BTS’ V Has Tattoos? Check Out The Meaning!

How Would BTS Look With Tattoos?

Being an idol who is famous for the charisma and aura they give when performing well on the stage, of course, there will be many concepts that will be presented to fans. One of the best concepts from BTS is always prioritized to entertain their fans with appearances that are always out of the box and different from others.

Beside that, fans also hope that when making a comeback, there will be a new appearance from the members that can treat fans’ longing. And in the “ON” comeback era, fans could certainly enjoy the newest concept of BTS, especially when BTS’s V appeared with a tattoo that made his appearance even fiercer.

What happens when the other members of BTS are seen wearing tattoos? Well, let’s check out the detailed information about BTS members wearing tattoos!

BTS’s Jungkook

BTS’s Jungkook is known as ‘artsy’ and has a hobby of drawing. In fact, this 1997-born man was involved in making some of the BTS merchandise as an illustrator. So it’s no wonder that Jungkook expresses himself through images on his body.

BTS’s Jungkook’s tattoos have recently raised pros and cons among ARMYs. For the first time, Jungkook’s tattoo was clearly visible on his arm when he appeared in an episode of Run BTS on V Live. This tattoo was seen when Jungkook and other BTS personnel cooked with Korean celebrity chef Baek Jong-won. Big Hit, the agency that oversees BTS, did not censor Jungkook’s visible tattoos. This is what made ARMY realize that the 23-year-old man’s tattoo collection continues to grow. Fans have supported and criticized Jungkook’s tattoos.

In the world of Korean television, tattoos are still considered taboo so usually, celebrity tattoos are being censored. There are even specific rules regarding tattoos, so the Korean broadcasting network will strictly enforce censorship.

BTS’s Jungkook’s first tattoo is on the back of his right hand. The tattoo with the word ‘ARMY’ on the knuckles is a designation for BTS fans. In addition, there is an implied meaning behind each letter that refers to the name of a BTS member. Like the letters R and M which stand for the name of the BTS leader, also the letters M and Y which are the initials of Min Yoongi alias Suga. The letter A itself is designated for V in reverse form, the letters J and M for Jimin, while the letter J represents Jin, Jungkook, and J-Hope. There is also a ‘+’ tattoo that is above the ‘ARMY’ tattoo and signifies the unity of the BTS members and their fans.

Still in the same position on the back of BTS’s Jungkook’s right hand, there is a purple heart tattoo. BTS is indeed synonymous with purple hearts. ARMYs also commonly use the term ‘I Purple You’ to express their love for BTS. Near Jungkook’s tattoo, there is a purple heart, there is another tattoo under the thumb with the number ‘0613’ written on it. This figure apparently refers to June 13th, 2013, which is the date of BTS’s debut. Jungkook again dedicates a tattoo to the BTS fans. This tattoo that resembles the shape of a shield is the logo of ARMY who have supported BTS to date.

BTS’s Jungkook returned to fill the back of his right hand with tattoos. Next, there is a crown tattoo that is right on his index finger. The meaning of Jungkook’s tattoo this time is the identical crown worn by the king and Jungkook implies hope that BTS can become the Kings of K-Pop.

On his ring finger, Jungkook added a tattoo in the form of an emoticon known as the ‘woozy emoji’. There has been no further explanation regarding the meaning of this Jungkook tattoo. However, ARMYs speculate, the ‘woozy emoji’ tattoo resembles Jungkook’s character in BT21, Cooky.

Jungkook also chose several quotes to write on various of his body parts. On his right hand, on the forearm to be precise, Jungkook has two cross tattoos. The first tattoo reads: ‘Rather be Dead than Cool,’ which is an excerpt from Nirvana’s song “Stay Away.” In a live broadcast on social media, he said the quote was his life motto.

Meanwhile, Jungkook’s second quote tattoo reads: ‘Make Hay While the Sun Shines.’ This quote appeared in the BTS video clip for the song “ON” and is an old saying that invites listeners to make the most of the day.

BTS’s J-Hope

If Jungkook is the member who has the most tattoos of the members, now we turn to J-Hope who is a funny and playful member. In 2018, J-Hope once uploaded a video to the official Twitter account of BTS showing a tattoo behind his ear with a caption that reads: ‘Daydream.’ If we do a flashback, it is one of the solo singles released by J-Hope and even fans are looking for various meanings from “Daydream” which was the first tattoo and was shown by J-Hope at that time.

