Here Is a Stunning Visual Appreciation Post of BTS!


One of the vocal line in BTS, he not only has an alluring voice, but also an attractive face, he’s none other than Park Ji-min!

Ji-min can dance, sing, and can steal your heart in seconds when he smiles like this.

He also has an adorable sort of smirk, which just makes him more attractive.

You can’t also afford his teasing smile.

Even with all the gorgeous smiles, he looks even better when he’s looking serious.


We can’t talk about visuals if we don’t talk about the number one handsome face in 2017, V, a.k.a Kim Tae-hyung of BTS!

He looks handsome no matter what hair color he’s rocking.

Dark or light, his hair always looks good!

He looks like he’d the type of boyfriend that loves to spoil you.

But his serious look will also make your heart melt.

Sometimes he looks a little dorky, but that just adds to his charm!

No words can describe how handsome he is. he’s our lovely Kim Tae-hyung!


Please welcome the youngest member, or maknae, of BTS, Jung-kook, who will steal your attention from the first glance!

Just like his nickname, golden maknae, which means that he can do anything, he has a lot of talents as his attractive side.

Not only is he full of talent, but he also has a totally jaw-dropping face.

Are you a noona or older than him? Too bad that you can’t call him oppa, but he’d definitely be the kind of oppa that will always look after you.

He’s so cute, yet looks cool at the same time.

He debuted at a very young age, but now he all grown up.

Look at how handsome he is when he’s in serious mode, like this.

But he will always be our lovely youngest or maknae, Jungkook!