BTS’ V’s Style Throughout the Eras: From Debut Till Now

V’s Style in War of Hormone

Still in the same year and album, this time BTS released a music video from one of the tracks on Dark & ​​Wild, War of Hormone. This song is the second single after Danger, and is one of the collaborative songs done with Vietnamese singer Thanh Bùi.

The release of the music video for War of Hormone was done two months after Danger, which is on October 21, 2014, to continue their promotion. The theme of the music video was made a little different from the previous one.

In War of Hormone, BTS still uses the concept of dark and fierce in their retro costumes and look, like a bad boy who is on the side of the road and often teases women who pass by. But the strains of instruments from War of Hormone are made more cheerful, and BTS is also seen dancing on outdoor sets.

If you look at one of the BTS photoshoot sessions with V above, it can be seen that the filming for the War of Hormone music video was done in a park or outdoors, and V also has a new noise color compared to his appearance in the previous music video.

V looked twice as badass and swag. He is not ashamed to show fans the side of him that is full of charisma and sexy. In this era, V showed his ability to tempt fans because he naturally looked very hot with purple, messy hair.

But behind him and his ability to shower fans with charm, V is also still often seen with a very cute and adorable side. No one can avoid the cute and playful side of V when he has a big smile like in the photo above.

What do you think about the appearance of BTS’s V in the era of War of Hormones?

V’s Style in I Need U

BTS released their next single on April 29, 2015, titled I Need U. which was included in the tracklist of BTS’s third EP, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 1. BTS was back with a much different concept from before, with the theme of bad boys, fierce and badass.

In I Need U‘s music video, there are many scenes which are very profound theories from each member that show their acting skills in this comeback. V plays a person who has a father who likes to commit acts of violence against his child.

In the first scene in the music video, V wore black clothes and was sitting in an apartment corridor with a very sad expression on his face. Of all the BTS members, V is the person who did the worst thing in this music video.

He let out all his emotions and tried to visit his sister, who lived with his father. He thought when he returned home, there would be support from his family when he felt very down. But when he got home, V saw his father torturing his younger sister, and all the emotions he had came out when he broke a bottle over his father’s head and stabbed his stomach.

After I Need U‘s music video explanation, which is quite sad and emotional, let’s continue to look at the BTS’ V performance during this era. In a photoshoot session, he looks stunning and beautiful when the photoshoot is done in the spring.

His face looks increasingly mature. He looks very handsome in the outdoor photoshoot settings with trees and flowers, as if to decorate the shooting in the era of I Need U. In this era, fans were spoiled with many photoshoot sessions from the BTS members.

In the era of I Need U, we can see that BTS’ V has a different appearance from the previous one with the purple hair color. In this era he has dark brown hair and very light make-up.

In this era, the BTS members also received praise for their good acting skills and seemed to be very deep in their respective roles. The fans were also waiting for some other interesting theories that became a continuation of the story in I Need U‘s music video and the acting skills of the BTS members.

What do you think about the appearance of BTS’ V in the era of I Need U?

V’s Style in Dope

Still from the same album as I Need U, BTS came back with other songs from their third EP, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 1. This time, BTS released the music video for their song, Dope, on June 24, 2015.

Even though it was from the same EP, BTS hadn’t run out of ideas to make concepts and themes different from the previous ones. In Dope‘s music video, the members are seen wearing different costumes according to their respective jobs, and V turns into a cute and handsome young detective.

Dope is one of the BTS music videos that shows their professional dance skills with very fast foot movements. The concept of this unique music video also received high appreciation from the Army and the public because the group worked hard to make many different concepts from each of their comebacks.

BTS’ V came back again with a cute image, but it did not reduce the portion of his good looks with curly hair and the smile he always shows when performing. In this era, BTS also won the Bonsang Disc at the 30th Golden Disc Awards 2016 and the Bonsang Award at the 25th Seoul Music Awards in 2016.

What do you think of the V’s performance in the Dope era?

BTS’s V’s Style in Run

BTS released their next new song on November 30, 2015, with the title Run. This song is from BTS’s fourth EP tracklist, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 2, with 4 different album editions. Run is a continuation of I Need U‘s music video, with a concept full of hidden theories about the roles played by BTS members.

At the beginning of the video, there is a scene where V sinks into the water with the back position first and the image is clearly visible on the surface of the water, which can be interpreted as a mirror. This scene where V sank is a reality that he faces between wanting to live or die. V’s expression is also sometimes silent, and it seems he struggled very hard to get out of the water.

This music video explains the story further from the friendship of BTS members and how they struggled to get out of the problems of their respective lives. Because the storyline of this music video is sadder, many of them have flat expressions when filming scenes. In this era, BTS’s V also looked a little different in appearance because of his light-brown hair and a few green highlights on the strands of hair in front.

What do you think of V’s performance in the Run era?

BTS’ V’s Style in Fire

BTS came back with a happy and charismatic concept. On May 2, 2016, BTS released their 1st compilation album, titled The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever. In this album there are a total of 23 songs separated into 2 discs. One of their lead tracks in this comeback era is Fire.

Fire is one of BTS’s most successful hits, and more and more people were paying attention to the group because this song was often played at various events due to its cheerful and uplifting character. In this era, V was also one of the members who got the most attention from fans and the public because of his cool hairstyles.

In some photoshoots for the album The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever, V looks very charming with his new, pink hair color and the make-up style used is quite natural and soft.

Not only V, other BTS members also had different hair colors that were very compatible with their respective characters. The dark, fierce image of V from the previous comeback was replaced by fresh and cute visuals on this comeback with Fire.

In the Fire era, BTS’ V invited a lot of attention because he wore a headband that looked very suitable for the 1995-born idol. He looked very handsome and different from his previous appearance. The BTS comeback during the Fire era is also one of the most unique concepts.

What do you think about the appearance of BTS’s V in the Fire era?

V’s Style in Blood, Sweat, and Tears

BTS’s career these days was on its way to making them the most phenomenal idol group because of their music and achievements, that can captivated many fans. Army were also increasingly giving their support for BTS during their promotions or comebacks.

On October 10, 2016, the BTS music video for Blood Sweat and Tears was released. This song is included as one of the tracks on the group’s second studio album, Wings, which contains a total of 15 songs and is divided into 4 versions. BTS’s comeback during the Blood Sweat and Tears era was also successful, because they won the Best Dance Performance – Male Group award at the 18th Mnet Asian Music Awards (2016), the Weekly Popularity Award at the Melon Popularity Award (2016), Music Video of the Year at the K-Ville Music Awards (2016), Best Music Video Award at the Seoul Music Awards (2017), and many more.

In the music video, Blood Sweat and Tears is also one of the follow-up stories from I Need U and Run’s music videos, but this time they are in another world and the story is taken from the novel Demian. In Blood Sweat and Tears, V acts as an alter ego character from the real world, who became Max Demian because he became one of the characters who continued to follow BTS’s Jin (acting as Sinclair) from the two previous music videos.

V’s visual in the music video this time was again different, and looked very cool and had blond, shorter hair than he had previously worn. The BTS members here also wear costumes with full blazers and are more inclined to adapt suits from Europe in the classic era.

In the concept of Blood Sweat and Tears, V looks like a vampire in a castle because of the set and location of the music video, that focuses inside a building. Besides V, the other BTS members also looked very charismatic and appear adult in the concept for the Blood Sweat and Tears’ music video.

What do you think about the appearance of BTS’ V in the era of Blood Sweat and Tears?