Does the Visual Appearance of BTS Members Fit Korean Beauty Standards?

BTs visual rank

BTS: The Group That Has the Bermuda Triangle

Korean Beauty Standards are known as one of the highest beauty standards in the world. It’s common to hear that Koreans really take care of their looks and want to fit into Korean beauty standards which can bring many advances in daily life.

BTS, which are known as a Global Phenomenon because of their fame, are also known as the group that has the Bermuda triangle. In K-pop, the Bermuda triangle refers to three members of a K-pop group with such stunning visuals that people can’t help but pay attention to them. In BTS, the three members forming the Bermuda triangle are Jin, V, and Jungkook.

BTS might have the Bermuda triangle in their group, but what about each member’s visual? Do they fit Korean beauty standards? Let’s find out the answer in this Channel-Korea article.

BTS Members’ Visual Ranks According to Korean Beauty Standards

Here are the ranks of BTS members’ visuals in Korean Beauty Standards, according to vote:

Member Rank
Jin 1
V 2
Jungkook 3
Suga 4
Jimin 5
J-Hope 6
RM 7

BTS Members’ Visuals In Korean Beauty Standards

BTS visual rank

Jin as BTS’s official visual has a nickname as worldwide handsome because his visual has stunned people around the world. In Korea, he fits almost all the aspects of the Korean Beauty standards. He has a slender body with prominent shoulders. In Korea, there’s a rule that you can fit their beauty standards if your face is one-eighth of your body, meaning you need to have golden proportion.

BTS visual

Jin has a small face with an oval and defined v-shaped jaw, and his body is eight times his head. This means that he has the golden proportion even though his height is 179 cm and which is still taller than the Korean male average height. He has plump and heart-shaped lips with a slim and high nose bridge which make his features stand out even more. Moreover, he also has a fair skin tone. Even though he has monolid, different from Korean Beauty Standards who prefer double eyelids, his big monolid eyes still shine brightly.

The leader RM is the tallest member of BTS, with a height of 181 cm, it’s become a point as it’s taller than the average height for Korean males. He has a small face with round lines, unlike Jin who has a v-shape. His face is small and can make up for his golden body proportion. With a 181 cm body height, RM has a slim and elongated body. He also has plump lips and a slim nose, but the nose bridge isn’t high, unlike the Korean Beauty Standards.

RM has small eyes with monolid. From his visual, he fits most Korean beauty standards, except for his nose, eyes, and face shape.

BTS's visual

As for Suga, he is known for his fair skin. Same as RM, Suga has a round and small face with one eye that is monolid and one eye that is double eyelid. His nose bridge is straight but it’s also on the wider side. Suga’s height is 176 cm just 1 cm below the Korean male’s height average. From this point, Suga’s fitness to Korean Beauty Standard is almost 50 percent of his feature.

BTS's visual

BTS’s main dancer, J-Hope has an oval and round jaw shape with a bit longer face. His eyes are small with double eyelids. His nose is slim and small with lips that have the shape of a heart. His height is 177 cm, marking the average height of the male population in South Korea. From his body proportion to his feature, he can pretty much fit 40 percent of the Korean Beauty standards.

BTS's visual

Jimin’s attractiveness has helped him gain more and more fans. As for his visual, he has a small face with a round but v-shaped jaw. His lips are plump and heart-shaped. He has small eyes with monolid. His eyes turn into crescents whenever he laughs. His eyes when he laughs form what South Korean people call the eyes smile. Though he is the shortest member of BTS with a height of 175 cm, his stage presence is mesmerizing.

BTS's visual

The second member of the Bermuda triangle line, V also became the talk of the town because of his visual. He has a small face with big eyes and one eye with monolid and one eye with double eyelid. His nose is slim and straight with tan skin tone and a height of 179 cm. If Jin has a flower-boy aura because of his soft features, V’s visual is more masculine making for his mysterious aura.

BTS's visual

And lastly, the golden maknae Jungkook who is growing more handsome each day. When BTS first debuted, Jungkook had a cute maknae aura but as he grows up, he has become more masculine as he also works out a lot. Jungkook has a slender figure with prominent shoulders. His face is small and round, he doesn’t have a v-shaped jaw but his jawline is distinct. His eyes are big with double eyelids. Jungkook has heart-shaped lips and a high nose bridge with a body height of 178 cm.

BTS's visual