BTS’ V’s Hidden Talent: Check Out the Great Photography He Does Under the Name Vante


Not Only He Has a Handsome Face, but BTS’ V Has also Got Photography Skills

Do you know who is the person who became the number one most handsome face in the world in 2017? Yep, he’s V a.k.a Kim Taehyung, the vocalist and also the visual of BTS. Apparently, V does not only have the gorgeous look but, besides that, he has also got really nicely developed photography skills.

Behind his camera, V, or also known as Taehyung, his real name with his fans, likes to capture some moments into an amazing work of art. Under the name Vante, V often shares his photos on BTS’ official Twitter account. If you take a look at the photos, you will be amazed by V’s skills and it would probably come as shock because you wouldn’t expect it from an idol, but from a professional photographer.

Well then, if you’re curious about V as Vante, why did he name himself Vante, and how good are his works, let’s take a look below for the details!

BTS’ V’s Photography Skills

V likes photography. He showed it by capturing the moments that he has seen with his camera. Approximately in 2017, V started to upload the sets of photos that he takes on BTS’ official Twitter account, @bts_twt. Along with the pictures, V also put his own ‘stage name’ for his photographer mode, which is Vante, in the tweet’s caption.


A lot of fans are impressed by his photography skills. Since BTS are often traveling around the world due to their busy schedule, V has used this opportunity to take the beautiful scenery of every place that he has visited with his camera. And of course, he shared it with his beloved ARMY, the name of BTS’ fandom.

V also said that it was actually one of his hobbies that he already did a long time ago but he just gathered the photos and share it with fans at that time.

This is a cute picture of V behind his camera, capturing his own reflection in the mirror.


While this is a picture of him that was taken by one of the fans.

v camera

Indeed, V is not only amazing when he is on stage, but also when he captures a photograph with his camera!

He not only takes beautiful photos of sceneries in nature, but he also captures the profile or a candid photo of the other BTS members. All of these moments have been captured by the great Vante. V really knows what’s the meaning of art!

And since V uploads his works quite often, fans are noticing that V’s photography skills have improved a lot in every picture that he takes. As expected from our Kim Taehyung!

The Reason Behind The Name Vante

Now you already know that V is also known by his photographer name which is Vante, on BTS’ official Twitter account. And come to think of it, do you know why did he name himself Vante? What’s the meaning behind that name?

Well, it was said that V is a fan of a famous photographer from Australia, Ante Badzim, that is already well-known in the photography field, and has already taken a lot of photos and has shown them on many exhibitions. V got the name Vante because he combined his stage name, V, with Ante’s name and we finally got Vante as V’s new nickname as a photographer.


Knowing that V of BTS is a fan of him, Ante Badzim responded to this positively. On one of Ante’s posts on Instagram, he posted a photo and mentioned V and gave the photo to the guy that was born on December 30th, 1995. Not only that, but he also put a hashtag Vante, as a way of showing some support for V as a photographer.

As V replied to his favorite photographer, on BTS’ official Twitter account, V also responded to the photo that Ante Badzim shared on his Instagram. When Ante Badzim posted an aesthetic photo of a sky-pool and two men in the background, V posted back to Ante Badzim with two pictures in a row of greyscale pictures and wrote a caption:

Ante also gave a shout out to V on his Twitter account and asked him for collaboration, just like what ARMYs wished for.

Let’s keep on supporting V’s career as a photographer!

Check Out Vante’s Works

Now that we already know the details of V as a photographer, Vante, let’s take a look at some of the works that he proudly shares with the world!


What do you think of the photos taken by Vante? Do you think that V is talented as a photographer? Do you think that he has improved a lot as a photographer? Well, whatever it is, let’s just support him as both an idol and as well as Vante the photographer, so V can freely be exploring his hobby in photography.