BTS’ Suga and Monsta X’s Kihyun Are Friends? Find Out the Details, Here! |

Get More Details on BTS’s Suga’s and Monsta X’s Kihyun’s Friendship!

One of the greatest moments as fans is when we know about an idol having a friendship with another idol from a different agency, especially someone else we also idolize. Some celebrities even share their moments together to show their friendship or casually mention each other’s names on TV shows. For example, BTS’ RM and Got7’s Jackson, SHINee’s Key and INFINITE’s Woohyun, BTOB’s Minhyuk and VIXX’s N, Suzy and IU, and many more!

Apparently, another celebrity friendship has been revealed. It was Monsta X’s Kihyun and BTS’ Suga! How is their friendship and how close are they? Let’s find more details in this article!

Monsta X’s Kihyun Talks About His Friendship with BTS’s Suga

The friendship between the two idols was revealed by Monsta X’s Kihyun on November 8, 2017, when he and his fellow group member, Jooheon, hosted the KBS Cool FM radio show Kiss The Radio. A fan asked them through a message about their longtime friends. Jooheon then asked Kihyun if he had any friends that he would like to meet if he had a chance, but haven’t been in contact with for a while. Kihyun couldn’t think of anyone at first and threw back the question to him. Jooheon shared about his friendship with Got7’s Jackson and how he sent a wreath to Monsta X’s show-con. Kihyun then said that BTS’s Suga also sent a wreath to their show-con, under his agency’s name. “I’m not sure if you’re listening, but thanks,” Kihyun added.

Jooheon asked Kihyun what he and Yoongi (Suga’s real name) hyung usually talked about when they met. Kihyun answered that since both of them are busy when they meet at a performance together, they will meet at a hotel room – if they stay at the same hotel. Then they talk about everything they haven’t been able to talk about since the last time they hung out. He said that they usually ask about each other’s health first because they are always busy and since they can easily get injured.

One time, at Monsta X’s pop-up fan signing event, a fan asked Kihyun personally about his friendship with Suga, and shared her answer through her social media account (@mx_tm38). As translated by @hobuing and @Bulletproof_SG, Kihyun said that he and Suga have known each other since they were 20. They were introduced by a mutual friend before debuting. Kihyun said that when he went to KCON in Japan, he went up to Suga and asked, “What are you up to?” Then both idols went to Suga’s room and stayed up all night till 5 a.m. He said that they would meet up at night and play. They would talk about music, too. The fan also shared that Kihyun knew about Suga’s underground activities and his hometown.

Another fan asked Kihyun if he were about to shoot Celebrity Bromance (a variety show that films male celebrities’ friendship from distances), who would he want to be with. Kihyun answered with several names, and one of them was Yoongi.

It really seems like they are pretty close to each other!

Their Moments

Their closeness isn’t just talked, but is actually shown on several occasions even before Kihyun revealed their friendship. Many fans have noticed their interactions together.

You could see it in their interactions when they became contestants at Idol Star Athletics Championships 2017.

At 0:37, Suga seems to raise his hand then suddenly Kihyun appeared as if he wanted to hit him.

At KCON in Los Angeles in 2016, Kihyun seemed to play around with Suga and threw a handful of confetti right in his face. Suga wouldn’t just let him go and tried to throw some confetti back to him.

Here’s from another angle!

Kihyun even slapped Suga’s butt in the end!

On another day, Kihyun was spotted picking up some streamers and trying to throw them to Suga, but failed at first. He then tried again and finally did it.

Another photo revealed that at some event, Kihyun touched Suga earrings.

Latest News

BTS has released another album, Map of The Soul: Persona, collaborating with some western artists like Halsey and Ed Sheeran. You can watch their title track, Boy With Luv’s, a music video featuring Halsey below!

Right now Suga and the other BTS members are having their world tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself. They have just finished their tour concert in the United State and currently are in Brazil to hold another from May 24 to May 26, 2019, before continuing their tour to Europe. They are going to visit other countries in Asia and more to be announced.

Meanwhile, Monsta X released a collaboration track with Steve Aoki, titled Play it Cool. You can watch the music video below.

Recently, they revealed they’re to be featured in Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears and will be aired on Monday, May 27, 2019, at 7.30 p.m.

Despite all of their own tight schedules, Suga and Kihyun manage to maintain their relationship. We sure look forward to their other interactions and maybe a collaboration in the future. Let’s support them and wish them the best!