In the reply column tweeted with the video, many speculated that it was J-Hope’s original tattoo. When in fact it was only a temporary tattoo made to introduce his solo single and tease the fans. Many fans also hope that J-Hope will get a permanent tattoo because this can add to his charisma as an idol and, of course, can boost his own confidence if he plans to get a tattoo soon.

BTS’s Suga

Rappers are synonymous with tattoos, but BTS as a group that has Suga as the rapper admits that he doesn’t think about having tattoos. Why? You could say the tattoo is synonymous with rappers and some K-Pop idols already have tattoos that express their respective identities. Some rappers in the K-Pop music industry have tattoos on their bodies.

But apparently, one of the rappers of the BTS group admitted that he didn’t think about having a tattoo. In an interview with Suga for Grazia Korea magazine in September 2016, Suga revealed the reason. On one of the questions, Suga was asked, “You are a rapper, but you don’t have any tattoos on your body.”

Suga replied that he wanted to have a tattoo when he was a kid. However, his desire to have a tattoo disappeared when he turned 20 years old. And the reason why he chose not to have a tattoo really amazed him. Suga said he was afraid that if he got a tattoo on his body, it would prevent him from participating in charity.

“I have something I want to do in the future which is charity.” It seems that Suga keeps himself from getting tattoos, for fear that he won’t be able to participate in charity events such as blood donations. As you know, people with tattoos are advised not to donate blood. But when asked, if you have a tattoo, where would you put it, Suga? He replied, “A small dot on my toe.”

Since it has been stated that he will not get a tattoo either temporarily or permanently on his body, many fans actually hope that BTS’s Suga can dare to get a tattoo. Thus, fans also had time to edit his pictures putting tattoos and making his appearance much fiercer.

According to some fan art, BTS’s Suga would look very cool with a tattoo on his arms. He looks fiercer and seems to change into the image of BTS’s new Suga. Even though this is a fan edit, it looks like it matches the tattoo that fans deliberately edited on both of his arms.

BTS fans have also done a fan edit of a photo of the BTS rapper on his neck. With a full tattoo from the chest to the upper neck, he looks very different from his usual appearance. You could say that BTS’s Suga’s appearance with this tattoo will make fans surprised and amazed by his latest transformation.

BTS’s Jimin

Tattoos are a work of art favored by BTS, the boy band singer of the song “Boy With Luv” from South Korea. The love of a number of BTS members for tattoos seems to continue, from only wearing temporary tattoos to permanent tattoos. Jimin is a BTS member who fans say is the first BTS member to wear permanent tattoos on his body.

Until 2020, the number of tattoos scattered on Jimin’s body is still a mystery to fans. So far, there have been four tattoos seen by fans through Jimin’s activities on the ‘small screen.’ In contrast to Jungkook, Jimin has tattoos on several parts of the body that are not too flashy, so the puzzle of Jimin’s number of tattoos is an interesting thing for some fans.

Jimin’s first permanent tattoo was around the ribs. Starting on the right side of the body, below the chest, and above the stomach. The tattoo implies the word ‘Never Mind,’ exactly the same as the temporary tattoo Jimin used and showed at the BTS show at the 2014 MAMA. ‘Never Mind’ is one of the intro songs of BTS’s album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 2 sung by Suga.

Jimin’s second tattoo was noticed by fans on his left wrist. The tattoo implies the number 13. 13 itself is a number that has a lot to do with Jimin. 13 is Jimin’s birthday, 25 years ago. Jimin was born in Busan on October 13th, 1995. The number 13 is also quite important for BTS, because the boy band, which now has millions of fans in various parts of the world, debuted on June 13th, 2013.

This tattoo was not intentionally shown by Jimin to fans, but fans realized that there was something conspicuous behind the bracelets worn on Jimin’s left hand when he was broadcasting live on the V app on March 26th, 2020. The most recent tattoo discovered by fans after Jimin did a live broadcast with Jungkook on June 21st, 2020, was a tattoo with the words ‘Young Forever.’ Jimin’s tattoos, which were revealed one by one, became the talk of netizens. Many have praised the 1995-born singer’s tattoos as beautiful and having a deep meaning.

