BTS’ V’s Adorable and Cute Dog, Yeon-tan, Makes A.R.M.Y Jealous With His Presence

Latest News of Yeon-tan


And well, after all this time, what’s Yeon-tan been up to? Let’s find out about Yeon-tan’s latest news here! Not long ago, Yeon-tan appeared along with the BTS members while they were at the airport in November 2019! They were at Gimpo International Airport and heading to Japan.

At that time, BTS’ V got out of his car while he was holding Yeon-tan in his arms. He was about to approach the rest BTS members, but V had to gave Yeon-tan to the agency staff before he went to the airplane. V was looking matched with Yeon-tan, since he was wearing a brown coat and showing off his black hair, just like the mixture of Yeon-tan’s fur colours! It seemed like Yeon-tan was looking healthy and excited, right? He definitely has grown up now!

BTS V & Yeontan
BTS V & Yeontan
BTS V & Yeontan

And it’s a wrap for today’s article! Overall, Yeon-tan deserves all of the attention and love from BTS members and ARMYs, but mostly from V, as his owner! We could see how V was taking sincere care of Yeon-tan, from the time he was just a puppy until now. And finally, Yeon-tan has grown up from a tiny puppy into a little cute dog! Even though Yeon-tan and V are living separately now, their close relationship has remained the same. Let’s hope for the best for BTS’s V and his loveable puppy, Yeon-tan!

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