BTS’ V’s Adorable and Cute Dog, Yeon-tan, Makes A.R.M.Y Jealous With His Presence


Meet The Cutest Pet From BTS’ V; Say Hi to Yeon-tan!

There’s a lot of people who really love to have pest, whether it was as their friend, their dedication for animals, and many other reasons. That’s just as true for the idols in South Korea! There’s a lot of idols who have pets, and often they bring their pets wherever they go; for casual walking around, during their tours, during their vacations, and other times. One of the most popular pets belongs to BTS’ V, a cute dog named Yeon-tan! Have you heard about this pet before? In this article, Channel Korea will give you the details about Yeon-tan, so stay tuned!

Actually, the other BTS members also have their own pets, but it seems like Yeon-tan has become the most popular one among all of them! With the mixture of black and brown colours, cute expression, and unique face, Yeon-tan easily gained a lot of attention not only from BTS’ V, his owner, but also from the rest of the BTS members and ARMYs, too! Here’s a guide for you to get to know more about Yeon-tan!

Full Profile of Yeon-tan

BTS V & Yeontan

To get to know more about Yeon-tan. Let’s take a look at full profile of Yeon-tan here!

Name: Yeontan (연탄), Tan (탄), Tannie (탄 이), Kim Yeon-tan (김 연 연탄)

Type: Pomeranian Dog

Date of Birth: September June 7, 2017

Colors: Black and brown

Gender: Male

Owner: Kim Tae-hyung/BTS’ V

Yeon-tan’s First Appearance


Basically, Yeon-tan appeared for the first time accidentally, when he showed up during BTS’s Jin’s birthday celebration through the V-Live Channel on December 4th, 2017. At that time, V suddenly appeared in the V-Live session while holding something in his arms. And guess what? It was a cute little puppy! At that time, Yeon-tan was still looking tiny and small, and was in BTS’s V’s arms. Since it was V’s pet, it’s no wonder that V and Yeon-tan were having such a strong relationship. They were really close, to the point that V found out it was upsetting him if Yeon-tan was moved, due to their close relationship.

While Yeon-tan was living with the other BTS members, the dog lived in V’s bedroom. There’s a lot of interactions between them, and Yeon-tan also started becoming closer with the rest of the BTS member. Unfortunately, due to the group’s busy schedule, currently Yeon-tan was being taken care by V’s parents.

Grow Up Phase

BTS V & Yeontan

It’s been a quite long time since V introduced us to Yeon-tan. From his first appearance, we could see that Yeon-tan was looking tiny, but currently we can seen that he has grown up, and has thick fur that increases his cuteness, as well! Not only that, some ARMY’s have their own theory that V named his puppy after Yeon-tan because of its black fur, and also the ‘tan’ in ‘Yeon-tan’ was almost like bang-‘tan’!

And here are the growth phases of Yeon-tan:

It was the first appearance of Yeon-tan! From the picture above, we could seen that Yeon-tan was still looking tiny, right?

V and Yeontan

After his first appearance, ARMYs went crazy about Yeon-tan, as well! They started wondering if he was V’s new puppy, since he was also visiting a famous dog trainer, Kang Hyeong-uk! After that, through BTS’ official Twitter, V shared a video of Yeon-tan, and finally revealed the name of his pet!

Yeon-tan was a teacup Pomeranian puppy, and he cost between $500 and $4000. Pomeranians are a kind of royal dog, and V gothimself such a cute Pomeranian as a new friend!


V has often shared his activities with Yeon-tan through BTS’s official Twitter account! He once tweeted, “Ha! You say your heart’s racing just from this? I still have tons of videos that will make your heart leap right out“, due to ARMY’s reaction towards Yeon-tan’s cuteness!


Here’s the compilation videos of Yeon-tan’s growth phases: