BTS’ V’s Style Throughout the Eras: From Debut Till Now

BTS’ V’s Style in Spring Day

On February 13, 2017, BTS released the song Spring Day, which was the first single from their repackaged album, Wings, which was released in 2017 with the title You Never Walk Alone. Although this is included as a song with a calm melody, Spring Day won several awards and was nominated for others.

Some of the awards include Best Music Video at the 19th Mnet Asian Music Awards, Song of the Year at the 9th Melon Music Awards, the Weekly Popularity Award (February 20) at Melon Popularity Award (2017), and Digital Bonsang at the Golden Disc Awards (2018). Spring Day also succeeded in the highest charts, such as the US World Digital Song Sales (Billboard), UK Singles Download Chart (OCC), South Korea (Gaon Singles Chart), and many more.

Many fans interpret Spring Day’s music video as a story about an incident or world accident played by each member. Because V was seen in a station, he was assumed to be one of the people who would plan a suicide scene by leaning his head on the railroad tracks, and there was a reflection of train lights in his eyes.

Although the scene in Spring Day’s music video was quite scary, behind all the roles played by the BTS members, it illustrated a deep story. Moreover, this song was made as a memorial song about the Sewol tragedy that happened in 2014. Another explanation contained in this music video is that there are several ‘Wings’ in the scene, such as a butterfly on the right leg of V’s trousers.

Spring Day’s music video was made during the winter, and it can be clearly seen that the cold atmosphere, which is full of very white snow, still envelops the city where the music video was filmed. Although Spring Day has a very touching meaning, the winter clothes worn by V in this music video are of concern to many people, because they are quite relaxed and do not portray gloomy feelings like the music video.

In the previous concept, which still uses a dark feel, this time BTS uses a more relaxed concept, but one full of profound meanings such as the song lyrics contained in this music video. V is also seen with very light makeup and his hair color has been changed to a light brown color.

In this era, V also got the singing part with his sweet voice. One part of the lyrics sung by V is, “Like the tiny dust, tiny dust floating in the air. Will I get you a little taste if I was the snow in the water?” Like the previous music video, V’s acting ability won praise from many people because he was very good at playing emotions in each of his characters.

What do you think about the appearance of BTS’ V in the Spring Day era?

BTS’ V’s Style in DNA

DNA is one of the BTS’ music video concepts that was full of colors and has a very cheerful concept compared to the previous music video concept, where there are lots of theories and deep meaning both in terms of lyrics and music videos. DNA is one of the singles included in the trackllist of BTS’s third Korean-language compilation album, Love Yourself: Answer (2018).

DNA is one of the songs included in Spotify’s ‘Global Top 50’ and won awards such as Best Music Video at the Melon Music Awards (2017), Best Song That Makes You Smile at the 13th Radio Disney Music Awards, Song of the Year for the Annual Soompi Awards (2018), and many more.

The meaning of DNA is a destiny of love when someone has been eyeing his true love for a long time, and tells of the journey of meeting someone who is a soul mate — that they are already in their respective DNA. There are also physical structures, constellations and formulas, and visualizations with a mixture of colors that can be enjoyed in DNA’s music video.

V’s appearance in the DNA era is very fresh and charming with natural makeup and light smokey eye makeup that makes his eyes look very sharp. The green contact lenses that he wears make the appearance of V in the era of DNA look more attractive.

For hairstyles, the stylists for the BTS members did their hard work well by doing a few upgrades on each member’s style. V’s appearance with ash silver-gray hair made the fans fall in love with him, and his hair was also slightly shaped to be somewhat curly.

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V’s Style in Fake Love

On May 15, 2018, BTS released the song Fake Love, which was included as one of the tracks and lead singles from their third studio album, Love Yourself: Tear (2018). Because BTS’s popularity was starting to peak, and they had so many fans both from South Korea and abroad, BTS was able to penetrate the US Billboard Hot 100 with 29,000 digital sales, and it became the first of BTS’s records to get the 1st Top 10 Entry in the second highest position as a Korean musician group in US.

V’s appearance is getting more and more handsome, and has significant changes that make the fans melt even more because of the cool visual V had with his new appearance. The song itself, Fake Love, is about about relationships and fake love. Through this song, BTS again presents many concepts that contain profound meanings and theories, which are presented from each scene in the music video.

In addition, the appearance of V in the Fake Love era has became more iconic because V’s hairstyle was upgraded with mullet hair and dyed black, which shows a very handsome and mature visual. V looked more charismatic and he got a lot of positive responses from fans.

Not just a beautiful voice, V has a visual that is recognized by everyone. This idol, whose real name is Kim Tae-hyung, is known for his handsome, almost perfect face. He has a sharp nose, sharp eyes, and a beautiful forehead, which emphasizes his face.

Not only were the visuals of the BTS members the main concern of the fans, but their achievements and awards in the Fake Love era were also numerous, such as the Mwave Global Fan Choice at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, Best Rap/Hip Pop at the Melon Music Awards, Best Group Video – International at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan, Music Video of the Year at the Soompi Awards (2018), Digital Bonsang at the Golden Disc Awards (2019), and many more.

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BTS’ V’s Style in Idol

BTS released the song titled Idol on August 24, 2018, which was one of the songs and lead singles from their third compilation album, Love Yourself: Answer (2018). This song is also a collaboration between BTS and Nicki Minaj, and again reached chart number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100. Idol also received a gold certificate from RIAA.

Idol has lyrics that contain deep meaning for BTS as an idol group. Idol also has a double meaning, as an abbreviation of “I DO LOVE MY SELF”. As per the concept of this album,  although the BTS members are idols, they are also human beings. They can also feel love, love themselves and others. The message “Love Your Self, Love My Self” is emphasized in this song.

The lyrics “You can’t stop me to love myself”, which are always repeated, is a form of self-love that others should have. When we respect and love ourselves on the right path, we will also be able to love others. BTS conducted a campaign with UNICEF with the theme “Love Myself” to prevent violence against children and adolescents.

In some parts, BTS slipped Korean traditional elements. Chu-Imsae is part of traditional Korean music such as samul nori (Korean percussion music). Like the sound of ‘dung-gi-duk-koong-du-ru-ru’ creates the characteristic rhythm of Samul Nori. Idol is a BTS song that combines modern and traditional concepts. In terms of melody, BTS uses EDM and Trap Groove, and is interspersed with traditional Korean instruments.

Aside from the concept of Idol’s music video, the latest appearance from V is also a concern for fans. V’s hair in the Idol era changed to light pink color with blonde in the hair on the right side. The make-up used by V still looks natural, with blue contact lenses that make this colorful appearance even more attractive.

Some fans and netizens gave their comments regarding V’s appearance in the Idol era, such as “Not just handsome, but he has a certain aura,” wrote a netter. “If I were an idol, I would make a role model too,” continued another netter. “How should I say it. You won’t see it once enough but want to continue seeing it,” added another netter.

I can’t help being mesmerized whenever I see it appear in a music video. Even his gestures look very natural and his facial features are like that. I can’t do anything but be amazed at him,” continued another netter. “I repeated watching the music video 5 times just to see it. He was really very handsome,” concluded another netter.

What do you think about the appearance of BTS’ V during the Idol era?