Does BTS’ Suga Have a Girlfriend? Find Out More about His Relationship In the Past!

bts suga girlfriend

The Truth About BTS’ Suga’s Love Life

Min Yoon-gi, also known as BTS’ Suga, has increased his fame all over the world. Not only does he have amazing visuals and great skills in music, but he also has a pure personality that makes women want to be his girlfriend or become curious about his love life.

Do you want to know more about BTS’ Suga’s rumored girlfriend and other related stuff? Check out this article by Channel Korea!

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BTS’ Suga Is Not Dating Anyone

BTS suga girlfriend

As one of the most popular K-pop idols nowadays, many people are curious about whether Suga is dating anyone. However, Suga is not dating anyone at the moment since he is busy with his schedules with BTS members. There are no confirmed rumors about Suga’s girlfriend, which is probably because he’s not dating anyone or he just doesn’t share his personal matters with the public.

Although he has no girlfriend currently, Suga used to be involved in several dating rumors with other K-pop celebrities. Who are they? Check out the information here!

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Dating Rumor: BTS’ Suga and IU

BTS Suga and IU girlfriend rumor

The first celebrity that got paired with BTS’ Suga was the famous female K-pop singer and actress, IU. Both Suga and IU are the same age and were friends. Their relationship went to another level after the two of them decided to work together on a project.

Suga and IU collaborated for IU’s single titled “Eight.” The single was featured and produced by Suga which was also welcomed by the fans wholeheartedly. IU explained that their working process went very quickly, and Suga complimented her a lot.

BTS Suga and IU girlfriend rumor

The collaboration between them also made fans desire more togetherness between Suga and IU until the rumor of them dating surfaced. However, IU and Suga are just friends and good colleagues in the industry.

Dating Rumor: BTS’ Suga and Red Velvet’s Wendy

BTS Suga and Red Velvet Wendy girlfriend rumor

Aside from the singer IU, Suga has once been linked with Red Velvet’s Wendy. The rumor started to expand after Suga and Wendy performed together on a live show. Due to their amazing stage performance, many fans thought that Suga and Wendy looked great together.

The rumor grew after fans spotted Suga and Wendy greeting each other at various live performances. However, the rumor was just a rumor; Suga and Wendy weren’t dating. Both of their agencies, Big Hit and SM Entertainment, did not talk about their rumor either. Well, what do you guys think about that?

BTS’ Suga’s Story With His Ex-Girlfriend

BTS Suga girlfriend

Long before Suga’s debut with BTS, he certainly experienced a love story in the past. It has been revealed that Suga once dated a girl when they were still in middle school, and Suga confessed it on a radio broadcast as well.

When he was in the second year of middle school, Suga had a girlfriend for a while. Their relationship started as friends before they ended up dating. Unfortunately, due to Suga’s shy personality at that time, their relationship became awkward.

BTS Suga girlfriend

It also led their love life to a breakup since his girlfriend decided to end their relationship and asked to be friends only. Initially, Suga felt the post-breakup heartbreak, but he understood her decision.

Suga was reflecting on his action in the past, and he thought that if he could go back, he would have treated her better. Suga even once wrote a heartbreaking letter to his ex-girlfriend.

Suga’s Love-Letter for His Ex-Girlfriend

BTS Suga love letter girlfriend

Here is the summary of Suga’s letter to his ex-girlfriend:

“If I could go back, I would treat [her] way better. And, I know I was able to do more for her. I will tell her that I loved her. I’m very sorry for treating you that way.

You must have felt very disappointed and hurt when I behaved like that. I have thought back and looked at it as good memories of ours. Thank you for making the memory with me.”

BTS’ Suga’s Ideal Type

bts suga girlfriend

BTS’ Suga has his own ideal type of girl that he likes. He once revealed that he wasn’t very strict with an ideal type, but the first impression is very important to him. Suga also explained that personality matters to him, more than a good appearance.

BTS Suga girlfriend

Well, now we know that Suga is not dating anyone for now, but he also experienced a love relationship in the past just like common people. We hope to see BTS’ Suga being happy to find his “the one” soon!

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