Explanation Of All The BTS Symbols’ Meaning From Debut Until ‘Map of The Soul: Persona’

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Meet the Top Global K-Pop Stars from South Korea, BTS!

BTS is one of the most successful idol groups from South Korea right now, and are the only K-pop act to receive many awards internationally. They have appeared at and performed on several popular American shows and award ceremonies, such as the Billboard Music Awards and even the Grammy Awards.

Most followers of K-pop know that every idol group has its own official logo/symbol that has a deep meaning behind it, including BTS. For today’s article, we will take a look at BTS’s symbol and the deep meaning behind it. Without any further ado, let’s get into our topic for today!

BTS’s Official Symbol

Making their official debut in 2013, BTS’s name roughly translates as ‘Bulletproof Boys Scouts’ in English. Long-time ARMYs probably remember the group’s very first logo, which was much more complicated than the one they use today. Newer ARMYs who aren’t familiar with the original logo shouldn’t worry, we will give the full information about the evolution of the symbols.

Let’s get started from the first-ever BTS symbol!

The First Symbol in 2013

The group’s original logo design was very detailed and pretty cluttered.

bts bangtan

The design is a bulletproof vest with plenty of accurate details on it, and BTS in the middle, in large letters. There are also lightning bolts on each side of the vest, and a series of rays which represents light surrounding it. The old symbol totally suited the group’s name, suggesting that BTS is a strong group and would overcome any obstacle meet in this harsh world.

This is an example of their old logo, which was used during their photo update on Facebook around 2013-2014:

bts bangtan

So what do think about the old logo, and what would you rate it on a 10-point scale?

First Time Changing Their Logo During a Comeback in 2016

In the 4th quarter of 2016, BTS came back with ‘Blood Sweat, and Tears.’ During this comeback, the group changed its logo for the first time.

bts bangtan

You can see that the comeback logo is completely different from before. The new design is made up of four circles with a different pattern in each one. The different patterns represent each BTS member’s solo songs. Three of the circles are actually a combination of several solo songs, and the last plain circle represents Jin’s solo, ‘AWAKE.’ The word ‘WINGS’ is beneath the logo, in large letters.

Here are the video graphic of the ‘WINGS’ album logo, let’s check them out!

A Re-New Symbol Changing During First and Second Half Of 2017

During the ‘KBS Gayo Deukchae 2016’, BTS showed a video before their performances. It showed four golden circles that were intertwined to make a unique shape in the center.

This logo was actually a comeback hint for their next album, ‘Wings: You Never Walk Alone,’ which was released in February 2017, with their legendary songs ‘Spring Day’ and ‘Not Today.’ Take a look at the picture below!

bts bangtan

They also used this overlapped eclipse sign during ‘The Wings Tour.’ The only difference is that where the circles overlapped, those lines were erased, putting the emphasis on the shape in the center, which looks a lot like a star. Let’s take a look at it!

bts bangtan