About BTS’ Weverse Docu-Series ‘Bring The Soul’ and Its Relation to BTS’ Movie ‘Bring The Soul’


Burn The Stage, Love Yourself, to Bring The Soul

You know that BTS always serves their fans at the best. During the BTS world tour, they made documentary movies as an additional bit of joy to ARMYs. The movies revealed their struggle behind the scenes during the world tour, which might not be exposed by media. The first documentary film, Burn The Stage, focuses on the backstage footage of BTS’s Wings Tour in 12 cities: Seoul, Korea, Chili, Brazil, New York, Las Vegas, Hongkong, Thailand, to Japan, and was released in 2018.

The second film, Love Yourself in Seoul, which was released in January, 2019, successfully beat the record set of the first movie, by reaching the greatest one day movie in the world. This second movie is the backstage footage from while they were at Seoul Olympic Stadium in August, 2018. The third sequel is titled Burn The Soul, and it shows footage of the BTS members while they were in Paris. Because of the third sequel’s success, the Bring The Soul: Docu-Series was released to satisfy the ARMYs even more!

This time, Channel-Korea will tell you more about the series Bring The Soul, so stay tuned!

About Bring The Soul

It sounds like the regular documentary movie, like many others, but Bring The Soul is giving a different vibe. It’s like the audience can see the members diaries in visual form, seeing how they steal the time to rest in their own way, because they practice so hard due to their busy schedule.

Beside that, there are emotional moments, like when Jungkook is hurt and has to perform sitting in a chair, or when V cried when he lost his voice due to extreme fatigue, or when Jimin is injured but he keeps dancing on stage. Watching Bring The Soul, will make you fall in love with these performers, if you haven’t already.

Movie Released


Bring The Soul: The Movie was released in a total of 112 countries over 5 days, from August 21 until August 25. Worldwide, ARMY’s enthusiasm was incredible! The movie  ranked 10th in United States box office sales in its first week, with a total income of $12.6 milllion!

The movie is set on the rooftop in Paris, where all the BTS members were sitting and telling their untold stories, completed by the back stage footage. Beside the stories, the scene editing was amazing, showing a vintage vibe from the aesthetic spot in France.

Unfortunately, the scene transitions were too fast, so that you had to watch carefully, scene by scene, if you didn’t want to miss amything.

Weverse Series


As we know, there is an app that was made specially for fans worldwide, called Weverse. Weverse can be downloaded wither with Android and iOS, with only 35MB. Fans can be directly connected to their idol using this application, and they can also speak with other fans worldwide, by any language.

BTS also has an account in Weverse, which recently released the very new Bring The Soul: Docu Series. The series captures all the BTS members telling their very genuine stories and messages to all ARMYs. There will be six episodes in total, which will be released from August 27, 2019, until October 1, 2019. This is the timeline of Bring The Soul: Docu Series :

Episode Released Date Member Opening Sentence
Episode 1: Challenge August 27, 2019 Suga to RM “The one thing I’m most afraid is…”
Episode 2: Passion September 3, 2019 RM to Jimin “I want to love myself too”
Episode 3: Relationship September 10, 2019 Jimin to Jungkook “Apparently, I said I feel alone..”
Episode 4: Influence September 17, 2019 Jungkook to V “I want to know what my dream really is…”
Episode 5: Cordiality September 24, 2019 V to J-Hope “It’s alright, even if we don’t..”
Episode 6: Energy October 1, 2019 J-Hope and Jin “If I don’t have them with me…”


  1. Episode 1 : Challenge (released on August 27, 2019)
    Suga to RM, “The one thing I’m most afraid is…”
    It’s about time they are used to live performances, but the world tour always brings out the nervous side of the BTS members. The members candidly speak about this year’s tour, their first-ever stadium concert in South Korea, and the docu-series.
  2. Episode 2 : Passion (released on September 3, 2019)
    RM to Jimin, “I want to love myself, too”
    Jet lag and fatigue are taking their toll, and now the flu is dragging some of the members down. But this is no time to hit the floor. Waiting the members are the unrivaled magnitude of the venues and the audiences, together with the heated attention of the American media.
  3. Episode 3 : Relationship (released on October 10, 2019)
    Jimin to Jungkook, “Apparently, I said I feel alone..”
    Halfway through the North America tour, BTS find themselves entangled in a crisis of their own. It’s been each other who the BTS members have relied on through thick and thin for the last six years, and holding them together is their intimate and lasting ‘relationship.’
  4. Episode 4: Influence (released on September 17, 2019)
    Jungkook to V, “I want to know what my dream really is…”
    The pride of their lifetime—addressing the UN General Assembly and performing on the dream stage at Citi Field—leaves BTS members astounded.
  5. Episode 5: Cordiality (released on September 24, 2019)
    V to J-Hope, “It’s alright, even if we don’t..”
    In their first visit to Europe as part of a tour, physical stress is slowly proving to be a challenge for BTS. But that cannot hold the members back. With six members filling in on the stage for injured Jung Kook, BTS realizes once again what the members mean to each other.
  6. Episode 6: Energy (October 1, 2019) 
    J-Hope and Jin, “If I don’t have them with me…”
    BTS has given their all during a month and a half of their tour. The love from ‘ARMY’, who appreciate BTS and their effort, is teeming with energy, and fuels BTS forward and onward.

Message From BTS To A.R.M.Y


All over the series, BTS gives meaningful messages to ARMYs. Their first goal is to give the message ‘Love Yourself’ to people, and also to personify the message among the members. BTS hopes everyone can love themselves, however they are.

Beside the main message, the series also had a bunch of life lessons. The first one is their iron heart with their stable perseverance, for giving the best they could to satisfy the ARMYs. Every member also has their own positive things, like RM, the leader, who was relieved at what members did. Jin and J-hope became the most smiling members, even though they were in very bad condition. Suga demonstrated the high self-confidence and courage to face anything. Jimin, V, and Jungkook, were the maknaes who were always giving their best, although they were hurt that bad.