BTS’ Suga’s Personality: MBTI Type, Members’ Thoughts, and More!

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What You Need To Know About BTS’ Suga’s Personality

BTS’ Suga raised his fame as one of the biggest K-pop boy group members under Big Hit or HYBE Labels. Some people accused him of being a rude person due to his cold expression on stage. However, as a person, Suga has a personality that always stays humble and down to earth, and he’s also a sweet guy inside.

Have you heard about Suga’s real personality? In this article, Channel Korea will explain to you in more detail about Suga’s personality that is totally different from what we see on stage, so stay tuned!

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BTS’ Suga’s MBTI Personality – INTP

BTS Suga

Let’s talk about his MBTI type first! In the group, Suga has the same MBTI type as Jin, and it is INTP! The type stands for an introverted type, and the INTP type is quite rare among people all over the world. Some BTS fans also acknowledged that Suga is the introverted type.

There are also certain times when Suga looks quiet in a group of people which shows off his introverted side. On the other hand, an INTP person like him can be very imaginative and creative at the same time and capable of overcoming their problems through various solutions.

BTS’ Suga’s True Personality: Sweet Person in Real Life?

BTS Suga

On a certain occasion, Suga might look cold or slightly fierce on the outside, but deep inside, he is a warm and sweet person. Just like his stage name Suga, he wants to promote himself sweetly, and he has a sweet smile like sugar as well.

Sometimes, he can be straightforward and nags the younger members if they make mistakes, but Suga does it all because he cares and loves them. All of the BTS members have even chosen Suga as the sweetest member among them!

BTS Suga

BTS’ RM once explained that Suga is very soft once you get to know him more. Suga showing off his care for the members is not so obvious, but he does take care of them. He would buy ice cream for the members, praise Jimin‘s vocals straightforwardly, worry about Jungkook, and he even comforted a crying grandma!

How BTS Members Explain Suga’s Personality


Here is how the members describe Suga‘s personality:

RM: Suga is very soft, passionate, and persistent, even though he holds more grudges than people think. Suga is also passionate about music.

Jimin: Suga speaks way too directly like he has not hesitated to say something. Jimin also thinks that Suga likes to receive love from other BTS members as well!

Jungkook: For Jungkook, Suga is an “old man” who has an overflowing passion for music.

V: Suga is very cool, especially on stage. He knows almost everything but sometimes looks lethargic.

Jin: Suga loves to stay in bed. He knows about many things and always helps people with his insight.

J-Hope: Suga is a meticulous person and is very cool and very opinionated.

Fan Thoughts About Suga’s Personality

BTS Suga

Many fans are in love with BTS Suga’s personality. Even though some of them haven’t met Suga in person, they realized that Suga has such a pure and kind personality. Here is what they say about that:

It seems like everyone has been captivated by BTS’ Suga‘s personality, especially his passion for music that shows off the purest side of him. Don’t you guys think so?

That is everything about BTS’ Suga’s personality! Despite his “cold” looks, Suga has such a warm and heartful personality. What do you think about Suga’s kind heart? Leave a comment below, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!