Explanation Of All The BTS Symbols’ Meaning From Debut Until ‘Map of The Soul: Persona’

2017 – Presented a New Official Logo

During the summer of 2017, BTS announced their brand-new official band logo.

bts bangtan

It features two trapezoids standing a short distance from each other, looking like each other’s mirror image. The new logo represented the seven members walking through doors from the past to the future, while improving the group quality in many aspects.

The final logo was created after consulting with top design research firms. Big Hit Entertainment stated:

“The new brand identity was the result of the members working almost a year with the best design consulting firms in Korea, while considering the fans’ opinions gained through a research company. “

BTS used their personal Twitter account to express their happiness with the new logo. Here is a picture of the tweet:


The translation is: “I really like the new BI. I was so excited that I wanted to show you guys even a day earlier. I feel especially good because it’s an image that connects us and ARMY into one!!

ARMY Official Symbol

Not only BTS, their fans, ARMY, also got their own official symbol, as well! The fans’ logo is closely resembles the group’s. The symbol for ARMY is also two trapezoids, arranged to look like a door half open from the outside, while the BTS logo looks like a door that is half open from the inside.

The words ‘BTS’ and ‘ARMY’ placed below the appropriate logo, with a silver emblem on a black background, just like this picture:


The new symbol represents protecting all the youths from any kind of prejudice, they’re moving forward and chasing their dreams instead settling for the everyday.

There was a fan who put both BTS and ARMY logos together. Some fans said it looked like a big door, and the others say that it looks more like a shield. There are two interpretations about the combined fanmade logo:

  1. Showing that ARMY meets BTS at a door, together.
  2. BTS and ARMY protecting each other from any bad things, such hateful comments or negative rumors out there.

Now, let’s watch the new official logo animations video below!

BTS’s V and The Boyz’s Yonghoon go Viral for Their Adorable Interaction on ‘Music Bank’


On February 28 during the end of the ‘Music Bank’ broadcast, Younghoon had a chance to interact with his idol. When BTS did a closing by doing an encore stage of their newest title track, ‘ON,’ which won first place for the week, Younghoon took an opportunity to bow politely at V when the idol was walking off the stage.

V saw the gesture, and returned a respectful bow and a friendly nod of his own. Seeing this, Yonghoon couldn’t hide his excitement over being noticed by his role model. This adorable moment ended up going viral, especially on Twitter.

Check out Younghoon’s reaction video down below:

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