BTS’ V’s Style Throughout the Eras: From Debut Till Now

V’s Style in Boy with Luv

BTS returned for their comeback on April 12, 2019, with one of their songs on the sixth EP, Map of the Soul: Persona, entitled Boy with Luv. This song scored a record with the most-viewed online music video in 24 hours, totaling 74.6 millions views during the day after the music was uploaded. Besides inviting Nicki Minaj to collaborate in the Idol era, this time BTS invited Halsey to collaborate and appear on Boy With Luv’s music video.

Still the same as the previous music video concept, BTS performed cheerfully and filled with colorful concepts in its comeback in 2019. The scenes taken in this music video were adapted from the musical drama Singing in The Rain, and the color choices for filming sets were also made as bright as possible and matched the outfits they wore.

In the Boy with Luv era, BTS also won several awards, such as Choice Collaboration at the Teen Choice Awards, Summer League on VH1 India, Best Song at the Power Radio Summer Awards, Best K-Pop at the MTV Video Music Awards, Favorite International Hit on the Nickelodeon Brazil Kids’ Choice Awards, Song of the Year at the Mnet Asian Music, and many more.

V’s hairstyles in the Boy with Luv era also received special attention from the fans because his new blue hair looked very bright and suited him very well. Still with the same hair style as before, the V that has blue hair has a curly style and his bangs are parted in the middle.

In this comeback, V is seen with his natural and visual make-up that emits an aura like an idol, without having to add additional concepts or touches in addition to changes in his hairstyle.

Because V is the member who changes hair color most often, one of the posts in the online community thinks that V experienced hair loss in this era. Army replied to each other’s comments and disagreed about whether he was experiencing hair loss.

Honestly, it’s very interesting to know that male idols also use haircuts (as bangs).” Army commented, “Wide forehead is not the same as hair loss. There are many idiots who cannot distinguish between wide forehead and hair loss.” another Army replied, “Wow I can’t believe there are still people who want to drop visuals from V.” continued the comments of other fans.

What do you think of the BTS’ V performance in the Boy with Luv era?

Well, that is all information about BTS’ V and the transformation in his visuals from being a child to growing up to what he is today. Aside from having handsome and charismatic visuals, V also has other advantages in talent, and is also included as an idol born with natural beauty. Let’s continue to support V and BTS so we can see their comeback as soon as possible!