Do You Like BTS’ V’s Mullet Hair? Check Out His Other Hairstyles Through the Years!

Taehyung’s Hairstyle in 2015

Taehyung goes back to dark brown or black this year. He has got the same hairstyle that he had during the Danger era.

V maintained his hair from I Need U, letting it fade to a slight wavy brown hair. His hair hadn’t changed too much since the last era, only that it was cut shorter.

At the beginning of the Run Era, Taehyung had fully grown his bowl cut again, going back to his honey brown with teal highlights. The highlights soon turned more of a mint green as time passed by, and when fully faded it was back to the same hair in I Need U.

Taehyung’s Hairstyle in 2016

In this era, Taehyung went from a light peach/pink to softer shade of peach. His hair had lots of layers and volume.

Later, he went back to a more golden honey hair color, but his hairstyle was still the same by June 2016.

He has this hair in EPILOGUE: Young Forever, Save Me, and FIRE, but in the Young Forever video his hair was kinda faded. A lot.In the Save Me video his hair was bright red.

During the filming of the short films for WINGS, Tae’s hair went back to being a dark brown, and then the Blood Sweat and Tears music video came out and he was bleached blond!

His hair also looked a little messy. He only had this hair in Blood Sweat & Tears, though.

Taehyung’s Hairstyle in 2017

There’s nothing much about his hair that changed in this year. V went back to a light brown color,but with a few highlights for the Spring Day music video. He had the simple bowl cut after going through all that bleaching, and his hair looked very soft.

His dark roots are showing for the Highlight Reel teaser photos.

For the concept photos his hair is kinda this dirty blonde or very light brown, but in the DNA music video his hair is silverish.

Taehyung’s Hairstyle in 2018

In this era, his hair was still dirty blonde or very light brown for a while, and he also had a dark brown hair color. But looks like he was starting to grow a mullet.

For Fake Love, V sports a black mullet.

At the Lotte Family Concert, V surprised fans with wavy bleached-blond hair with a mullet.

He then did a half-blonde, half-pink thingy with a lot of curls. V’s hair became a much softert shade of pink.

For the Love Yourself Tour (Chicago-London), he dyed his hair back to dark brown. Though it seemed pretty dark at the beginning, the color faded to a lighter brown because of the bleached blond underneath.

For the red carpet of MMA, Taehyung dyed his hair to a red color. The color more shocking fans, but it still looked great on him.

Taehyung’s Hairstyle in 2019

In 2019, Taehyung experienced a lot of hair colors. He was blond, red, blue, and faded blue into a turquoise. For their newest album, he had blue hair.


Which your favorite among V’s hairstyles? Give your thoughts below!