“Looks like Jimin really loves ‘Young Forever’. He once revealed that when he was having a hard time, he watched a video of international fans singing the song ‘Young Forever’ in Korean and it made him cry and also made him strong at the same time.”

As for fans who have just found out about the tattoos on BTS’s Jimin’s body with the meaning of each of them, they started to give their responses and comments, such as “I will get ready on V Live in case Jungkook and Jimin will broadcast to explain the meaning in. behind their tattoos, who knows.”

“The fact that he has the number 13 tattoo on his wrist. This is the date on which BTS debuted and also the date he was born, I thought it was very beautiful.”

“The interesting part is that the trio of BTS rappers are the most likely to get tattoos, but so far no one has. On the other hand, BTS’s vocal line gets tattoos one by one. I never expected them to get tattoos, but now that I see them, these tattoos are so pretty.”

“Jimin is always full of sincerity. ARMYs should know how much they mean to Jimin so he can get a tattoo with those words and numbers.”

“Jimin’s tattoos are very beautiful. He’s got beautiful tattoos on his beautiful body.”

“I’ve seen posts that say, ‘I heard the tattoo on the ribs hurts so much. I was wondering what Jimin had in mind when he made one there?’ and I feel teary-eyed. Jungkook-ah, Jimin-ah, your tattoos are so beautiful.”

“Jimin’s ‘Nevermind’ tattoos are gorgeous. Their meaningful tattoos are priceless.”


Bangtan Boys greeted fans with their new album WINGS in 2016. BTS members have also teased fans through cool teasers that were released ahead of the release of the album in September 2016. Now it’s RM’s turn to have the teaser released by Big Hit Entertainment. Just like other teasers, the owner of the real name Kim Namjoon also made fans even more curious about this teaser.

In this short video, RM is seen sitting pensively in a dark room. RM then surprised fans by drawing tattoos on his hands, which then spread all over his body. Seeing this scene, fans enthusiastically gave their responses and comments on BTS’s official YouTube channel because RM looked very cool and fierce in the scene.

In fact, BTS’s RM is a member who doesn’t have any tattoos on his body parts. However, some of his fans took the time to make fan edits of BTS’s RM’s photos when he was seen with his latest appearance wearing a tattoo. What happens if BTS’s RM has a tattoo?

With RM’s appearance full of tattoos like the fan edit above, you can see a specific difference in appearance from before. BTS’s RM is usually seen with colored hair that changes frequently in every comeback, but his appearance with a tattoo like this can surprise fans when he sees himself becoming fiercer.

But it would seem that a tattoo like this can add to the charisma of BTS’s RM and also show his more mature personality. BTS’s RM can also be said to be one of the members who might be suitable to wear a tattoo and also add to the impression of being sexy in terms of appearance.

BTS’s Jin

One of the oldest BTS members, Jin, also has handsome visuals and can always exude his charisma wherever he is. Fans will certainly be enthusiastic and support BTS’s Jin’s decision if he wants to wear a tattoo. However, until now, BTS’s Jin has never had the opportunity to wear a temporary tattoo or even plan to get one.

However, this does not prevent the creativity of fans. Just like the other BTS members who don’t have tattoos, fans show their photoshop skills by fan editing BTS’s pictures of Jin to see what he would look like with a tattoo. The picture above is a fan edit of ARMY that shows BTS’s Jin’s appearance with a tattoo on his neck.

This fan edit made with black and white filters also shows BTS’s Jin with a tattoo covering his neck and hands. If you look around, BTS’s Jin has a charisma that doesn’t diminish from his previous appearance. He still has his usual dorky and funny aura, but it doesn’t take away his impression or charisma as an idol.

Well, that’s all the information we have gathered for you about BTS’s V’s tattoos that took fans by surprise because of their new look. He deserves to be called an idol and a very handsome BTS member with any appearance concept, including the tattoos that eventually make him seem cooler. Apparently, there are also other members who already have tattoos on their body parts without reducing the appreciation from fans. If you liked this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and stay tuned for more, interesting articles from Channel-Korea!