Has a 4D Personality? This is All About BTS V (Kim Tae-hyung)’s Facts You Probably Don’t Know!

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All About BTS V, Kim Tae-hyung

BTS’s V is one of the group’s most popular members. His unique personality always impresses people that he meets. He’s not only good at singing and dancing, he’s also good at acting, as we saw in the KBS drama Hwarang: The Beginning. Popular worldwide, V has a lot of unique charms and an amazing personality. Let’s get to know more about BTS’s V, Kim Tae-hyung.


Introduction to BTS’s V, Kim Tae-hyung


Kim Tae-hyung, who’s also known as BTS’s V, was born in Daegu on December 30, 1995. He grew up in Geochang and later moved to Seoul, to pursue his career as an idol. Kim Tae-hyung become a member of the BTS vocal line, and is known for his unique, husky voice. Since his blood type is AB, Kim Tae-hyung seems to have a 4D (unique or unusual — it’s a compliment!) personality. He often does random and funny stuff, which makes Big Hit Entertainment staff, ARMY (BTS fans), and other BTS members laugh every time. 

“I just came up with it but let’s life coolly to the maximum. Since the life happens only once, waking up at ease in the morning and working doing your best” – BTS V motto

“Amusement park. But nearby park is also good. I think that it’ll be nice if holding hands. My ideal is cute dating.” – BTS V ideal date


BTS V Facts Compilation

  1. His family consists of his father, mother, younger sister and younger brother.
  2. His 3 requirements for happiness are family, health and honor.
  3. He grew up under a farmer family, and often takes picture of his farm.
  4. He has a 4D personality.
  5. He and his two younger siblings, Kim Eon-jin and Kim Jeong-gyu, were raised in South Korea.
  6. His ideal type is someone who becomes more charming by the day, only takes care of him, only loves him, who’s chich outdoors, but makes him hot chocolate and has a lot of aegyo inside. Also a girl who spends the money he earns thriftily, so they can give everything to their parents.
  7. He would like to marry his first love and be with her forever, having many children, and going to the park in the Autumn to feed the pigeons.
  8. He has one single eyelid and one double eyelid.
  9. He has a habit of biting his nails, opening his mouth, touching anything he thinks is cute, and saying “Eomma!” and “It hurts!” a lot.
  10. He clenches his teeth while he sleeps
  11. He has three nicknames: TaeTae (easy to say), Blank Tae (he has a blank expression) and CGV (his visuals are so perfect and outstanding like the computer game character)
  12. His went to Korea Art School and Global Cyber University for his education.
  13. He speaks Japanese fluently.
  14. He likes searching for good songs that not many people know about.
  15. He likes children very much.
  16. He likes reading comic books.
  17. He likes doing a Kkumul Kkumul dance.
  18. His favorite color is Grey.
  19. His favorite number is 10.
  20. His favorite items are his computer, big dolls, clothes, shoes, accessories, and anything unique.
  21. His favorite artist is Eric Bennet.
  22. His favorite foods are Japchae and any type of meat.
  23. His favorite body part is his hand.
  24. His favorite painter is Vincent van Gogh.
  25. His favorite season is fall/Autumn, also bright weather.
  26. His favorite song is Rain from Lee Juck. It reminds him of a painful memory. He used to listen to it during rainy days when he was trying to confess to a girl via phone call, but she didn’t answer the call. And when later he on his way home, he heard this song suddenly played.
  27. He loves bubbles.
  28. He loves classical music and always plays it when he sleeps.
  29. He loves GUCCI so much.
  30. His role model is his dad. He wants to be a dad like his dad, who takes care of his children, listens to everything they say, and encourages and advises them on their future plans.
  31. He got his driving license since the V Live “BTS Run” episode 18.
  32. He loves hot cocoa more than coffee.
  33. He loves photography and might be a photographer if he’s no longer an idol.
  34. He likes amusement parks, especially the gyro drop, gyro swings, and roller coasters.
  35. He likes to watches anime. He watches anime Digimon Adventure, Wolf Children, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, One Piece, Summer Wars, Piano No Mori, and other works directed by Hosada Mamoru.
  36. He cried once when he watched “Miracle in Number 7”.
  37. He can climb a tree, but can’t get back down.
  38. He is the pickiest eater among all the BTS members.
  39. He is the most caring person in BTS.
  40. The first K-pop album that he bought was a Girls Generation album.
  41. He was named V, which mean victory.
  42. On an SBS “Star King” episode, he showed his dancing skill in high heels.
  43. Among BTS members, he usually talks to Jimin, since they’re the same age. He also likes to talk to Jin.
  44. He has so many celebrities friends from the different entertainment industries. He’s friends with the actor Park Bogum, BTOB’s Sungjae, GOT7’s Mark, SHINee’s Minho, actor Minjae, EXO’s Baekhyun, actor Park Seo-joon, ZE:A’s Kim Hyung-sik, actress Ha Ji-won and many more.
  45. His fans say he looks like EXO’s Baekhyun and B.A.P’s Daehyun. Later, he started referring to them as his parents.
  46. He has the same birthday day as K.Will. During the 2013 “MBC Gayo Daejun”, he shared his birthday with K.Will.
  47. If he gets a day off, he wants to see his parents.
  48. Among the JTBC “Knowing Brother” cast members, he likes Kyunghoon.
  49. He got a new puppy, which is a black Pomeranian Teacup named Yeontan, on December 2017.
  50. He also has a kitten named Kkangji.
  51. He can play saxophone and used to play it for 3 years.
  52. If he had a superpower, he would want to talk to cars and have the ability to teleport.
  53. When he sleeps, he likes to talk-scream and ask for water.
  54. He thinks it’s really pretty when girls wear wide pants.
  55. He doesn’t like wearing shoes.
  56. He’s scared of ghosts, can’t touch gross things, and is afraid of high places (but not for rides, because it feels safe, yet thrilling for him).
  57. He is chosen as the BTS member who takes good selca.
  58. He describes himself like a monkey. He once got spit on by a Simpanse (chimpanzee) at the zoo when he was younger. He was called a Simpanse rival after that.
  59. He created a BT21 Tata, which represents him very well.


  60. He wanted to have a Tae Tae Magazine for giving updates about BTS to share with A.R.M.Y
  61. Before his debut, his personality was normal, energetic, and humorous.
  62. He would like going on a trip with BTS members.
  63. He’s the one who takes charge of the washing machine.
  64. He was chosen as one of The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2017 by TC Candler.
  65. During an episode of V Live “Run BTS!”, he made impressive coffee latte art.
  66. He was chosen as one of the best male actors to wear a hanbok, along with Wanna One Daniel.
  67. He’s good at dub smash.
  68. He has 3 moles on his face.
  69. He’s the only BTS member who has a husky voice.
  70. He was called jenius by BTS’s RM.
  71. He learned English and shows impressive English language skills.

  72. He starred in KBS’s “Hwarang: The Beginning” ,and show a great acting performance.