BTS’ V’s Friends Who Always Hangs Out With Him

Park Bo-gum

V’s skill in making friends is undeniable, as he can instantly become friends with anybody, including his ex-co-host, Park Bo-gum. They became close when they were MC-ing together for KBS’s Music Bank.

They have stayed close since then, and even took a vacation together to Jeju Island!

Park Bo-gum also once delivered a surprise to V and the other BTS members backstage during the ‘Love Yourself’ concert in Hong Kong.

On May 29, 2019, BTS’s official YouTube channel uploaded a video of Park Bo-gum when he successfully surprised them backstage at the Love Yourself concert in Hong Kong. In the video, V and friends were told that they have a special guest waiting in one of the rooms.

When entering the room, the BTS members were surprised to see Park Bo-gum. The 1993-born actor dressed as ARMY, wearing a ‘Love Yourself’ T-shirt and the headband Cooky, Jungkook’s character in BT21. This made RM wonder if his favorite member was the golden maknae, not V, as it is widely known that Park Bo-gum and V have a close friendship. They’ve hung out a few times and even vacationed together. They have also often expressed their support for each other on several occasions.

Although dressed up as a big fan of Jungkook’s, Park Bo-gum’s attention remained fixed on V. The star of the drama Encounter was even seen protecting V when his head was nearly hit by a paper banner and the ARMY BOMB (BTS lightstick) he held.

At that time, the BTS members kept laughing because they did not believe Park Bo-gum came to their concert. V suddenly leaned down after laughing out loud, and Park Bo-gum’s hand with a paper banner and ARMY BOMB was right in front of V.

Park Bo-gum saw V’s head approaching his hand when he shook hands with Jungkook. He reflexively put his hand out to protect V. V’s head touched the paper banner, but Park Bo-gum made sure that the owner of the name Kim Taehyung did not bang his head on the ARMY BOMB, which could hurt him.

When V noticed Park Bo-gum’s hand, he gently held it while smiling. Wow, so sweet.



V recently stole fans’ attention as he participated in the #StayatHomeChallenge. Through BTS’s official Twitter account, on April 28, 2020, the singer shared a video where he was singing, accompanied on the guitar by his friend, NIve, or also known as Jisoo Park. NIve himself is a producer who successfully produced a few hit songs such as “Who Am I?”, “Liberated”, and “Tired”.

The two are seen enjoying their time jamming together. What a great way to spend the quarantine!

So, those are all V’s closest friends, ranging from top actors to rookie singers. What do you think about BTS’s V’s relationships? He’s indeed a social butterfly, isn’t he?