Calling All #Taegi Shippers! Let’s Check out BTS’ V and Suga’s Best Moments!

Photoshoot Together

BTS' V and Suga photoshoot

Dispatch, in collaboration with Naver, has released behind-the-scenes photos from BTS‘s Idol filming. The concept is full of bright tones and patterns, which the members more than pull off, together with some smoldering looks right into the camera. In the photoshoot, V and Suga took photos together. In BTS’s concept photos for their comeback album, titled “Map of The Soul: Persona”, they also did the photoshoot together.

Check out some of V and Suga’s photoshoot together, below!

Funny Moments Together

As the Taegi ship is sailing, fans made a video compilation of V and Suga’s cute interactions. Check out some of the fan-made video compilations, below!

That was all for the information about BTS’s V and Suga’s close friendship. Don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comment section below!