The Correlation Between ‘The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas’ by Ursula K. Le Guin and BTS’ Theory

BTS’s Spring Day Relation To The Sewol Ferry Accident

April 16, 2014, is a date no one in South Korea can ever forget. The 6,825-ton Sewol ferry, carrying 476 people on board, sank on the southwest coast of Jindo Island, killing 304 people. Out of all those killed, 250 were teenagers from Dawon High School in Ansan, on a school trip to Jeju island. The tragedy occurred when the Sewol, which was packed with more than 3,600 tons of cargo, took a sharp turn and capsized. The situation was made worse when the disaster was undisclosed for a number of political reasons.

Many people theorize that BTS’s Spring Day‘s music video also has a connection with Sewol tragedy, since we all know that BTS’s music videos always contain deep meaning and hidden messages that ARMYs need to crack the code on.

The first time we listen to the song, we get to see that the message that BTS would like to express in Spring Day is the feeling of longing for someone, a friend they lost. Not just in the music video, the lyric itself gives the impression that part of the song is actually related to the tragedy. In the second part of RM’s rap, it says ‘there’s the only winter here’, while winter literature symbolizes death, old age, suffering, isolation, and despair. The expression “Even in August, it’s winter here” may mean that their isolation and depression persist given the season they’re currently living in.

Then there is the question of the monologue, in the chorus section, which asks how much longer they have to wait until they can meet again. The statement that follows after is the reply, “Until the spring days come a lil longer stay there.” The tragedy happened in Spring 2014, and, at first, everyone thought that perhaps the verse “hang there a little longer” was connected to how we count the days to reach the anniversary of the sinking Sewol-Ho.

How much more do I have to wait?
How many more nights do I have to stay up?
Until I can see you? (until I can see you?)
Until I can meet you? (until I can meet you?)
Past the end of this cold winter
Until the spring comes again
Until the flowers bloom again
Stay there a little longer
Stay there

The song gets more emotional when the end part comes up, as the lyric said no darkness and season can last forever. The winter (despair) is coming to an end and the cherry blossom (spring is coming = happiness) is coming. The next phrases that come are asking for the one they missed to wait a few more nights for them, they’ll come to meet them. Understanding the sense of the song, we can’t really help but relate the Spring Day’ song tale to Sewol Tragedy.

BTS has never confirmed that Spring Day was about the Sewol-Ho tragedy, as they wanted to leave the interpretation of the song and music video to the viewers, as they described during the press conference for the Wings Tour in Seoul. Yet, learning that BTS and the company made a huge donation to the victims’ families reveals their understanding of the country’s tragedy and sense of responsibility.

It may not be true or it may be a coincidence. The truth behind it is still not clear to us. However, we enjoy the song and are happy that the Sewol-Ho victim souls are finally getting back to their families. Our deepest sympathy to the family and friends, may their souls rest in peace.