan KINTAX on December 20 for their first awards. BTS, who won bonsang along with 10 other artists including Mamamoo, Wanna One, BTOB, and TWICE, won daesang for Album of the Year (Love Yourself: Answer). They were also nominated for Artist of the Year, Popularity Award, and Song of the Year (Idol). The artists could not attend the event due to their activities.

Golden Disc Awards 2019 – 1

It was a great way for BTS to start the new year 2019, winning another Disc Daesang (Love Yourself: Answer) for two consecutive year after winning Disc Bonsang along with other 9 artists including Jong-hyun, Wanna One, Got7, and EXO. They also won Digital Bonsang (Fake Love) and all the other awards they were nominated for, like Popularity Award, NetEase Music Global Star Popularity Award, and Global V Live Best Artist Award.

Seoul Music Awards 2019 – 1

The 28th annual SMA was held in the same place as the year before on January, 15. After winning Bonsang Award with other eleven artists including MONSTA X, EXO, iKON, and NCT 127, the group won daesang for Artist of the Year for the second time at the same event. Their album, Love Yourself: Tear, won Record of the Year and they were also nominated for Popularity Award and Hallyu Special Award.

Edaily Culture Awards 2019 – 1

On the 6th annual Edaily Culture Awards (February 26), BTS won another daesang, beating the other five nominated artists. The daesang winner was decided based on best work selected by judge, online vote, and evaluation by the committee of the ceremony. The group also won Best Concert for their world tour, Love Yourself. The boys actually wrote a new history through their world tour in Korean music industry with their high-quality show and box office success. The tour visited 20 cities in many countries, with a total of 42 concerts. By the time it was ready to kick off, over 790,000 tickets were already sold in South Korea, North America, Europe, and Japan. It was estimated to be over 900,000 total tickets sold, including sales in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand. They were also the first K-Pop group to hold a concert at a stadium in the United States.

Korean Music Awards 2019 – 2

Not only that, on the same day, BTS attended another award ceremony, KMA 2019, and successfully brought home two daesangs for Musician of the Year and Song of the Year (Fake Love). Their song Fake Love also won Best Pop Song, beating their own song, Idol, that was also nominated for Song of the Year. They also beat other nominees like Mommy Son, Say Sue Me, Hyuk Oh, and Kiha & The Faces. Meanwhile, their album, Love Yourself: Answer, was nominated for Album of the Year and Best Pop Album.

The Fact Music Awards 2019 – 1

The Fact Music Awards is the first offline ceremony that was organized by FANNSTAR, which previously was an annual ceremony determined by fan votes. It took place on April 29 at Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon. The judging criteria is based on either soundtrack records (Gaon data) and judge scores or online votes. The boys won Artist of the Year along with other 9 artists including iKON, NU’EST, Chung-ha, and MONSTA X, before winning the grand prize, Daesang. The group also won Best Album (Love Yourself: Answer) and Idol Live Popularity Award.

So how many times has BTS won daesangs? They got their very first daesang in 2016 and won another in the same year. In 2017, the boys added 3 daesangs to the list of their achievements. In 2018, they have brought home the most daesangs in a year, that is 13 daesangs! Meanwhile, this year they have collected 5 daesangs already. Therefore, BTS has successfully collected a total of 23 daesangs and, most likely, still counting, because it’s still half-way to the end of this year’s daesangs, right?

As mentioned before, it is not easy for an artist to achieve daesang even more than once. BTS had been struggling and working hard to finally win for the first time three years after their debut. They didn’t stop trying, and instead keep developing until it all paid off, especially in 2018, when they won the most daesangs in a year. They have become inspiring role models for other artists knowing that the group has been once underestimated by the people and impressively proved them wrong. Yet with all the eyes and attention on the artists, they stay humble. Let’s keep supporting BTS to bring the Korean wave to even more worldwide recognition!