Check Out BTS’ Webtoon ‘Save Me’, For Answers About the BTS Universe!

Webtoon By Phenomenal South Korean Boy- Group BTS About Seven Best Friends Who Have a Mysterious Past 

This Webtoon tells about a man who just returned to Korea after two years abroad. The man, Seokjin, began to reminisce about his life in high school along with his friends. He was part of a group of seven people who were very close, and had a few adventures together, getting scolded by the teacher, having their own secret place, and so on. Seokjin started driving his car, but needed to stop for gas.

When he stopped, he saw one of his friends, Namjoon, who was wrong from his friend first. Seokjin wanted to say hello but didn’t, because his friend was fighting with a customer.  When Seokjin got home, he was upset with himself for not having stayed to greet his friend, so he decides to go back to see Namjoon at his workplace the next day.

When he goes back, one of Namjoon’s co-workers tell him his friend was jailed for fighting with customers, and Seokjin rushes to the jail and asks to see his friend. When the two friends are finally able to talk, Namjoon relates news about the other people in their old group of friends, and none of it’s good.  Some are dead, or ill, or have just disappeared.

Seokjin was shocked and upset, as he didn’t expect that they were falling apart. Sad that he began to enter into the space of the past he began to confuse why he entered the memories of all his friends. He began to feel his head hurt so that came a white fox animal who asked whether he wanted to go back to the past. He began to be more confused about whether he was able to restore their friendship.

Save Me: BTS’ Official Webtoon Series

Good news for BTS fans, because the idols recently released a web comic called ‘Save Me’. The web comic is the result of collaboration between BTS and Naver Webtoon. ‘Save Me’ focuses on stories about BTS members. The story was also illustrated in BTS’s music video album titled ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’.

Big Hit Entertainment, BTS’s agency, gave the plot and storyline to Naver Webtoon. Then, LICO adapted the story into a web comic.

Meanwhile, ‘Save Me’ tells the story of seven people who will end up on different paths. Two years later, one of them, Seok Jin, returned from the United States and began looking for his old friends. The story of each member will be revealed in 16 episodes. The latest episode of Save Me will be updated every week until 11th April 2019.

For those of you who want to read the prologue and the first two episodes, you can read it here:

BTS Members’ Characters In Webtoon ‘Save Me’

On January 17, 2019, Bangtan Universe officially published a comic on the Webtoon Line, ‘Save Me’. The comic is about the theory which has been the concept of every BTS music and video music.

It tells the stories of the lives of seven men who live in beauty and sadness and is scheduled to be published every Thursday.

Intrigued by their portraits? Here are seven portraits of BTS members in the Webtoon ‘Save Me’.

Kim Seok-Jin as The Main Character


Kim Seok-Jin is the oldest group member and became the main character in this comic. He’s been friends with the six other people since they were in school. Their days were filled with happiness, but when he graduated from school Kim Seok-Jin didn’t stay in contact with the others. When the future comes, he misses his friends until he knows that their lives are difficult, so he asks to be able to turn back time to save them.

Kim Nam-Joon is Imprisoned


Kim Nam-joon, in the real world, is the leader of BTS. But in this comic Namjoon is a gas station keeper who is demeaned by rich people. In episode 1, Namjoon defended his humiliated pride by hitting a rich customer and was jailed as a result.

Kim Tae-Hyung Experienced Domestic Violence


The comic relates that Kim Tae-hyung has a father and sister and that the father was abusive to both children for a long time. In the first episode of the webtoon, Kim Tae-hyung was seen surrounded by reporters asking about the problem of violence committed by his father, but Taehyung was silent.

Jeon Jung-Kook Had an Accident


BTS’s youngest member has an equally sad role as other personnel. Jeon Jung-kook had an accident that cost him his life. In episode 2, when Seok Jin repeated when Jungkook was told that he fell and was hit by a car and died.

Min Yoon-Gi is Depressed


In the comic, Min Yoon-gi is said to have depression and ends with death. Also, he’s depicted in his burning room as described in Jungkook’s Music Video, Euphoria.

Jung Ho-Seok Falls Down


Jung Ho-seok is a jovial person, but in this early episode of the comic, it’s told that he fell from the steps of the hospital. The beginning of this episode also hasn’t told much about Hoseok in detail.

Park Ji-Min Experienced Illness


Park Ji-min at the beginning of this comic episode has not been told in detail. But in some pictures, Park Ji-min was seen in a hospital. When viewed, see the exact same thing in Jimin’s ‘Serendipity‘ Music Video and Jungkook’s ‘Euphoria‘ Music Video

Is Kim Seok-Jin able to save them?

‘Save Me’, BTS’s Webtoon Officially Released, ARMY: All Theories Were Answered!

BTS is rumored to be having a comeback with their latest album in mid-2019. Previously, at the end of last year, BTS’s Jimin surprised fans by releasing a solo single titled ‘Promise’. Since January, this song has been played 8.5 million times via SoundCloud, and managed to overtake ‘Duppy Freestyle’ from Drake which played 4.9 million times.

Now BTS has surprised fans again, by partnering with Naver Webtoon to work on releasing a comic series entitled ‘Save Me’ on Webtoon. ‘Save Me’ began airing on January 17, 2019 in Korea, the United States, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia. ‘Save Me’ will be written in episodes with each series showing the story of each character. Each episode will be released every week on Thursday until April 11, 2019.

The ‘Save Me’ story starts two years after the seven characters split, Kim Seok-jin, Min Yoon-gi, Jung Ho-seok, Kim Nam-joon, Park Ji-min, Kim Tae-hyung, and Jeon Jung-kook . Seokjin, who had just returned from U.S, met his old friends in a far different situation.  In the released prologue showing a bloody incident, there is also one character jumping from the roof of the building.

It seems that the latest BTS album and the ‘Save Me’ webtoon will answer the theories that have emerged. The ‘Save Me’ comic series describes seven protagonist characters BTS members will answer some theories and music videos or BTS higlight reels. Because, Save Me took the story since the era of the BTS album titled Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa (HYYH) aka ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’ which was released in 2016 ago.

Starting from the HYYH era, Big Hit Entertainment continued to bring up theories relating to the next BTS albums. ARMY welcomed the release of the official BTS webtoon by making the #SAVE_ME hashtag trending on Twitter.

*Fans Reaction

“I think the ‘Save Me’ story starts from ‘I NEED U’ and ‘Run’ era, but it looks like I’m wrong. Where do I need to start? Why does Big Hit give this difficult theory #SAVE_ME.”

“I began to be able to understand some of the storyline #SAVE_ME. I’m sure this will answer all ARMY’s curiosity about the theories that have been scattered.”

“Because #SAVE_ME I installed Webtoon. Thank you Big Hit, you make me more dizzy.”

“You have to look back at the music video, the highlight reel, read the BTS instructions, before reading #SAVE_ME. I did it all, and even though it’s only been three episodes, I’ve cried.”