BTS’ V’s Style Throughout the Eras: From Debut Till Now

Find Out More About Kim Tae-hyung’s Visual Transformation Throughout Time!

Do you know the BTS member who was born in Daegu, South Korea, on December 30, 1995? If your guess is Kim Tae-hyung. better known by his nickname V, then your answer is correct! BTS’s V is known as one of the members who has a very handsome visual and can make women quickly melt because of his gaze.

In this article, we will look with more detail about the good looks of BTS’s V and how his aura and charisma are increasingly radiant since he was a child until now, when he has grown into an adult male. What are you waiting for? Let’s scroll down and find out about BTS’s V’s style throughout time, below!

Kim Tae-hyung’s Pre-debut and Childhood

BTS’ V was born with the real name Kim Tae-hyung (Hangul: 김태형) and his family consists of parents, younger sisters and younger brothers. V was born in Daegu,but he also lived in Gochang for several years. Since he was in kindergarten, V was indeed a very cheerful child, and was very loved by the teachers. Every time he found something beautiful, he would bring it to them and they would compliment him, saying “Oh, good!“, Which made him happy.

BTS’s V was born with a very small, cute face. His innocent face and the look in his eyes hasn’t changed even now. His childhood photo showing him with a big smile reminds us of the gummy smile that V often shows when he’s laughing.

Behind his current success, BTS’s V has a lot of memories from his childhood, and how he was active in the village before debuting as an idol in what has become a very famous group.

V has fond memories of a child who is close to him and is in the same group (class) with him. He would share his green candy, which was very popular at that time, with him. V also made many memories with his grandmother when he was young. His grandmother would drop him off and pick him up at kindergarten, and every day V would wait for her to pick him up ands he would buy him yuzu tea from a vending machine.

When V was in elementary school, he was a curious child and wanted to try everything. He wanted to stay overnight at his friends’ homes and anticipated the taekwondo training camp with enthusiasm. Many children from his kindergarten were registered at the same elementary school, so he had many friends. Every day he played with his friends in the park until it got dark.

But V didn’t just play, he also took courses from the sixth grade to the last year of middle school. Although he lives in the countryside and could only imagine being a farmer, he continued to study hard. That changed when he started to like music. He doesn’t really remember when, but V whined to his parents by saying, “Buy me MP3 ~ I also want to listen to music!“, and start downloading and listening to music. Until the end of sixth grade, V dreamed of becoming a singer. That was the first time V had a dream.

Tp help him become a singer, he learned the saxophone and how to dance. V started trying for his dream during his first year in middle school. When his father asked “What do you want to do in the future?“, V replied “I wants to be a singer.” When he was young, his father wanted to be an actor, so he seriously said “If you want to be a singer, you have to learn to play instruments.”

That’s how V finally ended up playing saxophone for three years. It looks cool, but your lips will start to hurt and it (saxophone) is heavy, so at that time it was difficult. But V still thought “If I want to be a singer, I have to be able to play instruments!“, So he stayed with it and even won first prize in the South Gyeongsang province competition.

When V was still a kid, he enrolled in a dance broadcasting club, a club where people who love dance could learn K-Pop choreography. At that time, he was very busy because he played saxophone, danced, and also took courses.

In his free time, he liked to play basketball with his friends. He was not very good, but his friends really like basketball, and because of their influence he also started to like it and would play whenever he could.

V stopped playing saxophone because he wanted to focus more on practicing his dance skill. That is, as a singer you don’t look too cool unless you can dance well, right? V wanted to study it seriously, so when he entered high school, he started going to dance school. After more than half a year, Big Hit Entertainment held an unofficial audition.

His friend wanted to try out, and V had time so he went with him. During the audition, he danced, rapped, did impressions (imitating someone / something), and also did one-liner jokes. V thought “I really failed“, but they contacted him and told him that he was accepted. He thoughts they are lying, but V is the only one who passed the audition from Daegu.

His trainee days are filled with memories with the other members. In September of his first year of high school, V moved to Seoul and was transferred to an art school and began to live in a dorm. When he entered, there were already Jungkook, Suga, J-Hope, and Rap Monster. V is not a shy person so he is close to everyone. The fact that he managed to become a trainee made him very happy, and every day was very fun.

Even though they had to practice a lot and couldn’t live a normal high school life, they made a lot of memories for themselves in the dorm and during practice. One thing he remembers most until now is that on January 1, the seven members went to an amusement park. They tried to look cool and stylish, and in the end they all wore black clothes because they looked very striking.

