Check Out How BTS’ V Ended Delusional “Taekook” Shippers and His Other Savage Moments

Defending J-Hope on Weverse

V used his sassy side to defend one of his groupmates, J-Hope. There was an ARMY who posted a picture of J-Hope through Weverse. It was a moment when J-Hope was riding a rollercoaster, and the picture showed him looking scared. J-Hope was actually really scared, even though he also joked that the ride wasn’t really bad afterwards.

Then, surprisingly, Taehyung replied to the picture of J-Hope which was posted by a fan in that Weverse. He wrote, “Please protect our hyung. I won’t reply to ARMYs who post photos that are too ugly and weird.” Meanwhile, other ARMYs agreed with V’s statement. Some of them also said that as fans, we should’ve been more aware and there’s a limit within it, and we weren’t supposed to Put the members in a bad mood.

Taehyun was just defending J-Hope and taking care of him. No wonder that he came up with his sassy remark. And also, his remark was being agreed with by the other fans!

Pretended to be a V’s Antis

There have been other savage moments from V when he was pretending to be one of his anti-fans in a fandom club chat room! Someone was asking who liked BTS, then V, who was already had a kind of fake account, messaged the account and said that he liked BTS. Turns out, the person was Suga’s fangirl. Then V said that he hated BTS’s V, and asked the girl what she thought about that.

Meanwhile, the girl wrote, “They’re all precious to me.” The answer surprised V, and he told the other BTS’ members that it made his heart warm, as well. We could see that V wasn’t really being sassy, right?

His Sassy Moments with BTS Members

When V isn’t being really savage, he can still have his sassy moments with the BTS members, as well! Do you want to know some of the sassy moments from V? Let’s check it out here!

  1. Jimin vs V
bts v and jimin

There was a moment when V said he was eating, then Jimin was asked, “Is your meal important or am I important?” the answer from V was really hilarious, yet sassy at the same time! V said that his meal obviously important, then wondered why would Jimin be so important to him. Meanwhile, Jimin was laughing out loud because of V’s answer. V is such a sassy guy, right? But we love him anyway!

2. No Compliment for RM

v and rm

During an interview, the BTS members were gathering together. Then V was asked to give a compliment toward the other BTS members, but when it came to RM, Taehyung said that he would think of a compliment about him, since he wasn’t getting any compliments for RM, which made RM burst into laughter.

3. “They’re not looking at you”

v and jimin

During another moment, V told the camera that RM was currently getting his makeup put on by the makeup artist. He also said that RM was looking handsome. Meanwhile, Jimin, who was sitting next to RM and heard V’s remark, instantly told him “thank you.” But V, with his sassy side, replied, “They’re not looking at you,” while blocking Jimin’s view with his palm.

4. Squeezing Jungkook’s Hand

v and jungkook

V and Jungkook were sitting next to each other, when all of a sudden V was playing around and squeezed Jungkook’s hand until it hurt. V instantly regretted it because they were just joking around.

5. Bite RM’s Watermelon

v and rm

RM was holding a piece of watermelon, then V came and suddenly took a large bite on RM’s watermelon, leaving RM speechless. Meanwhile, V was chewing the watermelon happily without any guilt at all.

Well, that was all of V’s savage and sassy moments! Even though sometimes V can be really mean when he wants to, he’s really a kind and nice person, as well. While V was being sassy or savage, the ARMYs found it really cute. Even though he was kind of being mean, but his cute expression during the savage moments was quite a contrast! Let’s always support V and the other BTS members, and wait for more savage moments from BTS’s V!

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