Check Out How BTS’ V Ended Delusional “Taekook” Shippers and His Other Savage Moments

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Learn More About BTS’s V’s Savage Moments and His Response Towards “Taekook” Shippers, Here!

Kim Tae-hyung, more famously known as BTS’s V, is largely known for his charming aura, since he is kind of the visual and has his own effect which makes the fans go crazy about him. But sometimes, V also shows us his ‘savage’ and ‘sassy’ side, as well! Through this article, Channel Korea will give you the details about that, so keep on reading!

BTS’s V doesn’t show his savage side very often, but when it comes to his privacy or the other BTS members’ matters, He has surprised fans with his sassy moments! Don’t worry, even though V can have his savage moments sometimes, he’s such a nice person overall.

Well, do you want to know about the times V has gone savage? Let’s find out in the article down below!

How BTS’s V Ended Taekook Shippers


Let’s get started with the first thing; V replied to a comment by a delusional Taekook shipper through Weverse! Taekook is a short name for Taehyung-Jungkook. Due to their togetherness and good bromance, there’s a lot of ARMYs who have shipped them.

On Weverse, there was an ARMY who was writing about someone whom V loves, then the answer kind of referred to Jungkook. Turns out, V replied to the statement. He wrote, “You’d better get out of the imagination. It’s not good in there.” Maybe V wanted to keep the delutional fans from going further with their imagination, because it’s wasn’t good for them.

Meanwhile, other ARMYs also gave their response towards V’s statement. Some of them  said that V should’ve told the other delutional fans, since it was annoying as well. And also, some of them said it had to be uncomfortable for those celebrities who have to face the ‘delusional shippers’ in their careers.

One source said that the person who posted about ‘Taekook’ deleted the post after V’s reply. And there were some ARMYs who showed their other responses about V’s savage reply towards the fan. Some of them were surprised that V’s response could be like that. But mostly, the responses were agreeing with V’s statement, as well.

BTS’s V’s Other Savage Moments


Even though V is known for his niceness and kind attitude, but sometimes he can show us his savage side, as well! The other BTS members have experienced V’s savage side, and have admitted it. One of those moments was when V told Jin to stop talking, or the dead skin cells would come from his mouth, then Jin said that V was being so mean!

There was another moment when V was showing his playful and savage side. He was teasing Jimin about his height. V was said, “Jimin, so much height difference“, meanwhile Jimin was laughing and replied, “You’re just dissing me“, which made the other BTS members all start laughing.

Watch the other savage moments from BTS’s V, here: