Did BTS Win at Grammy Awards? Find Out About Their Achievements at the Grammys!

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Let’s Take a Peek at BTS at the Grammy Awards!

We already know who BTS are. It would seem that all the people in the world have already fallen in love with one of the biggest boy groups from South Korea. Since their debut in 2013, BTS’s popularity has been increasing since 2016 after their album Wings. BTS have already won many awards, both national and international; one of their most honorable moments is when they attended the Grammy Awards and were nominated. So, what nominations did they get? Did BTS win at the Grammy Awards?

Let’s find out the answer through this article because Channel-Korea has provided all the information regarding BTS at the Grammy Awards. So, check it out!

BTS Didn’t Win a Grammy Award in 2022


On April 3rd, 2022, BTS attended the annual event, namely the 64th Grammy Awards held at MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas. They attended to perform as well as one of the nominees there. This is not the first time BTS attended the Grammy Awards, but 2022 is the 2nd time they enter the event as nominees in the category for Best Pop Duo/Group with the single “Butter”.

Unfortunately, BTS didn’t manage to snatch the award. In this category, the trophy was won by Doja Cat and SZA with their song titled “Kiss Me More”. In 2022, all eyes were on BTS, and wanted them to bring the trophy with their best-selling single from 2021.

Regarding this, BTS members gave their point of view on the failure. Suga thought that they shouldn’t feel sad at all, what they have been through is so extraordinary! Suga’s statement is also the same as the duo maknae, Jungkook, and V. They thought that it was the best experience, what’s more, they got to see many amazing performances by some of the biggest American artists, so it can motivate them.

Even though they didn’t win, they successfully threw on one of their best performances of the hit song “Butter”. So, here it is!

BTS at the 2021 Grammy Awards


In 2021 it was their first time entering the nominations in the category for Best Pop Duo/Group with the single “Dynamite”. BTS reached over 1 billion views in a month and this single brought them to the 63rd Grammy Awards. As the first K-pop group that managed to be a guest as well as a performer at this big event, BTS were very proud and felt grateful.

BTS were in the same category as various big names, such as Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and more. However, the winners were Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande with the song “Rain on Me”.

However, their failure wasn’t in vain, it was just a stepping stone for BTS and the K-Pop music industry to be widely accepted. To remember their performance at the 63rd Grammy Awards, let’s check out their performance of the single “Dynamite”, here!

ARMYs’ Reactions and Support for BTS at the Grammy Awards


Even though BTS still haven’t brought in the trophy, as fans, ARMYs still support them and give them positive vibes. For example, after BTS lost for the first time at the 2021 Grammy Awards, ARMYs weren’t disappointed and they were proud of BTS and made a hashtag that became trending. ARMYs started to tweet using #BTSOurGreatesPrize #LightItUpBTS.

Not only that, but BTS also gave their reactions, such as:

“ARMYs are the best things!!!” – Jungkook

“ARMY, I really want to see you all right now. I’m sure you must feel the same way that we do, but we will make sure that we will give you the best performance next year as well as the music.” – V


Meanwhile, in 2022, ARMYs got mad at the Grammys because they thought that the program seems to be just using BTS to promote the event. ARMYs said that if they didn’t utilize BTS, then why have they still not won. Here’s what ARMYs have said:

“BTS came to the USA not for the Grammys, but for their concert. The Grammys really need BTS.”

BTS Paved the Way by Performing at the 2020 Grammy Awards


BTS paved the way for the K-Pop music industry in the USA and internationally. 2020 was the first time BTS got a chance to appear at the Grammy Awards which took place at the Staples Center, Lost Angeles, USA. BTS appeared reading out the nomination in the category for Best R&B Album.

Besides that, BTS also performed with the popular American singer Lil Nas X on the single “Old Town Road”. Until now, this video has gotten over 70 million viewers. To check out their performance, you can click the video below!

So, those are all the answers about BTS at the Grammy Awards. In conclusion, BTS still haven’t won a trophy. Even so, ARMYs support them with all their hearts.

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