BTS’ V’s Friends Who Always Hangs Out With Him

Park Hyung-sik

Here’s another member of the Wooga Squad, Park Hyung-shik!

As with Park Seo-joon, V and Park Hyung-shik became acquainted through the 2016 drama, Hwarang.

When guesting on a radio show to promote his latest film, Juror 8, on May 20, 2019. Park Hyung-shik shared his friendship story with BTS’sV, as well as promoting BTS’s song Boy With Luv first on the event (by choosing it as his current favorite song).

I became acquainted with V when I starred in Hwarang, and since then we have been friends. We’ve visited each other’s family homes,” the 27-year-old actor said. The friendship deepened and became stronger. They are almost like a family, in the sense that the friendship is not only between V and Park Hyung Sik, but also their respective families.  “Our parents are also close. I see they even travel together. We are like family,” said Park Hyung Sik.

Park Hyung-shik also admitted he was proud and happy to see the V and BTS’s success. “BTS is now a famous artist, not only in Korea but all over the world,” he said.

Park Hyung-shik also said he often gets questions about his relationship with V. “It’s interesting to see the reaction I get when I answer questions like ‘Are you close to V?’,” he said, amusedly.

Unfortunately, it seems likely that Park Hyung-shik and V don’t get to see each other very often. “With V being very busy lately, we can only meet briefly. Sometimes we set a date to visit each other,” said Park on the radio show.

Now, the opportunities to meet are getting to be even fewer, because Park Hyung-shik is currently undergoing his compulsory military service, where he was assigned as a military police officer in the Capital Defense Command starting from June 10, 2019.

But that’s not to say that Park will stop supporting V. When BTS released the album Map of the Soul: Persona on December 4, 2019, both Park Hyung-shik and Park Seo-joon participated in promoting the song on their social media accounts

Similar to Park Seo-joon,  Park Hyung-shik also uploaded a photo on his Instagram, with a similar caption. “I’m really curious why you need our promotion. My hands are sweaty,” wrote Park Hyung-shik on his Instagram account, @phs1116.


Ha Ji-won

Who would have thought that V and Ha Ji-won are friends with each other? The idol and the actress were spotted eating brunch together recently, as can be seen in the pictures. Fans were quite surprised to find out that they were friends, because they have a significant age gap.

It was revealed that V and Ha Ji-won became close because they shared the same hobby. Both are equally fond of photography.

Ha Ji-won exhibited several photos with V on Instagram. One of them was when she attended the BTS Wings Tour’s final concert at the end of 2017. Ha Ji-won even proved herself a supportive friend by returning to the opening concert of the tour Love Yourself in Seoul back in August 2018.

She also confirmed her friendship with V publicly, when she appeared in a question and answer session with Netflix, as she starred in the JTBC romantic drama Chocolate which aired on the streaming platform.

In the question and answer session, Ha Ji-won was asked to give a quick answer about the words that appeared on the screen. One of the phrases that appeared was BTS’sV. As soon as the name V appeared on the screen, Ha Ji-won immediately said, “My friend, that’s right, he’s my friend,” the 1978-born actress responded with an adorable laugh.

Ha Ji Won also proved her good friendship with him by nominating V and two others to participate in the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics & Paralympics Success Relay some time ago.

She is also nominated V to participate in the ‘Because Of You’ challenge which is currently a trend in South Korea.

The actress recently participated in the ‘Because of You’ challenge, and invited V to continue the noble challenge. The challenge invites people to post their photos giving a thumbs-up as a thank you to medical staff who worked hard during the Coronavirus pandemic or COVID-19.


BTOB’s Sung-jae

Sungjae is known to have been close friends with V since a few years ago. The BTOB member once said that his friendship with V started when they met in the bathroom. Because Sungjae and he are the same age, Sungjae confidently approached V and immediately asked him to be a friend when they were waiting backstage on the set of Music Bank.

Since then, they have become good friends. V even thanked Sungjae, as he gained more confidence in making new friends after Sungjae approached him first.

“Thanks to him, my confidence grew and I was able to make more friends,” V said.

Recently, Sungjae also showed his support for V when he was being interviewed about his own solo debut album. The interview’s format intended that Sungjae look for his name on various websites to read what people say about him. However, as soon as the ARMY username appeared, he immediately stopped to express his honest feelings about his best friend’s latest album.

“Do not you just love the latest BTS album? That’s incredible. I think they broke a new record,” said Sungjae excitedly, on March 6, 2020. At that time, the 1995-born singer was unable to hide his admiration for the latest BTS album.

Sungjae and V are known to support each other as close friends. They always praise the albums from the other one’s groups. The relationship between the two idols in this group is certainly a sweet thing!


Jang Moon-bok

Similar to BTOB’s Sungjae, V and the former Produce 101 contestant Jang Moon-bok also met and become friends in the bathroom!

V and Jang Moon-book were actually schoolmates, even though she and V actually attended different classes. V was the one who decided to strike up a conversation with Jang Moon-bok when they met for the first time in a school bathroom.

“We met for the first time in a bathroom. We were in different classes, but the bathroom was on the floor between us and that’s where we met. V suddenly approached me and said, ‘I saw you on Superstar K, you did well.’ I was taken aback because he came in so suddenly, but after that, we grew close,” Jang Moon-bok revealed.