When it was decided that BTS would debut, his existence was considered a secret weapon and was kept a secret until the end. That is why V couldn’t tell anyone that he would be debuting, which made it very frustrating. All the other members had a schedule, and V could only rest in the dorm. That’s why when finally it was official (debut), V felt very happy, and thought “My dream since the sixth grade has finally come true!

BTS is the first and last team in his life. Until the end, V wants to be more successful with the other members. When they finally succeed, V wants to be able to look back and say “This is how hard we are trying for this“. He wants to try acting if he has a chance, but doing something halfway is not good, right? He wants to study acting in earnest, and wants to try it when he thinks he’s ready.

Debut in 2013 with No More Dream

BTS debuted in 2013 under the agency Big Hit Entertainment. At the time, not many people knew about the rookie band, but because of their hard work, there were many fans who started to like them and continued to provide support from the group’s debut until now.

BTS is famous for how hard its members worked from the beginning of their debut to release their debut single on June 12, 2013, under the title No More Dream, along with their debut showcase. This debut was one of the most successful debuts in the 2013 era because the concept was different from any other.

Besides getting positive reactions from the public and fans, BTS also managed to get the highest position on several music charts.

In the BTS debut era with No More Dream, V had the characteristic smokey eye makeup with blonde hair that was combed to the front of his forehead, which made him recognizable as one of the visuals of BTS. He also often showed his sexy and cute charisma at the same time.

In the era of No More Dream, V was also among those who easily found the fans because of the visuals that already looked superior at the time.

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BTS’s V’s Style in N.O

Lter the same year, BTS released their first extended play, with the title O!RUL8,2?, with a total of 10 songs and with N.O as one of the lead singles. Because they were still classified as a rookie group, BTS often appeared and performed in various music shows, such as KBS’s Music Bank, MBC’s Music Core, SBS’s Inkigayo, and Arirang TV’s Simply K-Pop to make their comeback stage with the new song, N.O.

Because the timeframe for the release of this EP was still close to their previous debut, there wasn’t a significant change in appearance among the members, and the concept was only slightly different from the previous one.

In the N.O era, BTS’s V seemed to change the color of his hair to a dark brown from its previous blonde, but stayed with the same hairstyle and makeup theme. In his second comeback after this debut, V still looked very cute because his age is fairly young, 18 years old.

What makes his appearance a bit different from his comeback with N.O is that the stylists changed V’s hairstyle to be curly and look a bit messy.

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BTS’s V’s Style in Boy in Luv

Boy in Luv is one of the singles from BTS’s second extended play, Skool Luv Affair, which was released on February 12, 2014. The concept in this comeback was different because BTS used the concept of schoolboys full of charisma, and who were said to be in love with someone girl.

The makeup used by BTS’s V was still the same as before, smokey eyes with eyeliner on the eyelid. His hair is still arranged in the same style, but with a different hairdye, a light reddish-brown.

The concept in Boy In Luv also received positive responses from fans who were still in school because the visuals and theme of the comeback this time used the theme of bad boy in the youth. Therefore, in this comeback he looked to show his charisma as a bad boy who was very cool.

In addition to the unique themes used by BTS in this era, the single Boy in Luv also ranked fifth in the Billboard World Digital Songs chart. It was still less than a year since their debut in 2013, and BTS was included in the international chart, proving that they were amazingly talented.

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V’s Style in Danger

For this comeback, BTS used a darker theme than before. If the Boy in Luv era is where they were bad-boy schoolchildren in action, then this time the concept of the era was of adult bad boys that they will use to release their children’s titles.

Danger is one of the singles included in the BTS dust track studio album titled Dark & ​​Wild, which was released on August 19, 2014, with a total of 14 songs. In the same concept as the title, Dark, BTS uses a fierce concept with hip-hop and R&B instruments that are very clear in the songs.

V, who is famous for having an image that was still rather cute in the early eras, did not hesitate this time to show his dark side, and looks very fierce for only being 19 at the time. But V is also one of the members seen during this iconic comeback.

How not? V, who previously was seen to have bright hair colors and a lot of different hairstyles, this time had dark hair that was rather shorter than before.

In addition, there is the most special scene the Danger music video, which is when V appears as someone who is cutting his hair in front of the mirror. Initially, many did not realize that the person was V.

But when the scene was over, the audience realized that is was V who was changing his old appearance to a new one. Here, the fans were also amazed by his transformation, as he looked even more handsome than before during this comeback.

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