BTS’ V’s Adorable and Cute Dog, Yeon-tan, Makes A.R.M.Y Jealous With His Presence

The Interaction Between BTS Members

BTS V & Yeontan

All around the world, ARMY’s must be getting jealous over Yeon-tan, since he can spend a lot of time with BTS members, and also receives a lot of love from them, as well! The interaction between Yeon-tan and the BTS members also gained a lot of attention from ARMYs!

Even though Yeon-tan actually belongs to V, since Yeon-tan once lived with the group in their dorm, all of the BTS members also show their love towards Yeon-tan, as well. Obviously, Yeon-tan was taken care by the BTS members, endlessly!

And here’s some of the interactions and moments between Yeon-tan and BTS members!

Yeon-tan with BTS’ J-Hope

Yeon-tan was accompanying V while he was visiting J-Hope on his Daydream shooting session!

BTS J-Hope and Yeontan
BTS J-Hope & Yeontan

Yeon-tan with BTS’ Jimin

BTS’s Jimin also shared a picture of him along with Yeon-tan on his rest day!

Yeontan & BTS Jimin

Yeon-tan with BTS’s Suga

At that time, BTS’s Suga was helping J-Hope for his shooting session, while holding Yeon-tan on his arms!

Suga & Yeontan

Yeon-tan with BTS’ Jungkook

During backstage time, Jungkook was also caught playing around with Yeon-tan!

BTS Jungkook & Yeontan

Yeon-tan with BTS’ Jin

Jin also often took a picture along with Yeon-tan!

BTS Jin & Yeontan
BTS Jin & Yeontan
BTS Jin & Yeontan

Yeon-tan with BTS’s RM

Just like the other BTS members, RM also got caught having a nice time with Yeon-tan during his spare time!

BTS RM & Yeontan

Yeon-tan with BTS’ V

Since V is his owner, there’s a lot of moments and interactions between them! Whether it was when V is feeding him, taking care of him, or simply playing around with Yeon-tan!

BTS V & Yeontan
BTS V & Yeontan
BTS V & Yeontan

Yeon-tan’s Support To BTS

BTS V & Yeontan

Not only is he supported with a lot of love and attention from the BTS members and ARMYs, but Yeon-tan also shows his support towards BTS, as well! Even though he can’t give ‘real’ support, his presence cheers up the BTS members during their activities! One of the ways Yeon-tan supports BTS was during a BTS concert, and Yeon-tan was attending the concert along with V’s mother!

It happened on October 29th, 2019, when BTS was done with their final tour for Speak Yourself in Seoul, South Korea. ARMYs were gathering there and accidentally saw Yeon-tan freaking out! They thought that it was kind of cute to see Yeon-tan was watching BTS’s performance directly at that time.


Moreover, after Yeon-tan’s appearance around BTS’s concert venue, his nickname, ‘Tannie’, became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter, as well!

Appears on BTS’s V’s Vacation V-Log

BTS V & Yeontan

People might be missing Yeon-tan, since we haven’t seen him for a long time, right? Through V’s vlog on the BANGTAN TV Channel on October 2019, we could seen that Yeon-tan was included in the video! Yeon-tan was spending time happily with V and the rest of BTS members.

He was fed, played around with BTS’ V, and showed off various kinds of cute expressions in the video, as well! Yeon-tan also got in the same frame as V while they were looking at the camera, and laid down together in a bed. Such a cute moments!

Watch one of the latest appearances of Yeon-tan during BTS’s V’s vlog here: