From BTS’ V To G-Dragon, Who Looks Better With Red Hair?

Look at K-Pop Idols with Red Hair!

Whenever a K-pop idol is making a debut or a comeback, they play with their style and, often, their hair color, to give a fresh look.  Sometimes they go with red hair. Red is a striking color and can give a bold, attractive, and energetic impression. People who have red hair can seem to have a lot of confidence and get a lot of attention from many people! In this case, many K-Pop idols have dyed their hair red when they made a comeback or debut. Who are the idols who have gone red?

In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you about K-Pop Idols from BTS’s V To BIGBANG’s G-Dragon who have had red hair. So, stay tuned!


BTS’s V changes his hair color nearly every time the group makes a comeback. He often goes with bold or unique colors, and one of them is red. V dyed his hair to red for the first time for the “Young Forever” era. His hair wasn’t deep red, but more of an orangey, ginger color.

He also dyed his hair red in the “Fire” and “Save Me” eras. The color that he wore was brighter red, like a chili!

And the latest red he’s worn, which was quite surprising for ARMY, was during the “Idol” era, or “Love Yourself: Answer” Album. In the “Idol” era, V went with a pink-orange color, but after that, he replaced it with a deep, fire-red color when BTS attended the MelOn Music Awards (MMA).

Many people say that red hair doesn’t look good on very many people, but it’s easy to see that V really rocks it.

Red Velvet’s Joy

When the group released its album “The Red Summer,” or, more precisely, during the “Red Flavor” era they used a summer concept. In that era, the tallest member, Joy, changed her hair to a bright red. Her hair color was likened to a hot, fresh summer, and the color become iconic, making her look sexy and really confident!

Kang Daniel

The next K-pop idol who went with red is Kang Daniel, the former member of Wanna One! Kang Daniel changed his hair to a burgundy shade when Wanna One made their comeback with “Spring Breeze.” The color makes him look more charming, and many of the group’s fans also said that Kang Daniel looked very handsome with the burgundy hair!

ITZY’s Yuna

The maknae from ITZY, Yuna, also had red hair. She showed her red hair during ITZY’s debut with “DALLA DALLA.” At the time, her hair color made her look brave and mature, even though she’s still the youngest among the members.

In the picture below, Yuna looks like Ariel from “The Little Mermaid,” who also had red hair red hair. She is as pretty and energetic as Ariel, and even more so when she did a photoshoot for the COSMOPOLITAN magazine!

GOT7’s Mark

Got7’s Mark Tuan who born in Los Angeles, California, also changed his hair color to red. In 2017, this Got7 member showed his new hair color at KCON 2017 LA, which was held at the LA Convention Center in Los Angeles, California.

Mark changed his hair color when Got7 made a comeback with the “7 for 7” album, with the title track You Are, which was released in 2017. Mark’s visual looks so charming and adorable, and, of course, he also looks very manly!

f(x)’s Krystal


Jessica Jung’s younger sister also dyed her hair a very bright red. Krystal changed her hair during f(x)’s comeback with “Rum Pum Pum Pum” in 2013, and she showed it for the first time in the “Rum Pum Pum Pum” music video.

The red hair makes her look sexy and brave, and gives her a strong charm and appeal. Krystal also changed her hair to red for the first time!

SHINee’s Taemin

Lee Tae-min, commonly known as SHINee’s Taemin, was the maknae from the group and has an incredible visual and voice! On one of SHINee’s comebacks, Taemin once appeared with hair unusually long. Not only that, he also dyed his hair a red or burgundy red color for SHINee’s comeback with song Juliette. Although Taemin is the youngest member of the group, he dares to go red which will made him look more mature.

The burgundy red looks good in his hair, moreover, his hairstyle is a bit long and has some volume. Taemin’s hair at the time had a style that was a little messy which made him really appealing!

In the Hello era, Taemin returned to his burgundy red color, but it was more natural than before.


The oldest BLACKPINK member, Jisoo, is known for her beautiful visual and is often called “Miss Korea” among other members. Jisoo’s beautiful face makes everyone say that she deserves anything, including red hair.

In the Stay and Playing With Fire era from the album “Square Two,” she showed off her deep red hair in the two of song’s music videos. Her red hair makes her exude an aura of beauty!

Besides in the Stay and Playing With Fire era, for the As If It’s Your Last single in 2017, she returned wearing burgundy-red hair!

Stray Kids’ Felix

Besides BTS’s V, Stray Kids’ Felix also looks like an anime character. The group’s Australian lead dancer has an amazing visual and has an aura like a prince, especially when he dyed his hair red! Felix looks perfect with this color because the aura that he spreads leaves everyone amazed.


In GFRIEND’s abum “The Awakening,” especially in the Fingertip single track, Sowon used a slightly different hair color from her previous comebacks. She dyed her hair red, and this made many people decide it was her best color. All her fans loved her appearance in the Fingertip era!

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

The last idol we’re going to talk about is G-Dragon or GD. The mainstay rapper of BIGBANG has a so many fans and he’s known in almost every country. G-Dragon is often mentioned as being similar to Naruto’s character because of his face and his hairstyle.

Since BIGBANG’s debut until now, G-Dragon has often transformed his hairstyle, like his legendary long hair in the Fantastic Baby era.

If we talk about Naruto characters, G-Dragon is said to resemble one of characters in Naruto, Gaara. That’s because his hair was a bright shade of red at the time. The aura that shone on his face gave him a very fierce and mature impression!

Those are some K-Pop Idols who dyed their hair red, from BTS’s V to BIGBANG’s G-Dragon. Who do you think looked best with red hair? Don’t forget to write your answer in the comment section!