Do You Like BTS’ V’s Mullet Hair? Check Out His Other Hairstyles Through the Years!

BTS’s V, The Fashionista

Kim Tae-hyung, also known as BTS’s V, was born in Daegu on December 30, 1995. He grew up in Geochang, and later moved to Seoul to pursue his career as an idol. Kim Tae-hyung become a member of the BTS vocal line and is known for his unique, husky voice. V is the second-youngest member of the group, along with Jimin and Jungkook. Every BTS fan must be familiar with V’s style evolution from time to time. One of his favorite high-fashion designer brands is Gucci. He has also been nominated as The Most Handsome Face in the World in 2017 by TC Candler.

Taehyung’s Mullet Hair, Yay or Nay?

Not only great wtih fashion, V also nailed the hairstyles. Recently, Taehyung has been growing a mullet. The mullet fashion trend quickly waned by late 2009. This was the type of a mullet that had a crew cut at the front, top, and sides and long hair at the back.

Mullets get a bad rap, and not without reason. Mullets were brought back into the spotlight by K-pop idol G-Dragon during his band BIGBANG’s Made World Tour. Byun Baekhyun of EXO also sported one in promotion for the group’s 2017 song Ko Ko Bop. There are also many more artists who have worn the mullet, such as Got7’s JB, Seventeen’s The8, and BlockB’s Zico.

What do you think of V’s mullet hair? Does it suit him, or not? Now, let’s take a look at V’s hairstyles from time to time!

Taehyung’s Pre-debut Hairstyle

Pre-debut, V’s hair is like any typical teen’s in Korea. Taehyung had long bangs which often covered his forehead, and also had a bowl cut.

His all-natural black hair suits him really well. He’s also liked to change his hairstyle ever since he was a child. Sometimes he’d go from very short, to messy, asymmetrical bangs, and changed its color to dark brown or blonde.

Taehyung’s Hairstyle in 2013

V was the hidden member when it came to BTS debut. There were no photos or any promo with him included. Then they debuted and everyone went crazy for him. He debuted with blonde/light brown hair combined with his plump lips.

For the Japanese version, Taehyung had orange hair, even before the Boy In Luv era. Then his hair eventually went from the orange to a light brown, and then came the blond undercut.

Taehyung had an undercut with his natural hair color, but the top was dyed blond. Still having that bowl cut, as well. However, as the dye started fading away Taehyung’s hair became more curly and the beach blond had turned into a lighter blond, which then later was grown out and changed into a very dark purple-brown mix colour.

In 2013, he also dyed his hair colour from orange to being a dark purple which looks like the same color that Jungkook had in Dope. However, that faded as well, just like the rest. But he still kept the undercut.

Taehyung’s Hairstyle in 2014

2014 was the Boy In Luv era. Taehyung pulled off orange-reddish brown hair with the school uniform. He also dyed his eyebrows to match his new hair color.

Also in 2014, Taehyung dyed his hair again to a dark brown color. He accidentally cut a bit of his hair while filming the Danger music video, and instead of cutting the wig, he cut a bit of his own hair, too.

Taehyung has gone back to a straight bowl cut with undertones of dark brown and the top being hazel brown.

In 2014, Taehyung changed his hair color too much. He again went through another drastic hair change, going lilac purple. At first he had a very bright purple, which then later faded away a bit and showing his brown and black undertones mixing with the purple, creating a  cooler colour. V’s hair looked silverish/grey in it.