Let’s Take A Look At the Epic Collaboration Between BTS and The Chainsmokers!

BTS & The Chainsmokers

The Fantastic Collaboration Between BTS and The Chainsmokers!

Who doesn’t know BTS? BTS is one of the most phenomenal South Korean boy bands; their popularity has increased so much that they are huge all around the world. As a popular boy band, BTS have already made many collaborations with other famous artists, but who are they? In this article, Channel-Korea will give you a rundown of their collaborations, so keep reading.

BTS have already collaborated with a lot of overseas artists, such as Steve Aoki, whom they made the song “Mic Drop” with, Halsey, for the creation of the song “Boy With Luv,” THANH, for the song “Danger,” Charlie Puth performed the song “Fake Love” together with BTS, and they also joined forces with The Chainsmokers, whom they made the song “Best Of Me” with. This time we are going to place our focus on BTS’ collaboration with The Chainsmokers, are you guys curious?

In this article, Channel-Korea will introduce you to the fantastic collaboration between BTS and The Chainsmokers!

The Story Behind The Collaboration

BTS & The Chainsmokers

The collaboration between BTS and The Chainsmokers probably surprised many of their respective fans, especially for ARMYs, since their idols collaborated with one of the most popular overseas artists, The Chainsmokers! Right before the two artists announced their collaboration, BTS and The Chainsmokers released some hints and clues here and there about their upcoming collaboration project.

Their first meeting was when BTS and The Chainsmokers were attending Billboard Music Awards in 2017. At that time, they were taking pictures together and exchanging their personal information, they were reportedly also contacting each other afterward and they were talking about music.

And then finally, they announced their collaboration! Basically, Andrew Taggart from The Chainsmokers wrote a song for BTS, with the title “Best Of Me.” The song is included in BTS’ mini-album, Love Yourself: Her. Their collaboration was a highly anticipated phenomenon for many among the audiences.

Best of Me Release

Basically, “Best of Me” was written by Andrew Taggart from The Chainsmokers. BigHit Entertainment, BTS’ agency also confirmed the news, and revealed that the song was EDM (Electronic Dance Music), just like the usual sound of The Chainsmokers. The song “Best of Me” is included in BTS’ mini-album, Love Yourself: Her. You can listen to it as part of their mini-album!

BTS and The Chainsmokers Performing On Stage Together

BTS & The Chainsmokers

In addition, The Chainsmokers pleasantly surprised their Korean fans when holding a concert in Seoul, South Korea. In the encore of their concert, a BTS member suddenly appeared on stage and started hugging Andrew Taggart. Meanwhile, other BTS members approached Alex Pall above the stage.

The Chainsmokers were singing together with BTS, performing “Closer” together! And also, BTS’ RM greeted the crowds, he spoke in Korean since they were in Seoul! Their performance amazed the crowds and they successfully made them enjoy those moments!

Watch the performance of BTS and The Chainsmokers on stage together here:

BTS’ and The Chainsmokers’ Impression Of One Another

BTS & The Chainsmokers

Even before their collaboration, both BTS and The Chainsmokers had shown their impression of one another! For example, on one occasion, BTS’ RM shared one of The Chainsmokers’ songs with the title “Young.”

BTS - The Chainsmokers

He revealed that The Chainsmokers’ album, Memories… Do Not Open had been released at that time. Through BTS’ official Twitter, BTS’ RM shared the song with the caption, “Their album has been released #RMusic.” This is one of the proofs that BTS has shown their impression of The Chainsmokers! And also, The Chainsmokers replied to the tweet with the thanks greeting and also love emoji!

Meanwhile, The Chainsmokers also revealed their impression of BTS through their official Twitter account!

BTS & The Chainsmokers

Next Collaboration Hint

BTS & The Chainsmokers

After their magnificent collaboration, most people were expecting future collaboration between BTS and The Chainsmokers! So, will they collaborate again? Let’s find out together!

Since their last collaboration for the song “Best of Me,” both BTS and The Chainsmokers haven’t announced another collaboration yet. Both of them are busy with their respective schedules. However, they have remained in good relations. Let’s wait for another project from BTS and The Chainsmokers!

Well, that was all the information about the collaboration between BTS and The Chainsmokers! Channel-Korea has introduced you with their magnificent collaboration, so what do you guys think? Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!