Have You Heard of BTS’ Suga’s Net Worth? Here Is the Full Information About How Rich He Is!

BTS Suga net worth

Let’s Take a Peek at BTS’ Suga’s Net Worth!

As we all know, Suga is a rapper in the biggest K-pop group, BTS. This member who was born on March 9, 1993, is a very talented member and a great artist. Min Yoongi (known as Suga) is capable of writing song lyrics, rapping, and producing songs. Because of his abilities and BTS, Suga reached the 17th rank of the richest K-pop singers.

In BTS, Suga ranked 2nd out of 7 members with a total net worth of $25 million. With the song assets and collaborations with various singers, Suga was able to buy a property worth $3 million.

Through this article, Channel-Korea will provide detailed information regarding BTS’ Suga’s net worth, assets, and income. So, keep on reading!

BTS’ Suga’s Song Assets and Income

BTS suga net worth from song assets

Before becoming popular, Suga was already a producer, and his income was around $2 a day. Even though it was only $2, it didn’t discourage him from making music, and it proved worthwhile because, currently, his income as a producer is around $8 to $10 million.

Prod Suga - Suran, bts suga net worth

His biggest assets and income are his songs. Suga has created many songs and collaborated with other musicians either nationally or globally. His name has also been registered to over 100 songs as a songwriter or composer through the Korean Music Copyright Association even though he’s already joined as a member.

Prod Suga - eight, bts suga net worth

In 2016, he released his first mixtape Agust D. Then, he re-released it in 2018 and reached 3rd place on Billboard’s World Album Charts. In 2020, he released his 2nd mixtape D-2 with the main track “Daechwita” and got 1st place on the world music chart. Suga has produced for many K-pop singers such as Suran, Heize, IU, and Epik High. Then, in October 2021, Suga also produced a song for the Japanese singer OMI.

BTS’ Suga’s Wealth

BTS Suga Wealth and net worth

As already said, BTS’ Suga got 17th place as the richest K-pop idol. His main income is from his activities with BTS and producing or making music as well as said before. Some of his money he distributed to people in need through charity.

Like on his birthday in 2021, Suga donated an amount of $88 thousand to help and support children battling cancer while celebrating his birthday. Besides being generous, Suga still has some other wealth, for example, a luxury apartment, property, and his music studio.

BTS’ Suga’s Properties and Luxury Apartments

BTS Suga apartment net worth

Unlike the other BTS members who buy and collect expensive cars, instead, Suga bought a luxury apartment in an elite region, namely at UN Village, Hannam-dong. In August 2018, BTS’ Suga reportedly bought an apartment complex which amounts to around $3 million in cash. Many K-pop idols live in that building such as Big Bang’s Taeyang and Shin Min-ah.

His apartment is quite expensive because it is close to a tourist destination which is the Han River and is also a set location of Sky Castle. Here is what the apartment complex looks like!

BTS Suga apartment net worth
BTS Suga apartment net worth
BTS Suga apartment net worth

BTS’ Suga Is One of the Richest Members in BTS!

BTS Suga net worth

BTS members have a base salary of $8 million a year, and each BTS member holds an amount of $8 million in HYBE shares. Even though they receive the same base salary, each member has a different net worth. BTS’ V, Jimin, and Jungkook have a total net worth of approximately $20 million. RM and Jin’s total net worth amounts to $22 million, and J-Hope is the member who has the first rank with the largest net worth of $26 million. Meanwhile, Suga is the BTS member who sits in 2nd place with a total net worth of $25 million. In other words, Suga is the second richest in BTS.

BTS’ Suga is really a prolific member of BTS and also has an incredible total net worth! So, that’s all the information about BTS’ Suga’s net worth. After knowing his assets, income, and total net worth, what do you think about it? Please kindly put your thoughts in the comment section, and also share this article with fellow ARMY!